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Elisa Magri

School of Philosophy



I am currently (Sept 2016 - Sept 2019) an IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level II at the UCD School of Philosophy. Previously (Sept 2014 - Sept 2016), I held a Newman Postdoctoral Fellowship supervised by Prof. Dermot Moran at UCD. Between September and October 2016, I was an associate researcher in the joint research programme on emotions ("Aesthetics of Emotions: Arts and Cognitive Sciences") organised by the University of Milan. 

I received my Ph.D and Research MA in Philosophy from the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Pisa (Italy), where I also completed my undergraduate studies as recipient of a 5-year SNS studentship. In parallel to my studies at the SNS, I completed my BA and Taught MA in Philosophy at the University of Pisa with the highest honours, and I spent a research semester in 2008 at the University of Tuebingen (Germany) thanks to a short-term DAAD studentship. My doctoral dissertation, which earned an honourable mention in 2014 (Premio Sainati), was written under the supervision of Prof. Alfredo Ferrarin, and partly developed at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). As a graduate student, I used to work as a freelance journalist, translator, and copywriter for private companies and nonprofit organisations.  

My areas of specialisation include post-Kantian philosophy and XX century phenomenology. I have also research interests in applied phenomenology, feminist phenomenology, and philosophy of emotions. My current IRC project seeks to investigate the role of habit at both subjective and intersubjective levels of experience drawing on philosophical, phenomenological, and sociological sources. It aims at a reconstruction of the phenomenology of habit in order to articulate a theory of social sensitivity. 

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCD, I have been contributing to the School's teaching needs in European philosophy by co-lecturing in a number of courses, including the module "Phenomenology and Existentialism" (PHIL30010), which I designed and coordinated in 2015/2016, and the MA/Ph.D module "Philosophy & Literature" (coordinated with Dr Danielle Petherbridge) in 2017-2018.






Employer: Irish Research Council - University College Dublin
Position: IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level II
Employer: UCD School of Philosophy
Position: Occasional Lecturer [Phenomenology and Existentialism PHIL30010]
Employer: University College Dublin (through Catechetics Newman Trust)
Position: Newman Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level I



Elisa Magrì (2017) Hegel e la genesi del concetto. Autoriferimento, memoria, incarnazione. Padua: Verifiche. [Details]

Book Chapters

Elisa Magrì (2018) 'Zweite Natur und Sittlichkeit. Über Hegels Auffassung von Inhabitanz' In: T. Oehl and A. Kok (eds). Objektiver und absoluter Geist nach Hegel: Kunst, Religion und Philosophie innerhalb- und außerhalb von Gesellschaft und Geschichte. Leiden: Brill. [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2016) 'The Place of Habit in Hegel' s Psychology' In: S. Hermann-Sinai and L. Ziglioli (eds). Hegel's Philosophical Psychology. London-New York: Routledge. [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2015) 'L' auto-riferimento del corpo vivo. Sull' abitudine in Hegel e Merleau-Ponty' In: D. Manca, E. Magrì, A. Ferrarin (eds). Hegel e la fenomenologia trascendentale. Pisa: Ets. [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2013) 'From Recollection to Logical Memory. On the Genesis of the Concept in the Science of Logic' In: V. Ricci and F. Sanguinetti (eds). Hegel on Recollection. Essays on the Concept of Erinnerung. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars. [Details]
Elisa Magrì, Valentina Ricci, Federico Sanguinetti (2013) 'Intelligence as Erinnerung' In: V. Ricci and F. Sanguinetti (eds). Hegel on Recollection. Essays on the Concept of Erinnerung. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars. [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2010) 'Mill: Teleologia ed Economia Politica' In: D. Ragazzoni and O. Catanorchi (eds). Il destino della democrazia. Attualità di Tocqueville. Roma: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura. [Details]

Edited Books

E. Magrì, D. Moran (Ed.). (2018) Empathy, Sociality, and Personhood. Essays on Edith Stein's Phenomenological Investigations. Dordrecht: Springer. [Details]
E. Magrì (co-edited with A. Ferrarin and D. Manca) (Ed.). (2015) Hegel e la fenomenologia trascendentale. Pisa: Ets. Available Online [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Elisa Magrì (2018) 'An Inquiry on Radical Empathy and the Phenomenological Reduction in Sartre and Merleau-Ponty'. Continental Philosophy Review, . [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2018) 'Emotion, Motivation, and Character. A Phenomenological Perspective'. Husserl Studies, . [DOI] [Details]
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Elisa Magrì (2015) 'Some Remarks on For-me-ness and Empathy'. International Journal of Philosophical Studies, . [DOI] [Details]

Other Journals

Elisa Magrì (2017) 'Auto-affezione e auto-determinazione. Sulla critica di Hegel a Kant negli scritti jenesi' Paradigmi [peer-reviewed journal] . [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2015) 'Holon e Heteron. Osservazioni per un collegamento fra il Teeteto e il Sofista' Journal of Ancient Philosophy . [DOI] [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2011) 'Self-Reference and Logical Memory in Hegel's Theory of the Concept' Revista Eletrônica Estudos Hegelianos 15 (1) . [Details]

Conference Publications

Elisa Magrì (2016) Causality, Violence, Memory In: L. Fonnesu and L. Ziglioli (ed. by), System und Logik bei Hegel. 200 Jahre nach der Wissenschaft der Logik, Olms Verlag, Hildesheim 2016, 255-270 [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2016) The Structure of Empathy as Non-originary Experience . In: A. Speer and S. Regh eds. 'Alles Wesentlich lässt sich nicht Schreiben'. Leben und Denken Edith Steins im Spiegel ihre Gesamtwerks Herder, Freiburg, [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2015) Lo spasmo della spontaneità. Breve percorso fenomenologico sul rapporto fra immaginazione e ossessione in Sartre, Merleau-Ponty and Straus . In: F. Li Vigni eds. Immaginazione: tra mimesis e poiesis Fattore Umano Edizioni, Roma, [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2015) Memory and Self-Knowledge in Hegel's Philosophy 'Hegel gegen Hegel' XXIX. Internationaler Hegel-Kongress Hegel-Jahrbuch, Volume 2015, Issue 1, [DOI] [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2014) From Mechanism to Freedom: the Logic of Recognition in the 'Science of Logic' . In: Arthur Kok and John Van Houdt eds. Reconsidering the Origins of Recognition: New Perspectives on German Idealism Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, [Details]


Moran, Dermot and Magrì, Elisa (2017) Hegel and Phenomenology. Hegel Bulletin Special Issue. Cambridge: Editorial [Details]
Magrì, Elisa and Petherbridge, Danielle (2017) Intersubjectivity and Recognition. Metodo International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy. Editorial [Details]


Elisa Magrì (2016) Essays on Hegel' s Philosophy of Subjective Spirit (by D. S. Stern). Reviews [Details]
Elisa Magrì (2015) La civetta e la talpa. Sistema ed epoca in Hegel (by R. Bodei). Reviews [Details]
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Elisa Magrì (2011) The Pathologies of Individual Freedom. Hegel's Social Theory (by A. Honneth). Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

AOS: Phenomenology and phenomenological philosophy, Post-Kantian philosophy (esp. Hegel).

AOC: Applied Phenomenology, Feminist Phenomenology, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics.