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Heidi Riley

Phd Candidate

School of Politics & International Relations



Heidi Riley is a PHD candidate in the School of Politics and International Relations and a Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholar. She is also an Occasional Lecturer in the school and administrator for the European Masters on Human Rights.

Her PHD research examines the role of insurgent group ideology in changing notions of collective gender identity held by insurgent members, both during conflict and in post-conflict. Her research is empirically grounded and pays close attention to insurgent masculinities with a particular focus on the cases of Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

She is module co-cordinator for INRL30290 Politics of Peace and Conflict: Understanding Contemporary Conflict and Conflict Resolution, and has been occasional lecturer for INRL30020 Gender, War and Peace and POL30420 Critical Explorations of Security Theory and Practice.  Also in UCD SPIRe she has worked a teaching assistant for Comparative Politics and Globalisation and Development. Outside of UCD she has lectured on Gender in Transitional Justice at the Irish Centre for Human Rights.

Prior to entering academia she worked with various Irish Human Rights NGOs and her early career began in the production and technical side of the performing arts in the UK, where she worked for a variety of national and regional theatre, opera and dance companies, touring both nationally and internationally.  


Honours and Awards

Year: 2016.
Title: School of Politics and International Relations Internal Scholarship
Year: 2014.
Title: SPIRE Graduate Scholarship
Year: 2013.
Title: Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, Funded by the Irish Research Council

Conference Contributions

Heidi Riley (2014) [Oral Presentation], International Conference on Masculinities, New York , 03-MAR-16 - 06-MAR-16.
Heidi Riley (2016) [Oral Presentation], Conflict Research Society Annual Conference, Dublin , 07-SEP-16 - 09-SEP-16.


Employer: People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka
Position: Lead Rapporteur
Employer: Front Line Defenders
Position: Events Coordinator
Employer: European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
Position: European Masters in Human Rights Administrator


Year 2011 Institution: University of Edinburgh
Qualification: MA Subject: International Relations
Year 2013 Institution: Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: MPhil Subject: International Peace Studies



Published Reports

Kennedy, R, Riley, H (2014) Shared Learning: Implementing UNSCR 1325 in Ireland and the USA. Institute of British-Irish Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin. [Details]
Riley, H (2015) Women in Leadership North and South. Institute of British - Irish Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin. [Details]
Riley, H, Hoewer, M, Aroussi, S, McGrath, S (2016) Nato and Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security. NATO, NATO. [Details]


Research Interests

Insurgency, Conflict and Ideology, Critical Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender in War and Peace, Human Rights, DDR, Conflict Resolution, South Asian Studies, Qualitative Methods,