Researchers at UCD

Karen Ryan

Senior Clinical Lecturer

School Of Medicine & Medical Science

Tel: +353 1 716



Peer Reviewed Journals

Ryan, K., Guerin, S., Dodd, P. & McEvoy, J.; (2011) 'Communication contexts about illness, death and dying for people with intellectual disabilities and life-limiting illness'. Palliative and Supportive Care, 9 (2):201-208. [Details]
Ryan, K., Guerin, S., Dodd, P., McEvoy, J. (2011) 'Exploring the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities when service users die'. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 39 (4):259-265. [Details]
Ryan, K,Guerin, S,Dodd, P,McEvoy, J; (2011) 'End-of-Life Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Paid Carer Perspectives'. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 24 (3):199-207. [DOI] [Details]
Chroinin, DN,Haslam, R,Blake, C,Ryan, K,Kyne, L,Power, D; (2011) 'Death in long-term care facilities: Attitudes and reactions of patients and staff. A qualitative study'. Europe, 2 :56-59. [DOI] [Details]
Rowley D, McLean S, O'Gorman A, Ryan K, McQuillan R (2011) 'Review of cancer pain management in patients receiving maintenance methadone therapy'. The American journal of hospice & palliative care, 28 (3):183-187. [DOI] [Details]
McLean S., Ryan K., O¿Donnell JS. (2010) 'Primary thromboprophylaxis in the palliative care setting - a qualitative systematic review'. Palliative Medicine, 24 (4):386-395. [Details]
Ryan, K,McEvoy, J,Guerin, S,Dodd, P; (2010) 'An exploration of the experience, confidence and attitudes of staff to the provision of palliative care to people with intellectual disabilities'. Palliative Medicine, 24 :566-572. [DOI] [Details]
Ryan K, Leonard M, Guerin S, Donnelly S, Conroy M, Meagher D (2009) 'Validation of the confusion assessment method in the palliative care setting'. Palliative Medicine, 23 (1):40-45. [DOI] [Details]



Modules Coordinated

201200   MDCS41350     Medicine Clinical Science: Psychosocial & ethical issues
201200   MDCS41340     Medicine Clinical Science: Personhood and Loss
201200   MDCS41320     Medicine Clinical Science: Palliative Care Introduction
201200   MDCS41330     Medicine Clinical Science: Pain and symptom management

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