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Patrick Murray

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology/Consultant Phys

School Of Medicine & Medical Science
Charles Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716



Edited Books

Murray PT, Brady H, Hall JB (Ed.). (2005) Intensive Care in Nephrology. London, UK: Taylor & Francis. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Cullen R, MurrayPT, Fitzgibbon MC; (2011) 'Establishment of a reference interval for urinary neutrophil-associated lipocalin'. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry, . [Details]
Matzke GR, Aronoff GR, Atkinson AJ Jr, Bennett WM, Decker BS, Eckardt KU, Golper T, Grabe DW, Kasiske B, Keller F, Kielstein JT, Mehta R, Mueller BA, Pasko DA, Schaefer F, Sica DA, Inker LA, Umans JG, Murray P:; (2011) 'Drug dosing consideration in patients with acute and chronic kidney disease-a clinical update from Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO)'. Kidney International, 2011 Sep 14. doi: 10.1038/ki.2011.322. [Epub ahead of print] . [Details]
Murray P, Udani S, Koyner J:; (2011) 'Does renal replacement therapy improve outcome? Controversies in acute kidney injury'. Contributions to nephrology, 174 :212-221. [Details]
Haase M, Devarajan P, Haase-Fielitz A, Bellomo R, Cruz DN, Wagener G, Krawczeski CD, Koyner JL, Murray P, Zappitelli M, Goldstein SL, Makris K, Ronco C, Martensson J, Martling CR, Venge P, Siew E, Ware LB, Ikizler TA, Mertens PR:; (2011) 'The outcome of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin-positive subclinical acute kidney injury: a multicenter pooled analysis of prospective studies'. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 57 (17):1752-1761. [Details]
Murray PT; (2011) 'Acute kidney injury biomarkers and endpoints for clinical trials'. Contributions to nephrology, 171 :208-212. [Details]
Koyner JL, Vaidya VS, Bennett MR, Ma Q, Worcester E, Akhter S, Raman S, Jeevanandam J, O¿ Connor MF, Devarajan P, Bonventre JV, Murray PT; (2010) 'Urinary Biomarkers in the Clinical Prognosis and Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury'. Clinical Journal Of The American Society Of Nephrology, 5 (12):2154-2165. [Details]
Cawood TJ, Bashir M, Brady J, Murray B, Murray PT, O'Shea D; (2010) 'Urinary Collagen IV and piGST: Potential Biomarkers for Detecting Localized Kidney Injury in Diabetes - A Pilot Study'. American Journal of Nephrology, 32 (3):219-225. [Details]
Murray PT; (2010) 'The kidney in respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation'. Contributions to nephrology, 165 :159-165. [Details]

Other Journals

Rao MV, Murray P, Yancy CW; (2011) 'Management of heart failure with renal artery ischemia' Cardiology Clinics 29 (3) :433-455. [Details]
Murray PT; (2011) 'Diagnosis of kidney damage using novel acute kidney injury biomarkers: assessment of kidney function alone is insufficient' Critical Care 15 (4) :170-170. [Details]
McMahon BA, Koyner JL, Murray PT: ; (2010) 'Urinary glutathione S-transferases in the pathogenesis and diagnostic evaluation of acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery: a critical review' Current Opinion in Critical Care . [Details]

Monographs:- Peer Reviewed

Murray PT, Liu KD; (2011) Acute Kidney Injury and Critical Care Nephrology. Monographs:- Peer Reviewed [Details]



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201200   CLIP30230     Clinical Pharmacology: GI/GU Therapeutics
201200   CLIP30170     Clinical Pharmacology: Cardioresp Therapeutics
201200   CLIP40050     Clinical Pharmacology: Therapeutics