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Tobias Theiler


School Of Politics & Int Relations
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168287


BA (Windsor), MA (British Columbia), DPhil (Oxford).



Conference Contributions

*; Citizenship in the European Union. [N/A], Seminar series given in the Faculty of Social Studies, Politics and Economics, University of Wroclaw (Poland), June 2001, Wroclaw Poland .
*; Is identity a useful concept in studying nationalism and political integration?. [Oral Presentation], Department of International Relations, Koç University, Istanbul, April 2000, Istanbul .
*; Identity and legitimacy in the European Union. [N/A], British International Studies Association working group on Identities and international relations, University of Bristol, May 1998, Bristol .
*; (2002) Cultural similarity and economic integration: from the European Union to the Muslim common market. [Oral Presentation], Conference on the Practical Measures to Establish a Common Market between Muslim Countries, University of Qatar, 13-15 May 2002, Qatar , 13-MAY-02 - 15-MAY-02.
*; (2002) The German-speaking Swiss and European integration. [Oral Presentation], Conference on Questions of cultural identity in Ireland, Austria and Switzerland, University of Limerick, 4-6 April 2002, Limerick , 04-APR-02 - 06-APR-02.



Theiler, Tobias; (2006) Political Symbolism and European Integration. Manchester: Manchester University Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

Tobias Theiler; (2009) 'Societal Security' In: Myriam Dunn Cavelty and Victor Mauer (eds). The Routledge Handbook of Security Studies. London: Routledge. [Details]
Theiler, Tobias; (2007) 'Identity and legitimacy in the post-enlargement European Union' In: Li Qiang and Wang Li (eds). European Identities in Comparative Perspective. Peking: Peking University Press. [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Tobias Theiler (2012) 'Does the European Union Need to Become a Community?'. Journal of Common Market Studies, . [Details]
Tobias Theiler (2004) 'The origins of Euroscepticism in German-speaking Switzerland'. European Journal of Political Research, 43 :635-656. [Details]
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Tobias Theiler (1999) 'Viewers into Europeans? How the European Union tried to Europeanize the audiovisual sector and why it failed'. Canadian Journal of Communication, 24 (4):557-587. [Details]
*; (1998) 'The European Union and the European dimension in schools: Theory and evidence'. Journal of European Integration, 21 (4):307-341. [Details]

Other Journals

Tobias Theiler; (2007) 'Review of: Switzerland and the European Union' Journal of Common Market Studies . [Details]

Conference Publications

Tobias Theiler (2002) Cultural similarity and economic integration Practical Measures to Establish a Common Market Between Muslim Countries [Details]
Tobias theiler (2005) 'Political legitimacy and constructive ambiguity in the postenlargement EU A Bitter Triumph? The Crisis of the European Project in the Aftermath of Enlargement [Details]
Tobias Theiler; (2011) A Social-Psychological Interpretation of the Democratic Peace Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting Chicago, , 31-MAR-11 - 03-APR-11 [Details]
Tobias Theiler (2012) Civil society and democratic governance in the Middle East: The role of external actors Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change [Details]
Tobias Theiler; (2009) Communal Symbolism and Political Legitimacy in the European Union the Fifth ECPR General Conference, University of Potsdam [Details]
Tobias Theiler; (2008) The Politics of Multilingualism in Switzerland "Minority cultures in  "Switzerland and Ireland" University of Limerick, [Details]
Tobias Theiler; (2007) Identity and legitimacy and in the post-enlargement EU Europe: from nation state to the state of nations Peking University, [Details]

Book Reviews

Tobias Theiler; (2007) Review of "Switzerland and the European Union" – Edited by C.H. Church. Journal of Common Market Studies: Book Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

International politics, political psychology, sociology of the state.