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Peer Reviewed Journals

Grazia Cottone, Gianluca Lattanzi, Giovanni Ciccotti, Ron Elber (2012) 'Multiphoton Absorption of Myoglobin¿Nitric Oxide Complex: Relaxation by D-NEMD of a Stationary State'. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, . [Details]
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Bellavia, G. et al.,; (2009) 'Thermal Denaturation of Myoglobin in Water-Disaccharide Matrixes: Relation with the Glass Transition of the System'. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113 (33):11543-11549. [Details]

Conference Publications

Giuffirda, S et al.; (2011) MbCo in Saccharide Solid Amorphous Systems: A Combined FTIR and SAXS Study 55th Biophys. Soc Meeting [Details]
Maragliano, L et al.; (2010) Mapping CO diffusion paths in Myoglobin with the Single Sweep Method 54th Biophys. Soc Meeting [Details]