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Thilo Kroll

(Joint) Full Professor of Health Systems Managemen

School Of Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys
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Since 1992 I have been conducting research into the social dimensions of health and well-being with a particular emphasis on public health perspectives on disability and health topics. I have carried out social and health-related research in various health systems and care environments in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia. My background in psychology has led to a variety of interdisciplinary research studies combining quantitative and qualitative research methods with a particular emphasis on inclusive research designs for otherwise marginalised groups. 

My research interests and passion are focused on systems-related topics in global public heath and inclusion. The scale of work ranges from the individual to health and population level service systems.

Specialties: Disability and Public Health, Health Systems, Psychology, Ageing and Rehabilitation Research, Social Dimensions of Health, Wellbeing and Participation, Health Inequalities, Environment and Access, Violence and Health, Inclusive research design, methodologies and data collection approaches




Year 2000 Institution: University of Bremen ¿ Germany
Qualification: Dr Phil Subject:



Journals Edited

: Editor-in-Chief.



Book Chapters

Breckenridge, Jenna P. and John Devaney and Fiona Duncan and Thilo Kroll and Anne Lazenbatt and Julie Taylor and Caroline Bradbury-Jones (2016) 'Conducting sensitive research with disabled women who experience domestic abuse during pregnancy: lessons from a qualitative study' In: SAGE Research Methods Cases. SAGE Publications. [Details]
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Thilo Kroll and Melinda Neri (2009) 'Designs for mixed methods research' In: Mixed methods research for nursing and the health sciences. Wiley-Blackwell. , pp.31-49 [Details]

Edited Books

Kroll, T (Ed.). (2008) Focus on Disability: Trends in Research and Application. Hauppage, NY: NovaScience. [Details]
Kroll T et al (Ed.). (2007) Towards Best Practices for Surveying People with Disabilities, Volume 1. Hauppage, NY: NovaScience. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Mika Niemelä and Marshall, Catherine A. and Thilo Kroll and Melissa Curran and Koerner, Susan Silverberg and Sami Räsänen and Francisco García (2016) 'Family-focused preventive interventions with cancer cosurvivors: a call to action'. American Journal of Public Health, 106 (8):1381-1387. [DOI] [Details]
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Published Reports

Linda Orr and Judith Marston and Martin Campbell and Kelly, Timothy B. and Thilo Kroll (2015) A qualitative exploration of carersâ¿¿ experiences of information sharing and knowledge exchange with respite care services for older adults. School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee, . [Details]
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Douglas Robertson and Deborah Peel and Beverley Searle and Thilo Kroll and James Mitchell and Rosemary Brotchie and Lisa Pattoni and Ian Watson and Martin Higgins (2014) Home not Housing: Engaging with Wellbeing Outcomes: Final Report. Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Dundee, Scotland. [Details]
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Jennifer Harris and Thilo Kroll and Jan Law and Fiona Bolik (2006) Disability and homelessness in Central and Northern Scotland. Interdisciplinary Disability Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland. [Details]


Research Interests

I have a wide range or interdisciplinary research interests focusing on individual and system-level change processes related to public, physical and mental health and social participation. Much of my work has been focused on socially marginalised groups, especially people with disabilities and survivors of violence. Past research has focused on service access, co-design of community based health and support services, inclusive practices of health promotion and in relation to equitable participation in research and service development. Methodologically, I have employed qualitative, survey, mixed, experimental and action research methods. Academic, professional and public collaborators have included health and social care professionals, psychologists, geographers, designers, architects and city planners. 


Internal Collaborators

Eilish McAuliffe, Deirdre O'Donnell, Eidin Ni She, Hasheem Mannan.

External Collaborators

Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG); University of Dundee; University of Stirling; Washington University St Louis; University of Montana; University of Kansas; University of Technology, Sydney