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Andy Storey

College Lecturer

School Of Politics & Int Relations
James Joyce Library Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168126


PhD in Sociology, School of Sociology and Social Policy, Queen’s University Belfast.  Thesis title: “Storylines, Scapegoats and State Power: Discursive Representations of the Rwandan Economy”. M.Litt and BA in Economics, Economics Department, University of Dublin, Trinity College. College Lecturer at the Centre for Development Studies, University College Dublin.




Association: African Studies Association of Ireland , Function/Role: Member, Committee member, Currently treasurer
Association: The policy working group of the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: The editorial board of the journal Development in Practice, Function/Role: Member
Association: Action from Ireland , Function/Role: Board member, Chairperson
Association: Irish Debt and Development Coalition, Function/Role: Founder member of the board
Association: Irish Refugee Council, Function/Role: Board member

Conference Contributions

A. Storey; (2002) From Jews to Tutsis: Ethnic Minorities as Economic Scapegoats. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The perspectives on conflict conference, School of Oriental and African Studies , 08-MAY-02.
A. Storey; (2001) Ethnic Scapegoating: Élite Manipulation and Social Forces in Rwanda. [International Refereed Conference], Conference on ethnicity in Africa, Uganda Martyrs¿ University , 03-SEP-01 - 06-SEP-01.
A. Storey; (2004) The European Project: Dismantling Social Democracy, Globalising Neoliberalism. [National Refereed Conference Paper], conference is Ireland a democracy?, Sociology Department, National University of Ireland Maynooth , 03-APR-04.
A. Storey; (2001) A Global View on Wealth, Power and Inequality. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Community Workers Co-operative conference on wealth, power, inequality: challenges for community work in a new era, Kilkenny , 10-DEC-01.
A. Storey; (2001) Structural Adjustment, State Power and Genocide: the World Bank and Rwanda. [International Refereed Conference], Conference on the global constitution of 'failed states': consequences of a new imperialism?, University of Sussex , 18-APR-01 - 20-APR-01.
A. Storey; (2000) Story-Lines and Scapegoats: Discourse, the Rwandan Economy and Genocide. [International Refereed Conference], Conference on research and practice in professional discourse, Centre for English Language Education and Communication Research, City University of Hong Kong , 15-NOV-00 - 18-NOV-00.
A. Storey; (1999) Post-Development Theory: Romanticism and Pontius Pilate Politics. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Anthropology/Sociology seminar, National University of Ireland Maynooth , 04-NOV-99.
A. Storey; (2007) Governing for Poverty Reduction or Capital Accumulation? A Critical Analysis of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation'. [International Refereed Conference], Conference of the Faculty of Economics, Coimbra University, Portugal , 20-APR-07.
A. Storey; (2006) Everything but Arms: the EU and the Least Developed Countries. [National Refereed Conference Paper], British International Studies Association annual conference, University College Cork , 20-DEC-06.
A. Storey; (2006) The Struggle for Europe: Resisting Disciplinary Neoliberalism. [International Refereed Conference], British International Studies Association/International Political Economy Working Group workshop, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Lancaster , 09-JUN-06.
A. Storey; (2006) The Strange Death of Social Europe: the EU, Neoliberalism and Globalisation. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Seminar series of the Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment, Queen¿s University Belfast , 13-DEC-06.
A. Storey; (2005) Normative Power Europe? EBA, Economic Partnership Agreements and Benevolent Self-Images. [International Refereed Conference], seminar 'Everything But Arms': All About Nothing? EU trade politics and developing countries, University of Ghent , 06-DEC-05.
A. Storey; (2005) Normative Power Europe? Economic Partnership Agreements and Africa. [National Refereed Conference Paper], African Studies Association of Ireland conference, University College Dublin , 03-DEC-05.
A. Storey; (2005) The Development of a European Military Capacity. [International Refereed Conference], Seminar series on war and peace studies, Liverpool Hope University , 21-APR-05.
A. Storey; (2004) Europe and Africa: Dark Continents and Laws of the Jungle. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Annual conference of the African Studies Association of Ireland, University of Ulster, Derry , 03-DEC-04.
A. Storey; (2004) Europe and Africa: Towards the Law of the Jungle?. [International Refereed Conference], Seminar series on war, violence and human rights, University of Sussex , 10-NOV-04.




Client: Advisory Board for Irish Aid
Client: Norad
Client: Dóchas
Client: Irish Aid
Client: Ireland Aid
Client: Comhlámh
Client: United Nations Development Programme
Client: Dóchas
Client: Trócaire
Client: World Bank and the World Food Programme
Client: CARE



Book Chapters

Storey, A; (2006) 'Storylines and Scapegoats: Discursive Representations of the Rwandan Economy' In: Bne Saad, M, and Leen, M (eds). Trade, Aid and Development: Essays in Honour of Helen O¿Neill. Dublin: UCD Press. [Details]
Storey, A; (2003) 'Measuring Human Development'' In: McCann, G. and S. McCloskey (eds) (eds). From the Local to the Global: Key Concepts in Development Studies. London: PLuto Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Storey, A; (2006) 'The European Project: Dismantling the Social Model, Globalising Neoliberalism'. Irish Review, 34 . [Details]
Storey, A; (2006) 'Normative Power Europe: Economic Partnership Agreements and Africa'. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 24 (3). [Details]
Storey, A; (2000) ''The World Bank, Neo-Liberalism and Power: Discourse Analysis and Implications for Campaigners''. Development in Practice, 10 (3/4). [Details]
Storey, A; (2000) ''Post-Development Theory: Romanticism and Pontius Pilate Politics'. Development, 43 (4). [Details]
Storey, A; (1999) ''Economics and Ethnic Conflict: Structural Adjustment and Rwanda''. Development Policy Review, 17 (1). [Details]
Storey, A; (1997) 'Non-Neutral Humanitarianism: NGOs and the Rwanda Crisis''. Development in Practice, 7 (4). [Details]