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Aideen Quilty

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Soc Pol, Soc Wrk & Soc Justice
Sheehy-Skeffington Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168573


Dr Aideen Quilty is Assistant Professor in the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice UCD and is Director of the Gender Studies Community/University Outreach Programme. Aideen is Chair of the Widening Participation Committee in the College of Social Sciences and Law and is an external examiner at the University of Ulster. She locates her undergraduate and post-graduate teaching as a form of critical civic practice and is committed to promoting educational access and participation for traditionally under-represented groups. Between 2013-15 she was principal investigator of the European DAPHNE research project: Empowering young LGBTQ people against homophobic and transphobic violence. Her research is interdisciplinary and she is currently researching spatial ecologies and pedagogic imaginaries within higher education drawing on intersecting queer, feminist and spatial theories. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2015.
Title: External Subject Expert: Adult Education/Social Sciences
Year: 2014.
Title: External Subject Expert: Adult Education/Social Sciences
Year: 2016.
Title: External Examiner: University of Ulster
Year: 2007.
Title: John Hume Scholarship
Year: 2008.
Title: Tilda Gaskell Award 38th Annual SCUTREA International Conference
Year: 1992.
Title: Wider Horizons Cross Cultural Scholarship to Boston/Lowell USA


Association: SCUTREA Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research on the Education of Adults. UK, Function/Role: Member
Association: ESREA European Society on Research on the Education of Adults:, Function/Role: Member
Association: AISHE All Ireland Society for Higher Education, Function/Role: Member
Association: AONTAS National Adult Education Organisation Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: NWCI National Women's Council of Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: UCD Feminist Studies Network, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Quilty, Aideen (2015) Hopeful Pedagogies of Queer Empowerment. DAPHNE International Conference. [Invited Oral Presentation], DAPHNE International Conference, University of Turin, Italy , 11-FEB-15 - 12-FEB-15.
Quilty, Aideen (2014) Gender within a Social Justice Frame. [Invited Oral Presentation], Seminar: Unpacking the 'Gender' question within IRC Applications, UCD Humanities Institute , 17-JAN-14 - 17-JAN-14.
Quilty, Aideen (2013) [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], The Abortion Papers 2013 Symposium on Activism and Research on Abortion, National Women's Council of Ireland, Dublin , 08-JUN-13 - 08-JUN-13.
Quilty, Aideen (2013) In Conversation with Patricia Hill Collins. [Invited Lecture], An Interview with Patricia Hill Collins, NWCI (National Women's Council of Ireland) , 21-MAR-13 - 21-MAR-13.
Quilty, Aideen (2013) Critical Conversations. [Oral Presentation], Reading Patricia Hill Collins: A Critical Conversation, NUI Maynooth , 04-MAR-13 - 04-MAR-13.
Quilty, A (2012) Risk-taking in Educational Spaces. [Chaired Session], Lesbian Lives Annual International Conference, UCD, Ireland , 17-FEB-12 - 18-FEB-12.
Quilty, A; (2002) When will lifelong learning be for life!. [Invited Oral Presentation], Clondalkin Women's Community Education Forum, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 , 13-NOV-02 - 13-NOV-02.


Committee : External Subject Expert: Adult Education/Social Sciences
Committee : External Subject Expert: Adult Education/Social Sciences
Committee : External Examiner: University of Ulster
Committee : Member UCD University Widening Participation Committee, Convened by the University Senior Management Team.
Committee : BA Standing University Committee, UCD
Committee : HEA Research Network for Equality, Access and Lifelong Learning, Ireland
Committee : UCD/NCAD Alliance
Committee : QAQI Process School of Social Justice
Committee : Visiting Lecture Organising Committee: Prof Patricia Hill Collins
Committee : Funded Research Project: Community/University Learning Partnerships and Gender Equality
Committee : Funded Research: CHANGE Project on Institutional Transitions and Accreditation Models within the Irish HE system
Committee : Funded Research: A Feminist Model of Community and Lifelong Learning: Outreach Student Tracking and Evaluation Project


Year 2010 Institution: NUI Maynooth, IRL
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1997 Institution:
Qualification: M Equality Studies Subject:
Year 1992 Institution:
Qualification: BEd Subject:


Client: University of Ulster External Subject Expert
Client: WERRC, UCD

Outreach Activities

I have been Director of the Women's Studies Community-University Outreach Programme since 2001. As academic co-ordinator I oversee all aspects of the programme and teach the core requisite modules on Feminist theory and praxis. This fully accredited innovative programme has been developing over a 20 year period and draws on a sophisticated community-university partnership model which is distinct from, if complimentary to, more ¿mainstream¿ approaches to widening participation in HE. Central to its success are the community partnerships which underpin all activities and heavily influence the curricular design which evolves organically in response to students¿ needs and desires to fulfil their own educational aspirations.

Current Community Partners:
The Loreto Centre, Crumlin, Dublin 12; The Women's Studies Forum, Clondalkin Dublin 22; Ronanstown Women's Community Development Programme, Ronanstown House, Clondalkin, Dublin 22; Longford Women's Link, Co Longford

Journals Edited

The Adult Learner: Editorial Advisory Board Member.
The Adult Learner: Reviewer.



Book Chapters

Quilty, Aideen (2015) 'Water Water Everywhere...exploring education geographies of abortion' In: Quilty, Aideen, Kennedy, Sinead & Conlon, Catherine (eds). The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume II. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press. [Details]
Aideen Quilty, Sinéad Kennedy and Catherine Conlon (2015) 'Introduction' In: Aideen Quilty, Sinéad Kennedy and Catherine Conlon (eds). The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume II. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press. [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2013) 'Outside-In and the places In-between: Feminist Community Higher Education' In: Shildrick, M & Giffney, N (eds). Theory on the Edge: Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. [Details]

Edited Books

Quilty, Aideen, Sinéad Kennedy, and Catherine Conlon (Ed.). (2015) The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume II. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Quilty, Aideen (2017) 'Improbable Frequency? Advocating queer-feminist pedagogic alliances within Irish and European higher education contexts'. European Journal of Women's Studies, . [Details]
Quilty, Aideen, McAuliffe, Mary, Barry, Ursula (2016) 'Complex Contexts: Women and Community-Higher-Education in Ireland'. The Adult Learner, . [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2017) 'Queer provocations! Exploring Queerly Informed Disruptive Pedagogies within Feminist Community-Higher-Education Landscapes'. Irish Educational Studies, . [Details]
Quilty, Aideen, Fahie, Declan (Eds) (2017) 'Teaching Queer- Queer Teaching: Special Issue'. Irish Educational Studies, . [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2013) 'Naming a Politics of Place on a Queerly Irish Landscape: Remembering WERRC'. Irish University Review, 43 (1):17-23. [Details]
Moane, Geraldine Quilty, Aideen (2012) 'Feminist Education and Feminist Community Psychologies: Experiences from an Irish Context'. Journal of Community Psychology, 37 . [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2003) 'Towards a Pedagogy of Demystification'. The Adult Learner, 1 . [Details]

Other Journals

Quilty, Aideen (2015) 'Empowering Realities: LGBTQ Empowerment Through A Programme Based On Critically Engaged, Queer Pedagogy' Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology 6 (3) :36-48. [Details]

Conference Publications

Quilty, Aideen (2016) Risking Hope! Exploring spatial ecologies of disruptive and unruly adult education pedagogies ESREA Triennial Conference 2016. Imagining Diverse Futures for Adult Education: Questions of Power and Resources of Creativity. Maynooth University, Sept 8-11, 2016 [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2016) Hopefully Devoted: Mapping a cartography of hopeful resources within a complex spatial ecology of adult higher education 'Resources of Hope': The place of hope in researching learning lives. ESREA Canterbury, UK. March 2016 [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2015) Positive Action Promoting Change: LGBTQ Empowering Realities, DAPHNE Programme 1 DAPHNE International Conference University of Turin, Italy, [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2013) Key Note Address: Centre Stage! Exploring Notions of 'Performance' within the Irish Higher Education Access Landscape HEA 2013 conference on equality of access to higher education in Ireland: How Ireland is performing on equality of access to higher education and what we need to do next [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2013) The Place of Abortion on the Irish Educational Landscape The Abortion Papers 2013 Symposium on Activism and Research on Abortion [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2013) Time Travel: Mobilities and Transitions from an Irish LGBTQ Higher Education perspective SCUTREA 43rd International Conference , 25-JUN-13 - 27-JUN-13 [Details]
Quilty, Aideen Role, Luca (2013) DAPHNE Project Learning Italian Psychological Association Annual Conference [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2011) ¿Kitchen Choice¿: Exploring New Possibilities through Evocative Autoethnography and Feminist Community / University Education IRMSS: International Research Methods Summer School Limerick, [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2011) Geography Matters: Promoting an International Spatial, Educational Community SCUTREA 41st International Conference: Creating and Sustaining International ConnectionsLancaster, England , 05-JUL-11 - 07-JUL-11 [Details]
Quilty, A.; (2011) 'Kitchen Choice': Feminist in-ter-ventions within community/university education Creating Change: Feminism, The University and Society, UCD, Ireland [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2011) Object Lessons: The space, place of Elsewhere Th(e)ories: Critical Theory & Sexuality Studies Advanced Seminar Series [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2008) Interestingly marginal: Foucault's author function and the access spaces of the university ESAI: Education Studies Association of Ireland [Details]
Quilty, A; (2008) When one can't see the wood for the trees! Education, training and learning and the metaphorical spaces of adult education discourse SCUTREA 38th International Conference: Whither adult education in the learning paradigm  , 01-JUL-08 - 03-JUL-08 [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2004) A positive political and university response to sexual diversity within higher education Policy Initiatives Conference in promoting sexual diversity: Wroclaw University, Poland [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2004) Risk-taking in queer educational spaces Lesbian Lives Annual Confernece [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2003) Teaching in the classroom of desire: unpacking the queer in the UCD Lesbian Studies Queer Culture Programme Lesbian Lives Annual Conference [Details]
Quilty, Aideen (2001) Women¿s community based education ¿ equal opportunities and beyond Conference of the European Parliament on Equal Opportunities in the Field of Education and Learning [Details]


Doran, P and Quilty, A; (1998) Early School Leaving in County Dublin VEC. Reports [Details]

Book Reviews

Quilty, Aideen (2012) Review: Lifelong Learning and Social Justice: Communities, Work and Identities in a Globalised World (Ed Sue Jackson). Book Reviews [Details]

Working Paper

Quilty, A.; (2011) Report on the Women's Studies Community Outreach Mentoring Pilot Training Programme. Working Paper [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests draw on over a decade working with LGBTQI+ issues and theories. My research also reflects my commitment to educational access and Widening Participation. I work on the intersection of spatial theory, feminism and critical pedagogical frames

Research Projects

Sponsor : EC - DG Justice (JUST)
Title : [Empowering LGT young people against violence: a P2P model & JUST/2011-2012/DAP/AG
Start Date / End Date : 18-FEB-13 / 17-FEB-15
Sponsor : Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Title : Developing Linkages Potential
Start Date / End Date : 01-APR-04 / 31-DEC-08


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach is dialogical and draws on a variety of methods and skills acquired over two decades of teaching and working collaboratively with students. Drawing on the work of educationalists and critical pedagogues including Dewey, Freire, hooks, Brookfield and Barnett my aim is to maximize student participation and engagement.


Internal Collaborators

I work collaboratively with colleagues across the university including within the Women's Studies Centre; School of Policy, Social Work and Social Justice; School of Education; School of Sociology; School of English, Drama and Film; UCD Humanities Institute.

External Collaborators

I work collaboratively with colleagues across a range of Irish HE Institutions including the Departments of Education and Adult and Community Education, National University of Ireland, Maynooth; Prof Gary Granville: National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin; Dr Catherine Conlon, TCD;