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Joanna Lowe


School Of Medicine & Medical Science
Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7166564


Current research interests involve display quality assurance and calibration. This research predominately investigates general common off-the-shelf displays as well as primary class displays used for medical diagnosis.  Other research areas include Continuing Professional Development in the clinical radiology department, infection control and radiology equipment advances.

I am currently one of the clinical co-ordinators for Diagnostic Imaging liaising with 8 public teaching hospitals within Ireland. For which I am module co-ordinator and clinical liaison for 4 undergraduate radiography clinical modules across stages 2 to 4. In addition to my clinical responsibilities I am also actively involved in a variety of other Diagnostic Imaging modules covering a broad spectrum of the teaching curriculum, some of which include radiographic technique, radiographic equipment, anatomy, digital radiology systems, and trauma imaging, amongst others.




Association: Irish Institute of Radiation and Radiaton Therapists, Function/Role: Member
Association: Health and Care Professions Council, Function/Role: Member - Diagnostic Radiographer


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Postgraduate Demonstrator Diagnostic Imaging


Year 2006 Institution: University of Leeds
Qualification: BSc Subject:



Peer Reviewed Journals

Lowe JM, Brennan PC, Evanoff MG, McEntee MF; (2010) 'Variations in Performance of LCDs Are Still Evident After DICOM Gray-Scale Standard Display Calibration'. American Journal of Roentgenology, 195 (1):181-187. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Pearman L, FitzGerald O, Veale D, Joyce M, Rainford L, McNulty J, Thomas E, Ryan J, Toomey, R, Lowe J, Brennan PC. ; (2008) 'Rheumatoid Arthritis: the UCD projection for hand and wrist assessment, a novel technique'. British Journal of Radiology, . [Details]
Lowe J, Brennan PC, Ryan J, Mc Entee MF; (2008) 'An investigation into batch calibration performance levels of one display type; using both physical and psychophysical tests'. Radiography Ireland, 12 (1):14-17. Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

Lowe J, Brennan P, Evanoff M and McEntee M; (2010) Calibration drift of LCD displays after a powered-off and storage period European Society of Radiology [DOI] [Details]
Lowe J, Brennan P, Evanoff M and McEntee M; (2009) The Impact of Powering Off on liquid crystal displays American Assoiciation of Physicists in Medicine [Details]
Lowe J, Brennan P, Evanoff M and McEntee M; (2009) Secondary Class LCD Displays Require Regular Calibration Radiological Society of North America [Details]
Lowe J, Brennan P, Evanoff M and McEntee M; (2009) Current Recommendations on Warm-up Times May Be Unacceptable for LCD Displays Radiological Society of North America [Details]
Lowe J, Brennan P, Ryan J and McEntee M; (2008) Effect of warm-up time on minimum and maximum luminance for calibrated and uncalibrated liquid crystal displays: an evaluation of current recommendations American Association of Physicists in Medicine [Details]
Lowe J, Ryan J, Twoomey R, Evanoff M, Brennan PC, McEntee MF; (2008) The Effect Of Calibration On Diagnostic Performance, Physical And Psychophysical Image Quality UK Radiological Congress 2008 Birmingham, Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Lowe J, McEntee M, Brennan PC, Ryan J; (2007) Variances in Display Characteristics of Soft Copy Monitors with Same Specifications Radiological Society of North America Chicago, USA, [Details]


Research Interests

The primary focus of my research involves the assessment of radiology computer displays with a specific focus on calibration of these displays to a specified world-known standard. As such, I have been successful in acquiring various equipment which is invaluable to my study and is also suitable for use in undergraduate thesis data collection.
 To maintain the Schools commitment in advancing research, I have had numerous oral and poster presentations at international conferences with Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States of America as detailed in the Publications section.  The most recent publication has involved an internationally renowned research paper which was released in July 2010 within a high ranking peer reviewed journal; The American Journal of Roentgenology.  Several similarly focused papers are being written to disseminate results.
 Due to the international interest in my research area, I have been successful in acquiring funding for travel from three separate bodies including the highly competitive UCD seed funding scheme, Irish Institute of Radiation and Radiation Therapists and the Irish Cancer Research Society. As my research profile expands, I will continue to actively seek funding.
 Outside and in line with my PhD studies, I am actively involved in other research projects, in particular in medical image perception research in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the American Board of Radiology. As such, I have been privileged to attend the American Board of Radiology examinations annually for unique data collection opportunities.
 I am also committed to helping all fellow UCD researchers in completing data collection and have often volunteered to take part in research data collection to assist in achieving clinically relevant data to help improve statistical reliability in line with clinical practice.




























































Teaching Philosophy

An ability to adapt practice and apply principles and generalisations learned to the task at hand are core skills of any clinical profession. I am passionate about the content I deliver and aim to optimise the student learning experience by utilising a variety of teaching approaches to suit individual needs.

Modules Coordinated

201400   RDGY10080     Radiography: Prac Radiography: Intro/Spine
201400   RDGY10020     Radiography: Prac Radiography: Up/Lo limb/s
201400   RDGY20180     Radiography: Clin Prac of Radiography 2
201400   RDGY30300     Radiography: Clinical Prac Rad 3-1
201400   RDGY30310     Radiography: Clinical Practice Rad 3-2
201400   RDGY30270     Radiography: Cardiac Interventional Imaging

Enhancement of Teaching

As an educator it is important to acknowledge student feedback based on module evaluation. In my time as a module co-ordinator I have amended various assessment components based upon student feedback to ensure they adequately address the module outcomes in an applicable manner and accommodate a variety of student learning styles. Review of student feedback has also made me aware of the aspects of the lecture content that students often find difficult and therefore require further attention to either through extra focus during lecture content or the availability of extra online Blackboard notes. In line with this, I regularly use the online forums on Blackboard to promote extra-curricular engagement amongst peers and to ensure a fair distribution of frequently asked questions and applicable answers in relation to lecture content.

Developing as a Teacher

To develop as a teacher I strongly believe that one should regularly keep up to date with the latest technology advances in an ever evolving profession such as radiology. Therefore I actively attend manufacturer study days which incorporate Q&A sessions in addition to attendance at scientific assemblies to ensure I remain abreast with the latest developments. In addition, I am currently enrolled in an online practice educator course developed by the HSE to develop and advance my skills as a clinical co-ordinator with the aim of becoming more astute to student needs.


Internal Collaborators

Dr Louise Rainford: Head of Diagnostic Imaging Research & Principal Supervisor

Mr John Stowe: Digital Systems expert and Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging

External Collaborators

Dr Michael Evanoff: American Board of Radiology

Professor Patrick Brennan: University of Sydney
Associate Professor Mark McEntee: University of Sydney