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Ben Tonra

Jean Monnet Professor of European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy (Ad Personam)

School of Politics & International Relations



Ben Tonra is Full Professor of International Relations at the UCD School of Politics and International Relations. He is also a Jean Monnet Professor ad personam of European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy. UCD he teaches, researches  and publishes in European foreign, security and defence policy, Irish foreign  and security policy and International Relations  theory. From 2005 to 2010 he was Director of the Graduate School at the UCD College of Human Sciences. Outside the university Ben has served as chair of the Royal Irish Academy's Standing Committee on International Affairs and is a co-leader of a research programme in EU security and defence policy at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA), Dublin. From 1997-1999 he was a Lecturer at the Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. From 1989-1991 he was a Research Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Washington DC. Professor Tonra was born in the United States, is a graduate of the University of Limerick (BA and MA) and completed his doctoral studies at the University of Dublin (Trinity College) in 1996. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2007.
Title: Marie Curie Visiting Professor, Security and Citizenship Programme, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Year: 2004.
Title: UCD President¿s Research Fellowship (funded sabbatical research 2004-2005)
Year: 2004.
Title: Visiting Professor, Institut du Droit de la Paix et du Développement, Université de Nice, Sophia-Antipolis
Year: 2003.
Title: Awarded an ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy


Association: Institute of European Affairs, Function/Role: Member
Association: European Consortium for Political Research (institutional), Function/Role: Member
Association: Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies (IACES), Function/Role: Member
Association: Nordic Studies Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: University Association for Contemporary European Studies (institutional), Function/Role: Member
Association: UACES, Function/Role: Member
Association: ECSA, Function/Role: Member
Association: PSAI, Function/Role: Member
Association: PSA, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Ben Tonra; (2010) Roundtable Transatlantic Relations Under Obama: Time for a Renewed Partnership?. [Invited Oral Presentation], International Studies Association, New Orleans , 17-FEB-10 - 20-FEB-10.
Ben Tonra; (2010) Roundtable The Future of the West. [Invited Oral Presentation], International Studies Association, New Orleans , 17-FEB-10 - 20-FEB-10.
Ben Tonra; (2010) Does the EU have a vision of peace and security?. [Invited Oral Presentation], Peacemaking and Peace-Building in Europe & South Asia, Dublin City University , 26-FEB-10 - 26-FEB-10.
Ben Tonra; (2010) EU Crisis Intervention: concepts and discourses. [Oral Presentation], INTERNATIONAL INTERVENTION IN ETHNIC CONFLICT WORKSHOP, University of Dublin, Trinity College , 30-APR-10 - 30-APR-10.
Ben Tonra; (2010) Responding to New Challenges in Peace Operations. [Oral Presentation], MODERN CHALLENGES IN PEACE OPERATIONS, Dublin , 12-MAY-10 - 12-MAY-10.
Ben Tonra; (2010) The Lisbon Treaty ¿ Security and Foreign Relations Aspects. [Chaired Session], The External Relations of the European Union: Challenges and Expectations after Lisbon, Konrad Adenauer Conference Center, Mishkenot Sha¿ananim, Jerusalem , 23-MAY-10 - 25-MAY-10.
Ben Tonra; (2008) The Union and the Communications Challenge. [Invited Oral Presentation], Communicating the EU through the media, Dublin , 18-APR-08 - 18-APR-08.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Human Security, A Critique. [Oral Presentation], DOCHAS EU Presidency Seminar, Buswell's Hotel, Dublin , 10-FEB-04.
Tonra, B.; (2007) Irish Foreign Policy 1973-2001. [Oral Presentation], UCD International Summer School, * , 18-JUN-07.
Tonra, B.; (2007) State of the Art in EU Foreign Policy Studies. [Oral Presentation], Centre for European Studies, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh , 25-JAN-07 - 27-JAN-07.
Tonra, B.,; (2006) EU as a Normative Actor. [Invited Oral Presentation], How Normative is the EU's Mediterranean Policy: The Case of Judicial and Political Reforms, European University Institute , 30-NOV-06 - 03-DEC-07.
Tonra, B.; (2006) Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands Revisited. [Oral Presentation], Workshop on Europeanisation, Network for European Studies, University of Helsinki , 06-OCT-06.
Tonra, B.; (2006) Battlegroups and European Security. [Invited Lecture], Junior Command School, Defence Forces Ireland, Curragh Camp , 22-JUN-06.
Tonra, B.; (2006) Irish Westernisation: A Resurgent Anglo-American Narrative in Irish Foreign Policy Identity. [Oral Presentation], Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), NORFACE Seminar Series, * , 02-JUN-06.
Tonra, B.; (2006) The EU as a Global Power. [Oral Presentation], European Union Institute for Strategic Studies (EUISS), Natolin European Centre, Warsaw , 19-MAY-06.
Tonra, B.; (2006) CFSP and the Proposed Constitution- Dissecting the Curate's Egg. [Oral Presentation], The future of the EU Constitutional Treaty: Pathways and Pitfalls, Dublin , 05-MAY-06.
Tonra, B.; (2005) Grand Narratives in Irish Foreign Policy. [Oral Presentation], Norwegian Institute for International Relations, Oslo , 14-OCT-05.
Tonra, B.; (2005) Europe Quo Vadis and Ireland's EU Membership. [Oral Presentation], McKinsey & Company, Oslo; Dublin Retreat, Fitzpatrick Hotel, Dalkey , 24-SEP-05.
Tonra, B.; (2005) Europeanisation of National Foreign Policies in CFSP. [Oral Presentation], *, Queens University Belfast , 11-MAR-05.
Tonra, B.; (2004) From Rome to the Convention: What Direction for the European Union. [Oral Presentation], Institute for Public Administration, Dublin , 30-NOV-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Theoretical Approaches to EU Foreign and Security Policy. [Oral Presentation], FORNET Working Group, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen , 11-NOV-04 - 12-NOV-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Displacing Development with Security in Europe. [Oral Presentation], Europe and the South: A New Era. European Development Cooperation: towards policy renewal and a new commitment. SID/ EDC2010 International Conference, The Hague , 27-SEP-04 - 28-SEP-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Evolution and Development of European Security Architecture. [Invited Lecture], Junior Command School, Defence Forces Ireland, The Curragh Camp , 30-JUN-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Misperceptions, Asymmetries and Disequilibria - Reconstructing Transatlantic Security Relations. [Oral Presentation], Transatlantic Divide: USA, Canada, Europe: Foreign and Security Policy, University of Victoria, Canada , 11-JUN-04 - 13-JUN-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) A Holistic Foreign Policy Approach. [Oral Presentation], Dóchas EU Presidency Conference on Human Security, Croke Park, Dublin , 31-MAY-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Capacity-Building for EU Crisis Management. [Oral Presentation], Synergy between the United Nations and the European Union in Military Crisis Management Operations, EU Military Committee, EU Presidency Seminar,, Dublin , 11-MAY-04 - 12-MAY-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) A Preliminary Analysis of the Irish EU Council Presidency. [Oral Presentation], Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS), University of Stockholm , 16-MAR-04.
Tonra, B.; (2004) Irish Neutrality and European Security. [Invited Lecture], Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth , 10-MAR-04.
Tonra, B.; (2003) Constructivist Approaches to EU Foreign Policy. [Oral Presentation], FORNET, London School of Economics , 07-NOV-03.
Tonra, B.; (2003) Interdisciplinarity in European Studies - Core Value or Sidepayment. [Oral Presentation], European Consortium for Political Research, Marburg, Germany , 17-SEP-03 - 20-SEP-03.
Tonra, B.; (2002) Europeanisation of Irish Foreign Policy. [Oral Presentation], An Irish Renaissance: Ireland and European Integration, Glucksman Ireland Centre at New York University , 21-NOV-02 - 23-NOV-02.
Tonra, B.; (2002) An Irish Reflection. [Oral Presentation], Small States in the Convention and in the Upcoming European Union, Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies , 20-SEP-02 - 21-SEP-02.


Committee : College of Human Sciences, Student Disciplinary Committee
Committee : College of Human Sciences, Senior Lecturer Promotional Review Panel
Committee : College of Human Sciences, Interim Director of the Graduate School
Committee : Faculty Promotions Review Board, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies
Committee : Postgraduate Board of Studies, Centre for Teaching and Learnin
Committee : Faculty Executive Committee
Committee : Faculty Curriculum and Teaching Development Committee
Committee : UCD Doctoral Induction Programme
Committee : Associate Director for Ph.D. Training, Institute for the Study of Social Change


Employer: UCD
Position: Jean Monnet Professor
Employer: University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Position: Lecturer
Employer: Institute of European Affairs, Dublin
Position: Research Director
Employer: Trinity College Dublin
Position: Lecturer
Employer: Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Position: Research Associate


Year 2007 Institution:
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 2007 Institution:
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 2007 Institution:
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1996 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1988 Institution: National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1986 Institution: National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick
Qualification: BA Subject:

Other Activities

2005-date Member of the International Advisory Board of the Danish Foreign Policy Yearbook
2003-date Member of the Editorial Board Irish Political Studies, the professional journal of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI).
1999-2003 Joint Editor of Irish Political Studies. With my co-editor, secured agreement from Taylor and Francis to publish IPS internationally and to treble its annual output.
Refereed articles for the following journals: Cooperation and Conflict, Current Politics and Economics of Asia, European Journal of International Relations (EJIR), European Security, Intelligence and National Security, Journal of Common Market Studies (JCMS), Journal of European Integration, Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP), Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Political Geography and the Review of International Studies.
Refereed monograph proposals for Ashgate, Cambridge University Press, Longman/Pearson, Manchester University Press, Routledge and Wolfhound Press.
Contributed to the design, development and launch of UCD's Dublin European Institute (DEI) - a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in European Studies, serving as Deputy and then Academic Director 1999-2006.
2006-2007 Commissioned Research Examiner, European Commission, FP6-2002-CITIZENS-1 New Approaches to Security and the role of Europe (Theme: 6.1.1)
2002-date Institute of Technology Tallaght: School of Business and Humanities, BA European Studies
1999-2002 University of Wales, Aberystwyth, International Politics, MSc in European Union Politics
1998-1999 National University of Ireland, Maynooth: MA in European Union Studies
1998-date External PhD examiner at Dublin City University, University of Limerick, University of London, University of Loughborough, University of Ulster, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.
Working with the Dean for Postgraduate Studies, developed a College-wide induction programme for all incoming UCD doctoral students in the 2001/2002, 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 academic years.
As Director of Postgraduate Training at the Institute for the Study of Social Change launched and subsequently obtained funding for the first inter-faculty programme in Advanced Research Methods for doctoral students at University College Dublin (2000-2003). The Faculty of Human Sciences at UCD subsequently adopted the programme and a redesigned version of the programme is now offered as the foundation of the joint College of Human Sciences and College of Business and Law doctoral programme.



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Tonra, Ben (2001) Europeanisation of National Foreign Policy: Dutch Danish and Irish Foreign Policies in CFSP. London: Ashgate. [Details]

Book Chapters

Tonra, Ben; Kennedy, Michael; Doyle, John and Dorr, Noel (2012) 'Theories Concepts and Sources' In: Tonra, Ben; Kennedy, Michael; Doyle, John and Dorr, Noel (eds). Irish Foreign Policy. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. , pp.1-19 Available Online [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Tonra, B (2011) 'Democratic foundations of EU foreign policy: narratives and the myth of EU exceptionalism'. Journal of European Public Policy, 18 :1190-1207. [Details]
Tonra, B., Thomas, D.C. (2012) 'To What Ends EU Foreign Policy? Contending Approaches to the Union's Diplomatic Objectives and Representation'. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 7 (1):11-29. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
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Ben Tonra; (2008) 'The European Union as a Soft Power'. Irish Journal of European Law, 15 . [Details]
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Other Journals

Tonra, B; (2005) 'Ireland' Regional Surveys of World: Western Europe 2005 77 . [Details]

Conference Publications

Ben Tonra; (2010) Images of Europe and the Myth of Exceptionalism: Narratives as sources of (de)legitimation Simply Uploading Executive Power? Democracy and the CFSP [Details]
Ben Tonra; (2009) New perspectives on EU member states and foreign policy making Member states in EU foreign policy making: context and methods [Details]
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with Thomas Christiansen; (1999) CFSP and Beyond: Theorising European Foreign Policy CFSP and Beyond: Theorising European Foreign Policy [Details]
Tonra, B; (2005) Grand Narratives in Irish Foreign Policy European Foreign Policy Series Oslo, , 14-OCT-05 [Details]

Published Reports

Tonra, Ben and Denise Dunne; (1996) A European Cultural Identity: Myth, Reality or Apiration. Institute of European Affairs, Dublin. [Details]
Micheal Laver, Micheal Gallagher, Micheal Marsh, Robert Singh, Ben Tonra (1995) Electing the President of the European Commission. Trinity blue Papers in Public Policy, Dublin. [Details]
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Tonra, B.; (1997) Report on the Netherlands, Presidency of the Council of Ministers Seminar. Reports [Details]


Ben Tonra; (2011) Ireland in: Regional Surveys of the World: Western Europe 2011. London: Abstract [Details]

Book Reviews

Tonra, B (2006) Constructing the path to eastern enlargement: The uneven policy impact of EU identity. Book Reviews [Details]
Tonra, B,Steinmetz, R (2010) Small states in Europe: Challenges and opportunities. Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]
Tonra, Ben (2011) EU Security Dynamics in the new national interest. Book Reviews Available Online [DOI] [Details]


Tonra, B (2000) Mapping EU foreign policy studies. Reviews [Details]

Research Papers

Patrick Keatinge and Ben Tonra; (2002) The European Rapid Reaction Force. Dublin: Research Papers [Details]


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Tonra, B.; (2002) Ireland, Enlargement and Nice. Articles [Details]


Research Interests

Central field of research and teaching is in comparative European, European Union (EU) and Irish foreign and security policy. Other significant areas of interest include the political and economic aspects of European integration, Irish membership of the EU and the study of the EU as an actor in International Relations.

Research Projects

Sponsor : European Commission FP5
Title : FORNET (Foreign Policy Governance in Europe)
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAR-03 / 28-APR-06
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : The European Union and its significant others
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUN-07 / 01-DEC-08
Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : ASPIRE
Start Date / End Date : 13-AUG-07 / 03-DEC-07
Sponsor : EC Framework (FP7)
Title : The Europeanisation of Military Training and Education (EURO MITE)
Start Date / End Date : 01-AUG-11 / 31-JAN-13

Recent Postgraduates



Teaching Philosophy

An active engagement with students through; the sharing of cutting-edge international research, student participation, innovative module design, regular and self-reflective teaching evaluation and the use of educational technologies that show case passion for the subject. (35 words)

Enhancement of Teaching

I have pursued teaching enhancement through four pathways 1) student evaluation feedback 2) design and delivery of improved teaching materials 3) critical self-reflection and 4)innovative module design. From 2001 until UCD introduced a standardised system, I implemented by own teaching evaluation process, including questionnaire and class-based discussion. Over time this has contributed to revisions in module design, assessment weights and strategies and subject coverage. I have devised several strategies for improved delivery of teaching materials. These have included the provision of course packs and the use of on-line materials. Most recently it provoked me to initiate and lead the production of the first-ever text book in one of my research fields (Irish Foreign Policy, Gill and Macmillan and Royal Irish Academy, 2012). Self reflection has also been a key component for teaching enhancement. It has led to the creation of modules centred on student-led presentations and research but which have evolved through collegial and cooperative learning strategies. Finally, innovative module design has been a feature of teaching enhancement. I have designed and delivered modules created around role-play exercises(which ultimately involved three other universities and funding from the British Embassy), around international student research conferences and around voluntary internships (in lieu of minor taught graduate dissertations). (205 words)

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

In two key roles (Academic Director of the UCD Dublin European Institute 2000-2005 and Director of the College of Human Sciences' Graduate School 2006-2011) I have had the good fortune to be responsible for significant innovations in curriculum and graduate programme design. This has included: 1. The design and delivery of two interdisciplinary and inter-faculty graduate degree programmes (MA European Studies and MEconSc European Economic and Public Affairs) including an annual quality review process, introduction of teaching assistants to both programmes, design of an interdisciplinary 'cap-stone' module, creation of an interdisciplinary dissertation supervisory system, and the creation of a standardised programme of language teaching across four UCD academic language departments. 2. As Graduate School Director, contribution to the design and delivery of a new model of graduate research education at UCD and its implementation within the UCD College of Human Sciences, construction of a joint PhD modular programme in cooperation with the UCD College of Business and Law, development of graduate research education and research infrastructure (including research funding, annual research conference and training workshops), and the design and introduction of a bespoke quality assurance programme for all graduate taught programmes in the College of Human Sciences. 3. In 2011 I was asked to undertake a review of graduate taught programmes within my own School. This resulted in the creation of a new programme structure; dividing each substantive subject strand into an MA and MSc variant with the former based upon subject specialisation and the latter based upon acquisition of research skills. It also led to my development of a dedicated internship module as an alternative to the traditional minor dissertation within the MA programme stream. (276 words)

Developing as a Teacher

As regards my own teaching, I have always been committed to a linkage between my own research and the content of modules delivered. The principles that continue to inform my teaching are collegiality, participation and innovation. I start teaching each module with an explanation that students¿ only competitors in their class are themselves. I continue to design modules in such a way as to promote group work, cooperation and student contribution. Student presentations ¿ both individual and small group ¿ figure largely in my modules, as both an assessed component (at student request) but also as a research and learning exercise the fruits of which - in terms of transferable skills - are seen by students as critical to their own professional development. I look forward to building upon this record in close collaboration with my own students. (136 words)

Innovation & Leadership

Effective teaching innovation and leadership is grounded in a collegial approach which offers respect for genuinely-held differences in pedagogy and style but which also has an over-riding commitment to the delivery of better teaching outcomes to students. That ongoing debate on teaching innovation has also to incorporate the lived experience of our students; their needs and expectations - not as consumers of education but as prospective partners in education. (69 words)