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Cristina Bucur

Lecturer / Assistant Professor

School of Politics & International Relations
Room G304
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: 01 716 8149


Cristina Bucur is Lecturer / Assistant Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations. Her research interests focus on executive-legislative relations and party politics in parliamentary and semi-presidential democracies. Before joining UCD, Cristina was a postdoctoral fellow at University of Oslo (2014-2017) and has previously taught at Dublin City University and University College Cork. She holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from Dublin City University, an MA in East European Studies from University of Bologna, and an MA in Political Theory from University of Bucharest.



Bucur, C (2005) The weight of historical patterns, collective memory and historical legacies over the evolution of the Romanian democratization process. Iasi: Lumen. [Details]

Book Chapters

Bucur, C; McMenamin, I (2015) 'Poland: Presidentialization and Post-Modernity in a Young Democracy' In: Passarelli, G (eds). The Presidentialization of Political Parties: Organization, Institutions and Leaders. London: Palgrave Macmillan. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Bucur, C; Elgie, R (2012) 'The development of the French executive: Endogenous Americanization'. French Politics, 10 (4):389-402. [Details]
Elgie, R; Bucur, C; Dolez, B; Laurent, A (2014) 'Proximity, Candidates, and Presidential Power: How Directly Elected Presidents Shape the Legislative Party System'. Political Research Quarterly, 67 (3):467-477. [Details]
Bucur, C (2018) 'Cabinet Payoffs in Coalition Governments: A Time-varying Measure of Portfolio Importance'. Party Politics, 24 (2):154-167. [DOI] [Details]
Bucur, C (2017) 'Cabinet Ministers under Competing Pressures: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Political Parties in Semi-presidential Systems'. Comparative European Politics, 15 (2):180-203. [Details]
Bucur, C (2017) 'A mould-breaking cabinet? Changes and continuities in the formation of the 2017 French government'. French Politics, 15 (3):340-359. [Details]
Bucur, C; Cheibub, JA (2017) 'Presidential Partisanship in Government Formation: Do Presidents Favour Their Parties When They Appoint the Prime Minister?'. Political Research Quarterly, . [DOI] [Details]



Modules Coordinated

201700   POL20050     Politics: Research Methods in Pol Sci
201700   POL41960     Politics: Comp. European Legislatures
201700   POL41640     Politics: Research Design and Case Study
201700   POL30540     Politics: Parties in Parliament