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Eileen Furlong

Lecturer In Nursing/Researcher In Ehealth Cancer Care

School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems
UCD Health Sciences

Tel: 0035317166478


I am an Assistant Professor in Nursing and a Researcher in Cancer Care. I am Programme Director of the MSc Advanced Nursing Practice since it began in 2001. This role incorporates teaching, clinical and classroom assessments, curriculum development, administration and liaison with clinical colleagues.  In addition, I have been instrumental in developing and teaching health assessment skills and knowledge across a wide range of programmes.  From 1998-2006 I was the programme leader for the Cancer Nursing programme from 1998 to 2006. I had the role of Subject Head for Chronic Care Nursing from May 2012 to August 2014.  I have an honorary clinical role in Cancer Services at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.  I am the joint Lead PI on an FP-7 funded European Commission project entitled: Randomised controlled trial to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the Advanced Management System (ASyMS) Remote Technology for patients with cancer. 

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Paediatric Oncology Liaison Nurse February 1994 - June 1998
Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin
This peripatetic position incorporated the care of children with cancer in the hospital setting and in the community. Children are cared for at all stages of the disease trajectory, empowering the parents and family to care for the child at home when appropriate. I worked as part of the hospital multi-disciplinary team and the primary care team.

Oncology Nursing Development Officer January 1993 - February 1994
Irish Cancer Society / University College Dublin
This was a research position which explored the cancer content of the curricula at pre-registration level and assessing the learning needs of nurse tutors in the School of Nursing in Ireland.

Clinical Nurse Teacher January 1984 - August 1991
Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin
I was involved in teaching student nurses in the classroom and in the clinical setting.

Staff Nurse / Nurse Manager August 1981 - December 1983
Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin




Association: National Cancer Forum (2004-2006) which produced A Cancer Control Strategy for Ireland, Function/Role:
Association: Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology , Function/Role: (NEC member / Past President)
Association: Irish Breast Care Nurses Association , Function/Role: (Honorary Member)
Association: Irish Association for Advanced Nurse/Midwife Practitioners, Function/Role:
Association: Sigma Theta Tau International, Function/Role:
Association: National Cancer Institute (USA) / All Ireland Nurses Working Group, Function/Role:
Association: All Ireland Fatigue Coalition, Function/Role:
Association: European Oncology Nurses Society (EONS), Function/Role:
Association: Accreditation Committee of EONS, Function/Role:

Conference Contributions

Furlong, E.; (2006) 2006 - Education and role development in cancer nursing. [Oral Presentation], Irish Breast Care Nurses Association, 9th Annual Conference, * , 30-SEP-06 - 30-SEP-06.
Furlong, E.; (2005) The Art of Patient Assessment in Cancer Care. [Oral Presentation], ECCO 13 Scientific Cancer Conference, Paris , 14-APR-05 - 16-APR-04.
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Furlong, E.; (2002) Cancer Related Fatigue. [Oral Presentation], NCI All Ireland Cancer Consortium Nurses Awareness Day, * , 20-SEP-02 - 22-SEP-02.



Book Chapters

Furlong, E. & O'Toole, S.; (2006) 'Psychological Care for Patients with Cancer' In: Kearney, N., Richardson, A (eds). Nursing Patients with Cancer: Principles and Practice. Edinburgh: Elsevier Churchill Livingstone. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Furlong, E., Fox, P., Lavin, M. & Collins, R.; (2005) 'Oncology Nursing Students' Views of Modified OSCE'. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 9 (4):351-359. [Details]
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Conference Publications

Furlong E.; (2008) School-age children's experiences of maternal breast cancer International Society for Nurses in Cancer Care [Details]
Furlong E, Hyde A, Coughlan B, Meehan T. (2011) The impact of maternal cancer on school-age children European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress [Details]
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Furlong E, Smith R, Kemple M, Wedgeworth K, Drennan J, Naughton C. (2015) Evaluation of Graduate Education in Advanced Practice Nursing 16th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference [Details]
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Furlong, E.; (2005) The Art of Assessment in Cancer Care The European CancerConference ECCO Paris, France, , 30-OCT-05 - 03-NOV-05 [Details]

Published Reports

Drennan J., Fox P, Furlong E, Naughton C, Sheridan A, Kemple M, Coughlan B, Hyde A, Butler M, Bell, Kearney N, McGaughan E (2014) Evaluation of the Irish Cancer Society's Cancer Information Services. Irish Cancer Society, Dublin. [Details]


Furlong, E (2011) The Impact of a Maternal Cancer Diagnosis on School-age Children. Abstract [Details]
Furlong, E (2012) Mommy has breast cancer: how do children cope? Protecting: a grounded theory study of school-age children's experiences in the context of maternal breast cancer. Abstract [Details]


Research Interests

eHealth in Cancer Care
Symptom Management 
Research with Children
Advanced Nursing Practice
Paediatric oncology
Family-centred care
Impact of cancer on the family 

PhD Funded Research Grants
2007-2008: Irish Cancer Society PhD Scholarship in Nursing
2009-2011: Marie Keating Foundation Scholarship in Breast Cancer Nursing Research

Post PhD Research Funding 
2014-2019: eSMART: RCT to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the ASyMS remote technology for patients with breast, colorectal and haematological cancers. Funded by FP-7 European Commission  
2017-2019: Evaluation of nurse-led oral-chemotherapy clinics. Funded by HRB
 To determine how the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines for Tamoxifen and  Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) can be adapted to address the symptom burden for women with breast cancer in the follow up phase of treatment, who are receiving care in the North East of Ireland.  Funded by HRB 
2016-2018: A RCT to examine the effectiveness of reflexology for reducing symptoms in children/adolescents with cancer. Funded by Childhood Cancer Foundation
2016-2018: Developing the oncology practice context for pain assessment and registration in Ireland: an action research project. Funded by HRB 
2015-2017: Improving patient flow in oncology/haematology ambulatory setting: an improvement methodology initiative. Funded by NMPDU   
2014: Investigator driven support and palliative clinical trials and observational studies. Funded by Enterprise Ireland  
2012-2013: Evaluation of the Irish Cancer Society Cancer Information Services. Funded by Irish Cancer Society