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Markus Schlosser

School of Philosophy



I did my undergradute studies at the University of Vienna and my PhD at the University of St. Andrews with a thesis on "The Metaphysics of Agency". Before I took up a Lecturership at UCD, I was a research fellow at the Universities of Bristol, Leiden, and Groningen. In Bristol, I held an Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship from the Austrian Science Fund for an individual project on "Normativity and the Causal Theory of Action". My research in Leiden was part of the project "Morality Beyond Illusions: Re-asseessing the Philosophical Implications of Empirical Studies of Moral Agency".



Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Other Journals

Schlosser, M.E. (2015) 'Agency' Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy . [Details]

Conference Publications

Schlosser, M.E. (2016) Dual-system theory and the role of consciousness in action Workshop on Self-Control [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2016) Embodied cognition and temporally extended agency ESPP 2016 [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2014) Motivation by belief Irish Philosophical Club [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2014) Dialogical reasons for action ESPP 2014 [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2013) Ideo-motor theory and motivation by belief ESPP 2013 [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2010) Traditional compatibilism revisited Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy [Details]
Schlosser, M.E. (2008) Mental causation: A lesson from action theory Wittgenstein Symposium , pp.300-303 [Details]


Research Interests

Main areas of research and research interests:
- In the philosophy of action: the metaphysics of agency, the nature of reasons, the causal theory of action.
- In the philosophy of mind: the problem of mental causation and causal exclusion.
- In the philosophy of cognitive science: the neuroscience and psychology of decision-making and free will.
- In moral psychology: moral motivation, empirical challenges to free will and moral responsibility.