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Jaime Jones

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Music
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168325


Jaime Jones is Lecturer in Ethnomusicology and current Head of School at University College Dublin, where she teaches modules on world musics, ethnomusicology, Indian music, popular music, music and religion, and film music. Before turning to the study of ethnomusicology, Jaime trained as a pianist and composer in New York and Chicago. She completed her PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago in 2009. Her dissertation, entitled Performing the Sacred: Song, Genre, and Aesthetics in Bhakti, was based on field research funded by a Fullbright grant. Up until this year, her work has focused on music and religion in India. Her monograph, which addresses the performance and positioning of devotional Hindu musics, is forthcoming. Recent publications include the chapter 'Music, History and the Sacred in South Asia' in the Cambridge History of World Music, which came out in December 2013, and the article 'Singing the Way: Music and Pilgrimage in Maharashtra', in Ethnomusicology Ireland, which was published in May 2015. 

Jaime's current research projects engage Dublin as urban space and as cosmopolitan musical scene. This work focuses primarily on punk and underground rock communities, and investigates ideas regarding space, place, and the local. In addition to her academic work, Jaime recently finished her term as Chair of the International Council for Traditional Music, Ireland. She is the co-founder of the Dublin Gamelan Orchestra, currently housed in the National Concert Hall.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2007.
Title: Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship
Year: 2006.
Title: Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship
Year: 2005.
Title: Pauline Kaschens Fellowship
Year: 2004.
Title: Fulbright Fellowship for dissertation research in India


Association: International Committee for Traditional Music, Ireland, Function/Role: Chair
Association: Society for Ethnomusicology, Function/Role: Member
Association: International Council for Traditional Music, Function/Role: member
Association: Society for Musicology in Ireland, Function/Role: member
Association: British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Function/Role: member

Conference Contributions

Jaime Jones (2017) Beyond Interlocutors: Ethnography and Digital Curation. [International Refereed Conference], 44th World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music, Limerick , 13-JUL-17 - 19-JUL-17.
Jaime Jones (2017) Music and Virtual Pilgrimage. [International Refereed Conference], Digital Folk One Day Conference, Sheffield, UK , 19-APR-17 - 19-APR-17.
Jaime Jones (2017) Scale, Value, and Visibility in Underground Music. [Invited Lecture], Durham Musicology Seminar Series, Durham, UK , 07-FEB-17 - 07-FEB-17.
Jaime Jones (2016) Plenary Roundtable: Ethnomusicology in Universities. [Roundtable Participant], International Council for Traditional Music One-Day Symposium, University of Limerick , 30-JUN-16 - 30-JUN-16.
Jaime Jones (2016) Beyond Interlocutors: Ethnography and Self-Curating Musical Communities. [Plenary Lecture], Joint IMR/BFE/IASPM (UK & Ireland) Study Day: Researching Music: Interviewing, Ethnography, and Oral History, Institute of Musical Research, Senate House, University of London , 06-JUN-16 - 06-JUN-16.
Jaime Jones (2016) Underground Music as Transculture: Scale, Value, and Visibility in Dublin's DIY Scene. [Invited Lecture], Club Transmediale Festival, Berlin , 03-FEB-16 - 04-AUG-16.
Jaime Jones (2016) Hiding Right Here: Performing 'Undergroundness'. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The Hidden Musicians Revisted, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK , 11-JAN-16 - 13-JAN-16.
Jaime Jones (2015) Space, Place, and the Local in Dublin's Underground. [International Refereed Conference], Keep it Simple, Make it Fast - Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes, Porto, Portugal , 15-JUL-15 - 18-JUL-15.
Jones, Jaime (2014) (Not) Making It: aesthetics and practice in the sustenance of Dublin's underground. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Worlds of Popular Music (Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK and Ireland), University College Cork , 12-SEP-14 - 14-SEP-14.
Jones, Jaime (2014) Organising Committee and Session Chair. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Music, Marxism, and the Frankfurt School, University College Dublin , 02-JUL-14 - 04-JUL-14.
Jones, Jaime (2014) Conference Chairperson. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Music, Place, and Community (Annual Conference of the ICTM Ireland), NUI Galway , 21-FEB-14 - 23-FEB-14.
Jones, Jaime (2013) Hearing and Being Heard: Varkari Drummers and Devotional Expressivity in Maharashtra. [Invited Oral Presentation], Translated Tunes, Stanford University , 04-MAY-13 - 05-MAY-13.
Jones, Jaime (2013) Expressivity and Genre in Hindu Devotional Music. [Invited Lecture], Queen's Musicology Seminar, Queen's University Belfast , 16-OCT-13 - 16-OCT-13.
Jones, Jaime (2013) (Re)Sounding Devotion in Urban India,. [Invited Oral Presentation], Resonances: Music, Affect, and the City, Max Planck Institute, Berlin , 07-NOV-13 - 08-NOV-13.
Jones, Jaime (2012) Music, Motion and Devotion in India. [Invited Lecture], Oxford Ethnomusicology Seminar, University of Oxford , 02-FEB-12 - 02-FEB-12.
Jones, Jaime (2012) Organising Committee. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Music and Movement (Annual Conference of the ICTM Ireland), Trinity College Dublin , 24-FEB-14 - 26-FEB-14.
Jones, Jaime (2011) Singing through Time and Space: Music and Pilgrimage in Maharashtra. [Invited Lecture], Queen's Anthropology Seminar, Queen's University Belfast , 18-OCT-11 - 18-OCT-11.
Jones, Jaime (2011) Realizing Audience: The Listeners, Performers, and Overhearers of Bhajan. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Listening: ICTM Ireland Annual Conference, University of Ulster, Derry , 18-FEB-11 - 20-FEB-11.
Jones, Jaime (2011) Between Timelessness and History: Music and Devotion in India. [Invited Lecture], UCC Research Seminar, University College Cork , 03-NOV-11 - 03-NOV-11.
Jones, Jaime (2009) Singing the Way: The Time and Performance of Pilgrimage. [International Refereed Conference], European Seminar in Ethnomusicology XXV, Open University, Milton Keynes , 18-SEP-09 - 20-SEP-09.
Jones, Jaime (2009) Circulating Divinities: The Sound and Sound-Objects of Devotion. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Annual Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin , 18-JUN-09 - 21-JUN-09.
Jones, Jaime (2009) Remaking the Sacred: Syncretism, Genre, and Status in Varkari Performance. [Invited Oral Presentation], Caste, class and social mobility in South Asian music and dance: South Asia Music and Dance Forum, Institute of Musical Research, University of London , 02-DEC-09 - 02-DEC-09.
Jones, Jaime (2007) Making Little Great: the Musical Mobility of an Indian Devotional Vernacular. [International Refereed Conference], BETWEEN FOLK AND POPULAR: THE LIMINAL SPACES OF THE VERNACULAR (Annual Conference of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology), Newcastle-upon-Thyne, UK , 18-APR-07 - 21-APR-07.
Jones, Jaime (2003) The Aesthetics of Spectacle in Hindi Film. [International Refereed Conference], Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida , 01-OCT-03 - 05-OCT-03.


Committee : Irish National Committe for the ICTM


Employer: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Position: Teaching Assistant
Employer: The University of Chicago
Position: Course Assistant, Lecturer, Instructor
Employer: Northwestern University
Position: Lecturer
Employer: Columbia College Chicago
Position: Coordinator of Musicology
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: College Lecturer


Year 2009 Institution: University of Chicago, IL
Qualification: DPhil Subject:
Year 2000 Institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Qualification: Masters of Music Subject: Music Composition
Year 1997 Institution: Sarah Lawrence College
Qualification: BA (First Hons., Grade 1) Subject: Music

Outreach Activities

Since 2012, I have been involved in the creation of the Dublin Gamelan Orchestra. First housed in UCD, we are now in the National Concert Hall. Most of our members are part of the UCD community. We perform many times a year, in professional concert settings, national and international festivals, and for educational workshops.

Journals Edited

Ethnomusicology Ireland: Editor.
Journal Of The Society For Musicology In Ireland: Editorial Board member.
The Musicology Review: Editorial Board member.



Jones, Jacqueline (2009) Performing the Sacred: Song, Genre, and Aesthetics in Bhakti. Ann Arbor, Michigan: ProQuest. [Details]

Book Chapters

Jaime Jones; (2013) 'Music, History, and the Sacred in South Asia' In: Philip V. Bohlman (eds). Cambridge History of World Music. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Unviersity Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Jaime Jones (2016) 'Pilgrimage and Audience on the Maharashtrian Vari'. Yale Journal of Music and Religion, 2 (2). [Details]
Jaime Jones (2016) 'Review, Bollywood sounds: the cosmopolitan mediations of Hindi film song, by Jayson Beaster-Jones'. Ethnomusicology Forum, 25 (2):243-245. Available Online [Details]
Jones, Jaime (2015) 'Singing the Way: Music and Pilgrimage in Maharashtra'. Ethnomusicology Ireland, (3). Available Online [Details]
Jones, Jaime (2015) 'Review - Brass Bands of the World: Militarism, Colonial Legacies, and Local Music Making. Suzel Ana Reily and Katherine Brucher (eds)'. Ethnomusicology Ireland, (3). Available Online [Details]
Jones, Jaime (2014) 'Review of Tony Langlois (ed.), Non-Western Popular Music (2012)'. Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, 9 . Available Online [Details]
Jones, Jaime (2011) 'Review, Dancing with Devtas: Drums, Power, and Possession in the Music of Garhwal, North India, by Andrew Alter'. Ethnomusicology Forum, 20 (3). [Details]
Jaime Jones; (2005) 'The Aesthetics of Gandhi's Vision: idioms of Utopia in practice'. New Quest: A Quarterly Journal of Participative Inquiry, . [Details]


Jones, Jaime (2014) Ethnomusicology in UCD. Editorial [Details]


Research Interests

Ethnomusicological Theory and Method, Cultural Intimacy and Public Culture, Affect Theory, Music and the City, Music and Religion, Musical Traditions of South Asia, Music and Film, Popular Music, Underground Scenes, Pilgrimage, Song, Drumming

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Country Music In Ireland: Creating Authentic Country
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-16 / 30-SEP-18
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : You Are The Centre of Everything: Game Music and Ideology
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-16 / 30-SEP-19
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : The Violin Beyond Western Art Music: the Violin in Carnatic Music
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-14 / 30-SEP-17
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Migrancy and Cultural Transformations: the Case of Cameroonian Grassfield Music in Ireland
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-13 / 30-SEP-15
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : ESEM Conference, Milton Keynes, September 2009
Start Date / End Date : 03-AUG-09 / 31-JAN-11

Recent Postgraduates

Sheryl Lynch
Elaina Solon
Robert Connolly
Robert Mc Comish
Aoife O'Donoghue
Caitríona Walsh
Katie Lynn
Anaïs Verhulst
Aisling Montgomery
John Millar
Kevin O'Brien
Simon Nugent
Rebecca Groom
Donal Fullam
Dominic Dixon
Helen Gubbins
Andrea Cleary


Current Postgraduate Students

Donal Fullam, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
John Millar, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Anais Verhulst, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

Modules Coordinated

201600   MUS10120     Music: Music, Culture and Society
201600   MUS20310     Music: Popular Music and Culture
201600   MUS20080     Music: Musics of the World
201600   MUS40030     Music: Ethnomusicology:Theory&Method
201600   MUS30420     Music: Musical Traditions of India
201600   MUS20500     Music: UCD Gamelan Ensemble 2
201600   MUS50030     Music: Teaching Practice 1
201600   MUS20490     Music: UCD Gamelan Ensemble 1
201600   MUS31140     Music: Extra Dissertation/Recital
201600   MUS40240     Music: Modes of Close Reading
201600   MUS50040     Music: Teaching Practice 2

Enhancement of Teaching

Completed Certificate Course for RSSDP [Research Supervision Support and Development Programme], 2016.

Developing as a Teacher

john cage: some rules for students and teachers RULE ONE: Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile. RULE TWO: General duties of a student - pull everything out of your teacher; pull everything out of your fellow students. RULE THREE: General duties of a teacher - pull everything out of your students. RULE FOUR: Consider everything an experiment. RULE FIVE: Be self-disciplined - this means finding someone wise or smart and choosing to follow them. To be disciplined is to follow in a good way. To be self-disciplined is to follow in a better way. RULE SIX: Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail, there's only make. RULE SEVEN: The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It's the people who do all of the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things. RULE EIGHT: Don't try to create and analyse at the same time. They're different processes. RULE NINE: Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It's lighter than you think. RULE TEN: "We're breaking all the rules. Even our own rules. And how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room