Researchers at UCD

Elizabeth Ryan

Senior Scientist

School of Medicine & Medical Science
St. Vincent's University Hospital




Senior Scientist & Principal Investigator, Centre for Colorectal Disease 2010 - Present

Research Senior Lecturer, School Biochemistry & Immunology, TCD 2007 - 2010

Senior Scientist, Liver Research Group, St. Vincent's Hospital         2005 - 2007

Marie Curie Industry- Host Fellow, Sanofi-Pasteur, France                     2003 - 2005

Senior Fellow, University of Washington, Seattle                                  2000 -2003


PhD (Immunology),   NUI Maynooth

Post-Graduate Diploma Biomedical Sciences, University of Ulster 

B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology,  Dublin City University



Peer Reviewed Journals

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Tajuddin, T,Ryan, E,Hegarty, J,O'Farrelly, C (2007) GM-CSF may modulate the response to therapeutic IFN-alpha in chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Abstract [Details]


Research Interests


Study of Human Dendritic Cell Subsets in different patient cohorts with the goal of manipulating DC therapeutically

Applications for therapy in cancer, chronic viral infection and inflammation

Current Research Team:

Francesco Caiazza PhD (Merck Serono Newman Fellow, Tumour Microenvironment)

Louise Elliott PhD (HRB funded Post-doctoral Fellow, Human Dendritic Cells)

Miriam Tosetto MSc (Centre for Colorectal Disease, Research Assistant)

Edel McDermott Clinical PhD  (Boston Scientific Newman Fellow, Methylation in IBD)

Chun Seng Lee  MD Fellow (Helsinn-Birex Newman Fellow, Chemotherapy toxicities)

David Gibson MD Fellow (AbbVie Newman Fellow, JAK/STAT pathway and T cells in IBD)

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Cytokine signatures to predict the response of Hepatitis C patients to IFN-alpha/ribavirin therapy
Start Date / End Date : 09-JAN-06 / 08-JAN-07
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Establishment of a colorectal and liver ex vivo biopsy culture model to examine responses to biologic therapies in advanced colorectal cancers with liver metastasis
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUN-07 / 01-DEC-08

Recent Postgraduates

Aoibhlinn O'Toole, MD 2014

Aoife Kelly, PhD 2013

Brian Parkinson, MSc 2013

Adriana Michielsen, PhD 2012

Kavin Nanda, MD 2011 

Current Postgraduate Students

David Gibson, Medicine (MD)   -   Thesis Co-Supervisor


Internal Collaborators

Dr Glen Doherty, Dr David Fennelly, Prof Kieran Sheahan, Prof Hugh Mulcahy and the Centre for Colorectal Disease ( (Immune regulation in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease)
Prof Guenther Eissner, UCD (Monocyte/endothelial cell differentiation in colorectal cancer)
Prof Walter Kolch, UCD (EGFR signalling pathway in colorectal cancer patients)
Dr Kate Killick and Prof Des Higgins (Bioinformatics analysis of RNAseq on clinical samples)
Dr. Garret Cullen (Centre for Colorectal Disease)and Dr. Cillian De Gascun (National Virus Reference Laboratory); Vaccination in IBD patients
Dr Ursula Fearon, Prof Doug Veale and Dr. Eamon Malloy, Rheumatology Research Group, St Vincent¿s University Hospital.(Characterization of tissue resident DC in rheumatic disease)

External Collaborators

Cliona O'Farrelly, TCD (Liver immunity in colorectal cancer patients and HCV)

Jean Fletcher, TCD (Regulatory T cell in human colorectal cancer)

Jacintha O'Sullivan, TCD (Immune evasion in pre-neoplastic condition Barrett's Oesophagus)

Aideen Long, TCD (Immune regulatory role of PKC-β in the JAK/STAT signalling pathway)

Emma Creagh, TCD / Prof Elaine Kay, RCSI (Role of human Caspase 4/5 in the gut)

Jochen Prehn, RCSI (Markers of response to chemotherapy in Colorectal Cancer)

Sandra Van Schaeybroek and Paddy Johnston, QUB (Molecular Taxonomy of Colorectal Cancer)

Jonathan Mill, Therese Murphy, University of Exeter (Methylation analysis of clinical samples)

Edward Clark, University of Washington  (Role of CD40 and CD80 in tumour immunity)