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Julie Doyle

Post Doctoral Researcher

School Of Public Hlth, Physio & Pop Sc

Tel: +353 1 7165704


Julie Doyle received a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science from UCD in 2002 and a PhD from UCD in 2006. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the School of IT and Engineering at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Subsequently, Julie worked at the TRIL (Technology Research for Independent Living) Centre for 18 months. Julie is currently a postdoctoral fellow at CLARITY UCD, with Dr. Brian Caulfield. Julie’s current research is in the field of Human Computer Interaction with a specific focus on healthcare technologies and independent living technologies for older adults. She has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings and has presented her work at a number of international conferences and invited seminars. She has acted as reviewer for a number of international journals and conferences.

Julie’s PhD research focused on HCI challenges within the field of mobile Geographic Information Systems, including geospatial visualisation, designing and developing novel methods of user interaction and field evaluations of the system. Her main focus involved integrating multimodal interaction, in terms of input and feedback, through the use of speech, gestures and pen interaction as well as evaluating the feasibility of such interaction in the field. During her year in Canada, her research involved the long term preservation of 3D digital data with application to the fields of anthropometry and cultural heritage data. Julie’s work involved the development and evaluation of a preservation framework to maintain the authenticity and usability of 3D anthropometric data over long periods of time, with specific focus on HCI techniques to help users access such data in the future.

Whilst at TRIL, Julie’s research involved the design of interfaces, interaction techniques and usability testing of independent living technologies for older adults, including the deployment, field evaluation and analysis of such technologies in home and clinical settings over extended periods of time. Julie was the lead usability practitioner on two interdisciplinary projects that focused on technologies to prevent falls and social isolation in older adults. She also led a study on examining the motivations of older adults to use technology.

In her role as postdoctoral fellow at CLARITY UCD, Julie is currently working on the user requirements gathering phase of the Ambient Assisted Living demonstrator. This involves evaluating the day to day requirements of older adults as well as their attitudes to technology through questionnaires, focus groups and workshops and translating these requirements into design decisions for AAL technologies to support independent living. She is also evaluating the effects of multimodal feedback on the accuracy of performing motor tasks with exergaming applications.



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