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Mary Moran


School Of Medicine & Medical Science
Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7166536




Committee : School of Medicine and Medical Sxcience Undergraduate Research Ethics Committee


Year 2006 Institution: Inst of Public Administration, IRL
Qualification: MA Subject:



Peer Reviewed Journals

M. Moran, M. Higgins, G. Zombori, J.Ryan, FM. McAuliffe (2012) 'Computerised assessment of placental calcification post ultrasound - a novel new software tool'. Ultrasound in Obstetrics &Amp; Gynecology, . [DOI] [Details]
Moran, M,Ryan, J,Higgins, M,Brennan, PC,McAuliffe, FM; (2011) 'Poor agreement between operators on grading of the placenta'. J Obstet Gynaecol, 31 :24-28. [DOI] [Details]
Mary Moran, MA, Fionnuala M. McAuliffe, MD; (2011) 'Imaging and Assessment of Placental Function'. Journal Of Clinical Ultrasound, 36 (7):390-398. [Details]
Mary Moran, John Ryan, Patrick C. Brennan, Mary Higgins, Fionnuala M McAuliffe; (2009) 'Is Grannum Grading of the Placenta Reproducible?'. Proceedings of SPIE, 7263 :W1-W6. Available Online [Details]

Conference Publications

McCaffrey, M. Moran, M. and Stanton, M.; (2011) Student reflections on a reflective analysis assignment Problem based learning (PBL) today and tomorrow [Details]
Zombori Gergely MSc, McAuliffe F MD, Moran M MA, Rainford L PhD, Brennan PC PhD, Ryan J PhD; (2011) EVALUATION OF OBSERVER PERFORMANCE IN PLACENTAL GRADING Medical Image Perception Conference XIV [Details]
Moran Mary MA, Ryan John PhD, Zombori Gergely MSc, Higgins Mary MD, McAuliffe Fionnuala M MD; (2011) COMPUTERISED ASSESSMENT OF PLACENTAL CALCIFICATION Medical Image Perception Conference XIV [Details]
Moran M1, Ryan J1, Brennan PC1, Higgins M1,2, McAuliffe FM1,2; (2010) ULTRASOUND ASSESSMENT OF PLACENTAL CALCIFICATION: TIME FOR NEW METHODS . In: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists eds. British Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Belfast, [Details]
Moran, M.C., Ryan, J., Brennan, P.C., Higgins, M., McAuliffe, F.M.; (2010) Ultrasound Assessment of Placental Calcification: Observer Variation . In: Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists eds. Irish Congress of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatal Medicine Wicklow, Ireland, [Details]
G Zombori, MSc; J Ryan, PhD; F McAuliffe, MD; L Rainford, PhD; M Moran, MA; P Brennan, PhD. ; (2010) Advanced noise reduction in placental ultrasound imaging using CPU and GPU: a comparative study . In: Jan D'Hooge, Stephen A McAleavy eds. Medical Imaging 2010: Ultrasonic Imaging, Tomography, and Therapy Santiago, [Details]
Moran, M.C., Ryan, J., Brennan, P.C., Higgins, M., McAuliffe, F.M.; (2009) The Grannum method of placental calcification: Observer intra- and inter-variation . In: British Institute of Radiology eds. United Kingdom Radiological Congress 2009 Manchester, [Details]
G. Zombori, J. Ryan, F. McAuliffe, L. Rainford, M. Moran, P.Brennan; (2009) Volume-Based Segmentation of the Placenta in Ultrasound Imaging Radiological Society of North America Chicago, [Details]



Modules Coordinated

201200   RDGY41110     Radiography: Theory of Fertility Ultrasound
201200   RDGY40130     Radiography: Obstetric & Gynae US 2
201200   RDGY41080     Radiography: Fetal Biometry,Liquor,Placenta
201200   RDGY40150     Radiography: Obstetric & Gynae US 4
201200   RDGY41150     Radiography: Gynaecological Ultrasound
201200   RDGY41000     Radiography: Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
201200   RDGY40140     Radiography: Obstetric & Gynae US 3
201200   RDGY40160     Radiography: Obstetric & Gynae US 5
201200   RDGY41100     Radiography: Tech of Fertility Ultrasound
201200   RDGY41160     Radiography: Ultrasound and Fertility
201200   RDGY41090     Radiography: Clin Prac Fertility Ultrasound
201200   RDGY40170     Radiography: Obstetric & Gynae US 6
201200   RDGY41120     Radiography: Fetal Wellbeing Ultrasound