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Melanie Hoewer

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Politics & Int Relations
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168137


Melanie Hoewer joined SPIRE in 2012. Before that she was teaching in the UCD School of Social Justice and in the Irish School of Ecumenics in TCD and she worked in a EU-Daphne funded project on Gender Violence and LGBT rights and on issues of conflict transformation, human rights and social justice for Amnesty International (Irish Section), the Latin American Solidarity Centre and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Mexico and Colombia). She advises the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on their UNSCR 1325 Action Plans on women, peace and security.

Melanie's primary areas of research are gender, peace and conflict, security, intersectionality, women's rights, Latin American politics and Northern Ireland. She has published on gender and identity in peace and conflict processes in Northern Ireland and Chiapas, Mexico, on intersecting boundary processes in the ethno-national conflict and settlement processes, women, peace and security in Ireland, Resistance to State Violence in Chiapas, etc.




Association: European Consortium for Political Research , Function/Role: Member of Standing Group on Gender and Politics
Association: International Political Science Association, Function/Role: Research Cttee. member (Gender Politics and Policy)

Conference Contributions

Melanie Hoewer (2014) Different pathways - shared interests. Women's activism in Ireland, North and South. [Refereed Abstracts], PSAI Annual Conference 2014, NUI Galway , 17-OCT-14 - 19-OCT-14.
Melanie Hoewer (2013) Reframing Nationalisms and Addressing Structural Violence in Post-Conflict Societies. [Refereed Abstracts], Association for the Studies of Nationalities, Annual Conference, Columbia University , 18-APR-13 - 20-APR-13.
Melanie Hoewer (2013) Women, Violence and Social Change. [Invited Lecture], UCD-TCD Development Seminar Series, UCD , 08-MAR-13 - 08-MAR-13.
Melanie Hoewer (2013) A Gendered Approach to Conflict Resolution: The Private Realm between Tradition and Transition. [Invited Oral Presentation], Conflict Resolution: Peace, Practice, Perspectives-Celebrating Women as ADR Leaders, The Law Society of Ireland, The Law Society of Ireland , 08-MAR-13 - 08-MAR-13.
Hoewer, Melanie (2013) Reflections on Intersecting Gender. [Plenary Lecture], Intersecting Gender, Queens University Belfast , 22-NOV-13 - 23-NOV-13.
Roja Fazaeli and Melanie Hoewer (2013) Gendered images and women's rights in Iran and Ireland. [Refereed Abstracts], BRISMES Annual Conference 2013, UCD , 24-JUN-13 - 28-JUN-13.
Melanie Hoewer (2013) Addressing Cultural Legacies of Conflict. A Comparative Analysis of Experiences with Implementing UNSCR 1325. [National Refereed Conference Paper], PSAI Annual Conference, Dublin , 18-OCT-13 - 20-OCT-13.
UCD Human rights Network (2013) Human Rights and Conflict. [Invited Oral Presentation], International Human Rights Summer School, University College Dublin , 26-JUN-13 - 28-JUN-13.
Samuel Brazys and Melanie Hoewer (2013) Social Backlash and Free Trade Agreements: Why the FTAA but not EU-Mercosur?. [Refereed Abstracts], Latin American Conference Ireland, UCD , 23-MAY-13 - 24-MAY-13.
Melanie Hoewer (2013) Intersecting Gender - Why Intersectionality?. [Keynote Address], Sibeal Annual Conference 2013, Belfast , 22-NOV-13 - 23-NOV-13.
Melanie Hoewer, Jennifer Todd (2014) Framing an international framework. UN Resolution 1325 as resource, policy-tool or transformative arena? A comparative analysis of activist women¿s discourses in Colombia, Liberia and Northern Ireland. [International Refereed Conference], The Congress of VIenna and its Global Dimension, Vienna , 17-SEP-14 - 22-SEP-14.
Melanie Hoewer (2014) Intersecting Identities: Social Mobilisations and Transformations of Values. [International Refereed Conference], ECPR General Conference 2014, Glasgow , 03-SEP-14 - 06-SEP-14.
Hoewer, Melanie (2012) UN Resolution 1325 in Ireland: Its Implication for Women's Rights. [Refereed Abstracts], Politics, Culture and Society in a Changing Ireland, PSAI 2012 Annual Conference, Derry/Londonderry , 19-OCT-12 - 21-OCT-12.
Hoewer, Melanie (2012) Intersecting boundary processes in the ethno-national mobilisations and conflict settlement processes in Chiapas and Northern Ireland. [Refereed Abstracts], Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries, 22nd Annual ASEN Conference, London School of Economics , 27-MAR-12 - 29-MAR-12.
Hoewer, Melanie (2011) Participation, Positioning, Perspectives: Women's voices in ethnonational mobilisation and demobilisation processes. [Refereed Abstracts], Association for the Studies of Nationalities (ASN) 2011 World Convention, Columbia University, New York, USA , 14-APR-11 - 16-APR-11.
Hoewer, Melanie (2011) Framing the Work on Gender Based Violence: Experiences from Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], Hermes Linking Network to fight sexual and gender stigma, Naples , 07-OCT-11 - 08-OCT-11.
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) Thinking about conflict - thinking about change. Gendered and ethnicised identity in peace and conflict situations. [Invited Oral Presentation], Gender Violence and Gender Justice: Critical Perspectives on Post-Conflict, Emory University, Atlanta/USA , 07-MAY-09 - 09-MAY-09.
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) Bringing in intersectionality. Ways of linking ethnicity and gender in peace and conflict situations. [Refereed Abstracts], ISPP Annual Conference, Trinity College Dublin , 14-JUL-09 - 17-JUL-09.
Fazaeli, Roja; Hoewer, Melanie (2011) Gendered images and women's rights in Iran and Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], Cultural Contacts between Ireland and Iran, University College Cork , 22-OCT-11 - 22-OCT-11.
Hoewer, Melanie (2010) Cruzando fronteras y construyendo puentes: El género y la identidad en procesos de la paz y del conflicto. [Invited Oral Presentation], CIESAS research seminar, CIESAS, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico , 22-JUL-10 - 22-JUL-10.
Hoewer, Melanie (2010) Retos tensiones y problemas en el trabajo con mujeres y propuestas y caminos para seguir adelante. [Oral Presentation], Encuentro de mujeres trabajando con mujeres, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico , 26-JUL-10 - 27-JUL-10.
Hoewer, Melanie (2010) Equality in difference: Positioning and Perspective of Women in Processes of Contentious Politics. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Workshop on the work of Martha Fineman., 21 May 2010 in University College Dublin, University College Dublin , 21-MAY-10 - 21-MAY-10.
Hoewer, Melanie (2010) When academia meets activism. [Oral Presentation], Global Irish Institute Research Seminar, University College Dublin , 26-OCT-10 - 26-OCT-10.
Hoewer, Melanie as part of Sibeal (2011) Feminist Scholarship, Activism and Creativity. [Conference Organising Committee Member], 2011 Sibéal Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Limerick , 25-NOV-11 - 26-NOV-11.
Hoewer, Melanie; Curran, Aimee; Lounasmaa, Aura; Almquist, Marja; Galway Feminist Society (2010) Organisation of conference, chair. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Women in Action - Active Genders: Interdisciplinary Gender and Feminist Postgraduate Conference, National University of Ireland, Galway , 26-NOV-10 - 27-NOV-10.
Hoewer, Melanie; Almquist, Marja; Curran, Aimee; Lounasmaa, Aura (2009) Organisation of conference, chair. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Sibéal Listens: Fresh Voices and New Directions in Feminist and Gender Research, University College Dublin , 26-SEP-09 - 27-SEP-09.
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) Situating ¿Irishness¿: Fashioning Identity in Time and Space. [Oral Presentation], Gendered and Ethnicised Identity in the Peace and Conflict Process in Chiapas and in Northern Ireland, UCD John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, University College Dublin , 19-MAY-09 - 19-MAY-09.
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) Crossing borders. Gender and Identity in peace and conflict processes. [Invited Oral Presentation], Gender Research Forum, , 10 February 2009, National University of Ireland, Galway , 10-FEB-09 - 10-FEB-09.
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) The importance to analyse the intersection of Gender and Identity in peace and conflict processes. [Oral Presentation], Graduate Research Forum, University College Dublin , 15-JAN-09 - 15-JAN-09.


Committee : ECPR Gender and Politics
Committee : PSAI Gender and Politics Specialist Group
Committee : PSAI Peace and Conflict Studies Specialist Group


Year 2012 Institution: UCD
Qualification: PhD Subject: Politics and International Relations
Year 2004 Institution: University of Trier
Qualification: MA Subject:

Outreach Activities

Academic Advisor on the Monitoring Group for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 of the Conflict Resolution Unit (Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland)



Hoewer, Melanie (2014) Crossing Boundaries during Peace and Conflict: Transforming Identity in Chiapas and in Northern Ireland. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Available Online [Details]

Book Chapters

Melanie Hoewer (2016) 'Resistance and Activism against state and violence in Chiapas, Mexico' In: Sandford, V., K. Stefatos and C. Salvi (eds). Gender Violence and the State. New Brunswick, New York: Rutgers University Press. [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2014) 'Intersectional Identities and Differing Responses to Gender-based Violence' In: Amodeo, Anna Lisa; O'Donnell, Katherine; Platero Mendez, Lucas; Valerio, Paolo (eds). Homophobia and Transphobia: Gender-based Violences. Houndmills Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [Details]
Fazaeli, Roja; Hoewer, Melanie (2014) 'Ireland's Relationship to the United Nations Regarding Rights of Women' In: O'Sullivan, Aisling; Schabas, William A (eds). Diplomacy and Policy-making towards International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Perspectives from State Archives. Galway: National University of Ireland. [Details]
O'Donnell, Katherine; Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto; Hoewer, Melanie (2014) 'Reframing Gender-based Violence: the Irish Context' In: Amodeo, Anna Lisa; O'Donnell, Katherine; Platero Mendez, Lucas; Valerio, Paolo (eds). Homophobia and Transphobia: Gender-based Violences. Houndmills Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [Details]
Cardenas, Miguel Eduardo; Hoewer, Melanie (2004) 'La Comunidad Andina: Ventajas y Obstáculos respeto al Libre Comercio y a la Seguridad Humana' In: Cardenas, Miguel Eduardo (eds). El Futuro de la Integración Andina. Bogota: FESCOL-CEREC. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Melanie Hoewer (2014) 'Reframing Nationalisms and Addressing Gender Based Violence in Societies in Transition'. Ethnopolitics, 4 (3):219-234. Available Online [Details]
Melanie Hoewer (2014) 'Beyond the Ethno-national Divide. Intersecting Identity Transformations during Conflict'. Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, 21 (5):448-465. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2013) 'UN Resolution 1325 in Ireland: Its Implication for Women's Rights'. Irish Political Studies, 28 (3):450-468. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2013) 'Women, Violence, and Social Change in Northern Ireland and Chiapas: Societies Between Tradition and Transition'. International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 7 (2):216-231. Available Online [Details]

Other Journals

Hoewer, Melanie (2005) 'Und wo bleiben die Frauen? Frauen in der Welt der organisierten mexikanischen Bauernschaft.¿ (Where are the women? Women in the world of organized Mexican farmers.)' Information Latin Amerika ILA 287 . Available Online [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2012) 'UNSCR 1325 in Northern Ireland: Opportunities, Challenges and Complexities' e International Relations . [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2009) 'Fighting Back for her Rights' Voices of Tomorrow . [Details]

Published Reports

Riley, H, Hoewer, M, Aroussi, S, McGrath, S (2016) Nato and Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security. NATO, NATO. [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2004) Evaluierung des Konfliktprojekts der Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Mexiko. FESMEX, Mexico. [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2004) Kurzbericht. Die aktuelle Situation im Magdalena Medio Delta, Kolumbien. Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Colombia (FESCOL), Bogota. [Details]
Hoewer, Melanie (2002) Bericht zur aktuellen Lage im mexikanischen Bundesstaat Chiapas. Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Mexico (FESMEX), Mexico. [Details]


Hoewer, Melanie (2011) Voices and visions on women, peace and security in my work. Newsletter [Details]


Research Interests

Peace and conflict, security, ethno-national identity, intersectionality, gender equality and women's rights, Latin American politics, Northern Ireland

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Addressing Cultural Legacies of Conflict. Towards an intercultural and inter-dimensional Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security.
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-12 / 31-JAN-14