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Alan O'Doherty

Postdoc Research Fellow Lvl Ii

School Of Medicine & Medical Science
Veterinary Science Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: 017166228


Early Researcher (2001-02)
As an undergraduate, I was one of eight successful candidates to be accepted for placement year at University of Nevada, Reno. Here, I investigated the effect of neurotoxic peptides (conotoxins) on the release of neurotransmitters at neuroeffector junctions in sympathetic neurons, in Professor David Westfall's laboratory. I was awarded a Diploma in Industrial Studies as a result of the project write-up and supervisors report from this year. I also gained valuable experience in presenting my laboratory work orally to a wide range of scientists, through seminars hosted by the School of Medicine.
As partial fulfillment for the completion of my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, at the University of Ulster, I carried out a research project in Prof. Colum Walsh's laboratory. This involved a project investigating ESTs that were potentially novel DNA methyltransferases, followed by a written report in journal format. My work constituted a highly graded research project with part of the research being included for publication in 'Genomics' (2004). It was during this time that my interest in the field of developmental epigenetics was established.
Between August 2004 and August 2005 I was enrolled in the post graduate program for Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno. As a member of Prof. Wei Yan's lab. I was involved in a project focusing on germ cell specific genes, and their role in successful gametogenesis. This position allowed me to further develop a range of molecular biology research skills, which I subsequently built on and advanced as a post graduate researcher at the University of Ulster.
Post Graduate Researcher (2005-09)
As a member of the Stem Cells and Epigenetics group (University of Ulster) I was responsible for leading a study investigating the sex specific regulation of one of the major de novo DNA methyltransferases. In addition to the successful completion of my PhD thesis, my work was published in Human Reproduction (2007) and Developmental Biology (2011). Also, in the final year of my PhD I presented my research at the Irish National Developmental Biology meeting (2008), which received an award in the poster session.
Experienced Researcher (2009-)
I've been employed as a post-doctoral researcher in the SFI funded Reproductive Biology Research Cluster (RBRC), at UCD since I completed my PhD. The focus of my research within the RBRC is concerned with the potential contribution of aberrant genomic imprinting in the postpartum oocyte, to poor reproductive performance; which is observed in high yielding dairy cattle. This work has resulted in a publication in Biology of Reproduction, 2011. I have also presented my findings, as oral and poster presentations, at the annual Society for the study of Reproduction meetings in 2010 and 2011. Being a member of a large research group I have also been involved in other projects, results from which have been published in Physiological Genomics (2011) and Biology of Reproduction (2010).



Conference Contributions

O'Doherty A.M. (Platform Presentation), Magee D.A., Beltman M.E., Duffy P. and Fair T. (2013) Stability of bovine DNA methylation imprints: from the oocyte to preimplantation embryo. [Oral Presentation], 1st COST action FA1201 EPICONCEPT meeting, Epigenetics and Periconception Environment, Antalya, Turkey , 24-APR-13 - 25-APR-13.
O'Doherty A.M. (Session Chair) (2012) 16th Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction. [Chaired Session], ESDAR, University College Dublin , 29-AUG-12 - 01-SEP-12.


Year 2003 Institution: University of Ulster, Coleraine
Qualification: BSc Subject: BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences with Dip in Industrial Studies
Year 2009 Institution: University of Ulster, Coleraine
Qualification: PhD Subject: DNA methylation and Epigenetics



Peer Reviewed Journals

O'Doherty A.M., MacHugh D.E., Spillane C. and Magee D.A. (2015) 'Genomic imprinting effects on complex traits in domesticated animal species'. Frontiers in genetics, . Available Online [Details]
O'Doherty A.M., Magee D.A., O'Shea L.C., Forde N., Beltman M.E., Mamo S. and Fair T. (2015) 'DNA methylation dynamics at imprinted genes during bovine pre-implantation embryo development'. BMC Developmental Biology, 15 (13). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
O'Doherty A.M., O'Gorman A., al Naib A., Brennan L., Daly E., Duffy P. and Fair T. (2014) 'Negative energy balance affects imprint stability in oocytes recovered from postpartum dairy cows'. Genomics, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Shojaei Saadi H.A., O'Doherty A.M., Gagné D., Fournier E., Grant J.R., Sirard M.A. and Robert C. (2014) 'An integrated platform for bovine DNA methylome analysis suitable for small samples'. BMC Genomics, 15 (1). Available Online [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. and McGettigan P.A. (2014) 'Epigenetic processes in the male germline'. Reproduction Fertility and Development, . Available Online [Details]
Bahar B., O'Doherty J.V., O'Doherty A.M. and Sweeney T. (2013) 'Chito-Oligosaccharide Inhibits the De-Methylation of a CpG Island within the Leptin (LEP) Promoter during Adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 Cells'. PLoS ONE, . Available Online [Details]
Okumu L.A., Fair T., Szekeres-Bartho J., O'Doherty A.M., Crowe M.A., Roche J.F., Lonergan P. and Forde N. (2011) 'Endometrial expression of progesterone induced blocking factor and galectins-1, -3, -9 and -3 binding protein in the luteal phase and early pregnancy in cattle'. Physiological genomics, 43 :903-910. [Details]
O'Doherty A.M., O'Shea L.C. and Fair T. (2011) 'Bovine DNA Methylation Imprints Are Established in an Oocyte Size-Specific Manner, Which Are Coordinated with the Expression of the DNMT3 Family Proteins'. Biology of Reproduction, . [Details]
O'Doherty A.M., Rutledge C.E., Sato S., Thakur A., Lees-Murdock D.J., Hata K. and Walsh C.P. (2011) 'DNA methylation plays an important role in promoter choice and protein production at the mouse Dnmt3L locus'. Developmental Biology, . [Details]
O'Gorman G.M., Al Naib A., Ellis S.A., Mamo S., O'Doherty A.M., Lonergan P. and Fair T. (2010) 'Regulation of a bovine nonclassical major histocompatibility complex class I gene promoter'. Biology of Reproduction, 83 (2):296-306. Available Online [Details]
Shovlin T.C., Bourc'his D., La Salle S., O'Doherty A.M., Trasler J.M., Bestor T.H. and Walsh C.P. (2007) 'Sex-specific promoters regulate Dnmt3L expression in mouse germ cells'. Human reproduction (Oxford, England), 22 (2):457-467. Available Online [Details]
Jin JL, O'Doherty A.M., Wang S., Zheng H., Sanders K.M. and Yan W. (2005) 'Catsper3 and Catsper4 Encode Two Cation Channel-Like Proteins Exclusively Expressed in the Testis'. Biology of Reproduction, 73 (6):1235-1242. Available Online [Details]
Lees-Murdock D.J., McLoughlin G.A., McDaid J.R., Quinn L.M., O'Doherty A.M., Hiripi L., Hack C.J. and Walsh C.P. (2004) 'Identification of 11 pseudogenes in the DNA methyltransferase gene family in rodents and humans and implications for the functional loci'. Genomics, 84 (1):193-204. Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

O'Doherty A.M., Magee D.A., Beltman M.E., Mamo S., Rizos D. and Fair T. (2013) Variable DNA methylation profiles at imprinted loci in bovine early pre-implantation embryos International Embryo Transfer Society Available Online [Details]
O'Doherty A.M.(Platform Presentation), Matoba S., Lonergan P. and Fair T. (2011) In vitro manipulations of bovine oocytes and embryos are associated with aberrant methylation at maternally imprinted loci The 44th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. (2011) (attendance only) 4th International Symposium on Animal Functional Genomics, The Burlington Hotel Dublin, Ireland [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. and Fair T. (2010) Investigating the acquisition of DNA methylation at maternally imprinted genes during bovine oocyte growth 43rd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. (2010) (attendance only) Epigenetics Europe, Select Biosciences. The Burlington Hotel Dublin, Ireland [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. and Walsh C.P. (2008) Promoter choice at the murine Dnmt3L locus Irish National Developmental Biology meeting at University College Dublin, Conway Institute [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. (2007) (attendance only) Northern Ireland stem cell biology meeting, Comfort Hotel Antrim, Northern Ireland [Details]
O'Doherty A.M. (2006) (attendance only) Unravelling Cromatin & the Role of Epigenetics in Disease, UCD Conway Institute [Details]


Research Interests

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Compromised bovine ovarian environment and failure to establish DNA methylation imprints
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-13 / 31-OCT-14