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Hannah Partis-Jennings

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Politics & Int Relations

Tel: 0044(0)745475204


Hannah Partis-Jennings recently submitted her PhD at the University of St Andrews following three years in the School of International Relations as a 600th Anniversary Scholar. She previously attained an MPhil in Peace Studies and a BA in English and History from Trinity College Dublin. Her research focuses on gender, performance and spatial practice in liberal peace paradigms and her PhD focuses specifically on Afghanistan where she conducted field research in 2014. Other research interests include military intervention, the responsibility to protect paradigm, and aesthetics in International Relations. She has just completed two cycles as a co-convenor for the Postgraduate Network of the British International Studies Association, is a senior editor for E-International Relations and has co-authored policy papers for an Afghan capacity-building NGO focusing on women, peace and security. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2014.
Title: Russell Trust Research Grant
Year: 2013.
Title: 600th Anniversary Scholarship


Association: E-International Relations, Function/Role: Senior Commissioning Editor
Association: British International Studies Association, Function/Role: Co-convenor Postgraduate Network


Client: Equality for Peace and Democracy, Kabul



Peer Reviewed Journals

Hannah Partis-Jennings, Andreas Papamichail (2016) 'Why Common Humanity? Framing the Responsibility to Protect as a Common Response¿'. International Politics, 53 (1):83-100. [Details]
Hannah Partis-Jennings (2017) 'Hybridity and Affect: The (In)Security of Gender in Afghanistan's Peacebuilding Project'. International Feminist Journal of Politics, . [Details]

Published Reports

Hannah Partis-Jennings and Marie Huber (2014) Women and Elections in Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities for Future Civic Participation. Equality for Peace and Democracy, Kabul. [Details]
Hannah Partis-Jennings and Marie Huber (2014) Women, Peace and Security in Afghanistan: Looking Back to Move Forward. Equality for Peace and Democracy, Kabul. [Details]


Hannah Partis-Jennings (2016) Review of Gender and Conflict: Embodiments, Discourses and Symbolic Practices, eds. Gerog Grerks Annelou Ypeij and Reinhilde Sotiria König. Reviews [Details]
Hannah Partis-Jennings (2017) Review of Gender and Private Security in Global Politics, ed. Maya Eichler. Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

Areas of research focus


·       Feminist Theory

·       Gender, Interventions and Liberal Peacebuilding

·       Sexualities and Queer Theory

·       Afghanistan post-2001

·       Libyan Intervention

·       The Responsibility to Protect

·       Literature and Aesthetics in International Relations

·       Researcher Positionality and Ethics in Field Research

·       Gender, Private Militarism and War




Modules Coordinated

201600   INRL30080     International Relations: Gender in War & Peace
201600   POL41720     Politics: Gender in Peace and Conflict
201600   POL30480     Politics: Military Intervention & Peace
201600   POL41900     Politics: Military Intervention & Peace