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Daniel Deasy



My primary area of research is the philosophy of time. In my paper 'The moving spotlight theory' (2015, Philosophical Studies 172: 2073-89) I defend a new reductive version of a relatively unpopular theory of time called the moving spotlight theory, according to which all past and future moments exist and there is an absolute present moment. My papers 'What is presentism?' (forthcoming in Nous) and 'Philosophical arguments against the A-theory' (forthcoming in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly) help to set the stage for this defence. I am currently working on papers concerning the metaphysics of modality, the B-theory of time, and reference to merely past objects. As well as the philosophy of time, I have research interests in other parts of metaphysics (especially modality and mereology), the philosophy of language (especially names and propositions) and the philosophy of mind (especially functionalism, the extended mind hypothesis and mental causation).



Peer Reviewed Journals

Daniel Deasy (2015) 'Philosophical arguments against the A-theory'. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, . [Details]
Daniel Deasy (2015) 'What is presentism?'. Nous, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Daniel Deasy (2015) 'The moving spotlight theory'. Philosophical Studies, 172 (8):2073-2089. [Details]



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201500   PHIL41330     Philosophy: Philosophy of Time
201500   PHIL10160     Philosophy: Reason and Paradox
201500   PHIL20290     Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality