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Sara Cantillon

Senior Lecturer

School Of Social Justice
James Joyce Library Building
Dublin 4

Tel: 7681/0868609078


BA (Mod) (Dubl.), MA (Dubl.), MSc (Equality Studies (NUI), PhD (Kent)
Director, Equality Studies Graduate Programme 2008-Present
Head of UCD School of Social Justice 2005-2008 
Senior Lecturer (Equality Studies Centre)

My primary research focus is equality/inequality issues at the macro level and in gender and intra-household resource distribution at the micro level.  In the area of gender, poverty and deprivation I have developed an innovative quantitative methodology to examine the distribution of resources within households using non monetary deprivation indicators. This approach was adopted as a special ad hoc module in EU Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC) 2009 (Eurostat, 2011). The Poverty and Social Exclusion Survey of Britain (PSE, 2012) also employed a non-monetary indicator approach specifically at individual level to explore differences in living standards within households. I have published widely in this area including in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal of Social Policy, Feminist Economics and Radical Statistics as well as esri. My research in Equality Studies contributes to an integrated and systematic treatment of the nature and importance of equality both in relation to theory and policy issues. The success of this endeavour is evidenced by the critical acclaim afforded our publications in this field (Equality from Theory to Action 2004; 2009, Affective Equalities 2008) which were favourably reviewed in many peer reviewed journals including Feminist Review Vol. 82 (2006); Feminist Legal Studies Vol. 13 (2005) and, perhaps most notably, afforded a special edition of Res Publica Vol. 13 No. 2 (2007) and a Special Review Symposium in British Journal of Sociology of Education Vol. 26 No. 4 (2005).Previously,  I co-authored the ESRI¿s Quarterly Economic Commentary as well as co-authoring the quite different model based Medium Term Review and co-editing a volume on Medium Term Perspectives. 

I have been invited to give keynote lectures at many international conferences both in Ireland and abroad.  I give an extended list on my CV but highlight some examples here:The Commonwealth Honors Distinguished Lecture, UMass Amherst March 2014; GEM-IWG Knowledge Networking Program on Engendering Economics, Krakow, Poland, July, 2013; International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain May 2012; Visiting Professor Public Lectures, Senshu University, Tokyo 2004; Eastern Economics Association Conference, New York, 2001; Feminist Economics Conference, American University, Washington DC; Public Expenditure Conference, UN Economic Commission for Africa, South Africa 1998.

Previously  Worked in both Private and Public sectors including:

Economic and Social Policy Advisor, Department of the Taoiseach, 1994-1998

Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin 1991-1994

 Price Waterhouse, Washington DC 1989-1991

Mitsui (USA), New York 1986-1987


Sabbatical Leave

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, Spring 2014 
Visiting Professor of Economics, Senshu University, Tokyo, 2004-2005
Marie Curie Senior Fellow, Warwick University, UK,  January - April 2009
Visiting Research Professor, Economic Development Institute, World Bank, Washington DC 1997-1998


Honours and Awards

Year: 2009.
Title: Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow
Year: 1987.
Title: Monbusho Scholar


Year 1994 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: M Equality Studies Subject:
Year 1987 Institution:
Qualification: Dip WTI Subject:
Year 1986 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BA (Mod) Subject:



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Book Chapters

Lynch, K., Lyons, M and S. Cantillon ; (2008) 'Breaking Silence: educating citizens for love, care and solidarity' In: Ivana Padoan and Maria Sangiuliano (eds). Gender and Education. Italy: Rosenberg and Sellier. [Details]
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Edited Books

Sara Cantillon, John Curtis and John Fitzgerald (Ed.). (1994) Economic Perspectives for the Medium Term. Dublin: Economic and Social Research Institute. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Cantillon, S. (2013) 'Measuring Differences in Living Standards within Households'. Journal of Marriage and Family, 75 (3):597-611. [DOI] [Details]
Sara Cantillon (2012) 'Its Not all Red and Blue - Homicide, Suicide and US Presidential Elections'. Journal of Political Power, 5 (3):511-516. [Details]
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Other Journals

Cantillon, S.; (2005) 'Personal Spending Money - the Gap Between Spouses' Poverty Today Winter (11) . [Details]

Published Reports

D. Watson, B. Maitre, S.Cantillon (2013) Implications of Income Pooling and Household Decision Making for the Measurement of Poverty and Deprivation. Department of Social Protection Social Inclusion Technical Paper No. 4, Dublin. [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E; Cantillon, S; (2012) Discrimination on the Ground of Religion or Belief in Ireland. Social Justice Series 12(4), Dublin. Available Online [Details]
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Lynch Kathleen, Baker John and Cantillon Sara ; (2001) 'Equality: Frameworks for Change', Report prepared for the National Economic and Social Forum, Dublin, Equaltiy Studies Centre. Reports [Details]
Lynch, Kathleen, Baker, John and Cantillon, Sara; (2000) 'The Relationship between Poverty and Inequality', Report prepared for the Combat Poverty Agency and the Equality Authority, Dublin , Equality Studies Centre. Reports [Details]

Research Papers

Lynch, k and John Baker, Alpha Connelly and Sara Cantillon of the Equality Studies Centre ; (1995) Equality, Status and Disability. Dublin: Research Papers [Details]
Lynch, k and John Baker, Alpha Connelly and Sara Cantillon of the Equality Studies Centre ; (1996) Researching Disability in  Ireland: A Review of Research. Dublin: Research Papers [Details]
K Lynch, John Baker, Alpha Connelly and Sara Cantillon of the Equality Studies Centre ; (1996) A Framework for Equality Proofing. Dublin: Research Papers [Details]


Research Interests

Primary areas of research include intra-household resource allocation; non-monetary deprivation indicators, gender and poverty; economics and inequality

Research Projects

Sponsor : Crisis Pregnancy Agency
Title : Cost of Contraception
Start Date / End Date : 22-JUL-08 / 20-SEP-08
Sponsor : Human European Consultancy
Title : Establishment of a network of socio-economic experts in the field of anti-discrimination
Start Date / End Date : 17-DEC-08 / 16-DEC-10

Recent Postgraduates

  Most recent PhD students include

Martina Hutton Awarded PhD 2012
Regina Joye Awarded PhD 2012
Mimi Doran Awarded PhD 2011 


Teaching Philosophy

Economics of Social Policy; Comparative Economic Systems; Equality Studies Seminar Programme; research methodologies


Enhancement of Teaching

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Developing as a Teacher

Innovation & Leadership