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Ernesto Vasquez Del Aguila

Occasional Lecturer

School Of Soc Pol, Soc Wrk & Soc Justice
James Joyce Library Building
Dublin 4

Tel: 1 716 7290


My background is in anthropology, and I earned my PhD in Medical Anthropology from Columbia University, New York City. I have worked as a researcher in a diverse range of institutions in Latin American and in the USA on projects related to migration, health, masculinity and sexuality.

I have published on areas of sexual and reproductive rights; transnational migration; the health of sexual minorities; masculinity; sexuality and non-discrimination. In 2009 I received the Award for Excellence in Global Health, from the School of Public Health, Columbia University.

 I am currently teaching courses in University College Dublin:

  • Masculinities and Equality (EQUL40310 and SSJ30080)
  • Global Health Inequalities (SSJ20070)

I am at present conducting research on Latin American and Ibero male migrants in Ireland. Since 2009, I am the Representative of Ireland to the European Union Network of Experts on Non-Discrimination (SEN).

My passions are research and teaching and my goal as an academic, is to contribute by providing tools for the elimination of inequalities among vulnerable populations.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2010.
Title: Research Grant Project: Health Itineraries among Latin American and Ibero migrants in Ireland
Year: 2010.
Title: Visiting Scholar Fellowship at the Research Centre GEXcel, Linköping University, Sweden
Year: 2006.
Title: Columbia Center for the Health of Urban Minorities (CHUM), Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Fellow for the Summer Research Training Position
Year: 2006.
Title: Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), Columbia University. Field Research Grant
Year: 2009.
Title: Winner of the University College Dublin competition Challenging Stereotypes Creative Competition 2009: 'The Roulette of Identities: An Experiential Workshop
Year: 2009.
Title: Award for Excellence in Global Health, Columbia University, New York City


Association: Gender, Sexuality & Feminism (GSF) Journal, Function/Role: Co-Editor (University of Michigan Publihser. ISSN: 2168-8850.
Association: Society of Irish Latin American Studies (SILS), Function/Role: Member
Association: Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas (MESEA), Function/Role: Member
Association: Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Function/Role: Member
Association: American Public Health Association (APHA), Function/Role: Member
Association: American Anthropological Association (AAA), Function/Role: Member
Association: European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) , Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2006) Nicaragua: Cultural and Structural Barriers Affecting HIV/AIDS Policies. [Oral Presentation], American Public Health Association (APHA) 134th Annual Meeting, Boston , 04-NOV-06 - 08-NOV-06.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2008) Transnational Imaginaries: The Intersection of Migration, Masculinity, and Sexuality. [Oral Presentation], Migration Matters: Immigration, Homelands, and Border Crossings in Europe and the Americas, Leiden University, The Netherlands , 25-JUN-08 - 28-JUN-08.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2009) La Pensadora: Mental Health, Masculine Capital and the Transformation of Intimacy. [Oral Presentation], Men, Masculinities and Health, Freie Universität, Belin , 15-MAY-09 - 16-MAY-09.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2010) Pishtacos: Fat-stealing Murderers and Structural Inequalities among Rural and Low Income migrants in Peru. [Oral Presentation], EASA 2010: Crisis and imagination, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Dublin , 24-AUG-10 - 27-AUG-10.
Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto; (2010) In the US Versatility Reigns: Gay Masculinities, Migration and the Transformation of Intimacy. [Oral Presentation], Self Selves and Sexualities, Dublin City University, Dublin , 19-MAR-10 - 20-MAR-10.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2010) Emotional remittances and virtual social capital: race, class and masculinity. [Oral Presentation], MESEA Conference 2010: Travel, Trade and Ethnic Transformations, University of Pécs, Hungary , 16-JUN-10 - 20-JUN-10.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2011) Gay Masculinities, the Internet and the Transformation of Intimacy. [Oral Presentation], Men and Masculinities Moving On Again. Transnationalising Flows, Technologies, Institutions, Theory, Linköping University, Sweden , 25-MAY-11 - 27-MAY-11.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2011) Imagined Romances: the Internet, Transnational Romances and Global Sexual Markets. [Oral Presentation], IASSCS VIII Conference: Naming and Framing: The Making of Sexual (In)Equality, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain , 06-JUL-11 - 09-JUL-11.
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2011) Gender and Sexual Based Violence in Ireland: A Critical Approach. [Oral Presentation], First International Conference Hermes Linking Network To Fight Sexual And Gender Stigma, Università Federico II, Naples, Italy , 07-OCT-11 - 07-OCT-11.
Vasquez del Aguila, E. (2013) Latin America Conference Ireland (LACI) 2013. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Latin America at a Crossroads: Between Globalisation and Regionalisation, Dublin, Ireland , 23-MAY-13 - 24-MAY-13.


Year 1993 Institution: Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP)
Qualification: BA Subject: Anthropology
Year 2000 Institution: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) Argentina
Qualification: MA Subject: Social Sciences and Health
Year 2006 Institution: Columbia University, New York City
Qualification: MA Subject: Sociomedical Sciences
Year 2008 Institution: Columbia University, New York City
Qualification: PhD Subject: Sociomedical Sciences and Anthropology



Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto (2013) Being a Man in a Transnational World: The Masculinity and Sexuality of Migration. New York City: Routledge Publishers. Available Online [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2011) Is it just a Matter of 'Descuido'? The Health Care Seeking Journey of Latino Men in New York City. New York City: City University of New York (CUNY) Institute for Health Equity. [Details]
Palomino, N. Ramoz, M. Valverde, R. and Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2003) Entre el Placer y la Obligación. Derechos Sexuales y Derechos Reproductivos de Mujeres y Varones de Huamanga y Lima [Between Pleasure and Obligations. Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women and Men in Huamanga and Lima]. Lima: UPCH- Population Concern. [Details]
Quintana, A. Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (1997) Construcción Social de la Sexualidad Adolescente: Género y Salud Sexual [Social Construction of Adolescent's Sexuality: Gender and Sexual Health]. Lima: IES. [Details]

Book Chapters

Munoz-Laboy, M., Vasquez del Aguila, e. and Parker, R.; (2011) 'Globalizacion, Violence Structural y Salud: Algunos Commentarios desde la Inequidad, Estigma Social y Discriminacion [Globalisation, Structural Violence and Health: Some Reflections from Inequality, Social Stigma and Discrimination]' In: Caceres, C., Mogollon, M., Perez-Luna, G. and Olivos, F (eds). Sexualidad, Ciudadania y Derechos Humanos en America Latina [Sexuality, Citizenship, and Human Rights in Latin America]. Lima: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. , pp.111-117 [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2012) 'The 'Modern' Migrant Man' In: Hearn, J. and Biricik, A (eds). Men and Masculinities Moving On Again: GEXcel. Linköping: Linköping University. , pp.109-121 Link to full text [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E; (2014) 'In the USA, Versatility Reigns: Gay Masculinities, Migration and the Transformation of Intimacy' In: Duffy, M and Imbert, J.P (eds). Self, Selves and Sexualities. London: Cambridge Scholars. [Details]
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Ramos, M., Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2005) 'Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos. El Punto de Vista de los Varones en dos Contextos del Peru [Sexual and Reproductive Rights. The male's point of views in Two Peruvian contexts]' In: Pantelides, E. and Lopez, E (eds). Varones Latinoamericanos. Estudios sobre Sexualidad y Reproduccion [Latin American men. Studies on Sexuality and Reproduction]. Buenos Aires: Paidos. , pp.197-235 Available Online [Details]
Ramos, M. Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2004) 'Servicios de Salud Reproductiva para Varones desde la Mirada Masculina¿ [Reproductive Health Services for men from the men¿s point of view]' In: Alvarez, L. and Rodriguez, A (eds). Research on Sexual and Reproductive Health. La Habana: Publicaciones Azucareras. , pp.93-113 [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2002) 'Placer y Poder en un Mundo de Hombres: Identidades Sexuales e Identidades de Género en Internos de una Institución Penitenciaria de Lima [Pleasure and Power in a Men's World. Sexual Identities and Gender Identities of Male Inmates in a Prison of Lima]' In: Caceres, C (eds). La Salud Sexual como Derecho en el Perú de Hoy [Sexual Health as Right in Current Peru]. Lima: REDDES Jóvenes. , pp.149-180 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2011) 'Imagined Romances: the Internet, Transnational Romances and Global Sexual Markets'. Culture Health & Sexuality, 13 (1):S169-S169. [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2012) 'God Forgives the Sin but not the Scandal. Coming Out in a Transnational Context - between Sexual Freedom and Cultural Isolation'. Sexualities, . [Details]
Munoz-Laboy, M. Yon, C., Vasquez del Aguila, E. Parker, R.; (2009) 'Bisexual Desire and Familism: Latino/a Bisexual Young Men and Women in New York City'. Culture Health & Sexuality, 11 (3):331-344. [Details]
Munoz-Laboy, M., D. Castellanos, C. Haliburton, E. Vasquez del Aguila, H. Weinstein, and R. Parker; (2008) 'Condom Use and Hip Hop Culture: The Case of Urban Young Men in New York City'. American Journal of Public Health, 98 (6):1081-1085. [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2006) 'Invisible Women: Forced Sterilization, Reproductive Rights, and Structural Inequalities in Peru of Fujimori and Toledo'. Estudos e Pesquisas em Psicologia, 6 (1):109-124. [Details]

Published Reports

Cantillon, S; Vasquez del Aguila, E; (2009) Overview of the extent of discrimination in Ireland. Social Justice, Social Justice Series. 9 (4): 80-115. Available Online [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E; Cantillon, S; (2012) Discrimination on the Ground of Religion or Belief in Ireland. Social Justice Series.12(4): 65-87, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Cantillon, S; Vasquez del Aguila, E; (2011) The Economic Case for Equality in Ireland. Social Justice Series. 11(6): 70-86, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Cantillon, S; Vasquez del Aguila, E; (2011) Older people and age discrimination in the Irish labour market. Social Justice Series. 11(4): 28- 48, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E; Cantillon, S; (2010) The Labour Market and LGBT Discrimination in Ireland. Social Justice Series. 10(5): 88-105, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E; Cantillon, S; (2010) Migrants and racial minorities in the labour market in Ireland. Social Justice Series. 10(7): 126-148, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Barry, Ursula. and Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto (2009) Flexible Working Time Arrangements in Ireland. Social Justice Series. 9(2):10-40, Dublin. Available Online [Details]

Electronic Publication

Vasquez del Aguila, E; Duvvury, N (2013) GSF Conversations with Michael Kaufman. Gender, Sexuality & Feminism: Electronic Publication [DOI] [Details]

Book Reviews

Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto; (2011) The Sexuality of Migration: Border Crossing and Mexican Immigrant Men , by L. Cantu. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 13(6): 733-735. Culture, Health and Sexuality. 13(6):733-735: Book Reviews Available Online [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto (2010) Body and Soul. Notes of an Apprentice Boxer, by L. Wacquant. Journal of Sociology, 46(1):103-105. Journal of Sociology: Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]
Vasquez del Aguila, E.; (2010) In the Name of the State. Public Health Providers in a Heath Micro Network in the Rural Coastal Region of Peru, by E. Reyes. Global Public Health, 5(3):319-320. Book Reviews Available Online [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

Research Interest: Transnational Migration; Latin America and Latino populations; Gender and Masculinities; Sexualities; Global health; Non-discrimination.

Ongoing research: The social context of ageing among mature men.