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Áine McConnon

Project Manager

School Of Public Hlth, Physio & Pop Sc
Woodview House
Dublin 4



Áine McConnon graduated with a BSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster (Coleraine) in 2002. She then undertook her PhD in the Nutrition Epidemiology group, University of Leeds evaluating a web-based intervention for weight control in an obese sample. In 2005 Áine started a research post in the Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre, University of Surrey working on a European 6th Framework project investigating dietary approaches to the prevention and treatment of obesity (FP6 Diogenes project). Her work here involved investigating the psychosocial and attitudinal predictors of weight control in obese and overweight individuals across Europe. Áine moved to the School of Public Health and Population Science at UCD in September 2007 and is currently managing an EU funded FP7 project investigating consumer perception and communication of food risk/benefits in the food chain (FoodRisC,


Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: ENLP participant
Year: 2007.
Title: ENLP Junior Faculty
Year: 2005.
Title: Worldwide Universities Network scholarship


Association: Nutrition Society, Function/Role: -
Association: Association for the Study of Obesity, Function/Role: -


Committee : Association for the Study of Obesity
Committee : ENLP conference committee
Committee : Nutrition Society Irish Section conference committee (2008)


Employer: Carlow Institute of Technology
Position: Associate Lecturer
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Researcher
Employer: Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre, University of Surrey
Position: Research Fellow


Year 2002 Institution: University of Ulster, Coleraine
Qualification: BSc (First Class Hons) Subject: Human Nutrition
Year 2006 Institution: University of Leeds
Qualification: PhD Subject: Public Health Nutrition (Obesity)



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Research Interests


Áine's main research interests combine consumer science and public health nutrition, with a particular interest in understanding consumer perceptions, attitudes and beliefs in relation to weight control and food choice. Aine is currently managing an EU funded 7th Framework project FoodRisC ( invesitgating consumer perception and communication of food risk/benefit issues across Europe.  Before this Aine was involved in the EU 6th Framework project Diogenes ( investigating the psychosocial predictors of weight gain and consumer attitudes, perceptions and expectations regarding weight control in eight countries across Europe.

In addition Áine's work at the National Nutrition Surveillance Centre ( includes investigation of acceptability of measuring childrens' body size in schools and analysis of attitudinal data collected in the National Teen Food Survey looking particularly at perceptions of body size and weight loss practices of Irish teenagers.



Internal Collaborators

Dr Liam Delaney, Geary Institute.

Dr Eileen Gibney, Dr Anne Nugent; Institute of Food and Health.


External Collaborators

Dr Jean Kennedy, EUFIC.

Dr Monique Raats, Prof Richard Shepherd; Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre, University of Surrey.

Dr Julie Barnett, Brunel University.