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Manolis Kalaitzake

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level 1

School of Education
Equality Studies Centre, James Joyce Library, 5th Floor

Tel: 017167622


My work centres on the interplay between business and governments within contemporary society, particularly as it relates to the European Union. More specifically, my research focuses on the various mechanisms of influence that the financial sector potentially has over the European policymaking process in an effort to identify the precise scope and limitation to the political power of financial actors. My PhD research examined these issues in the context of the Eurozone crisis and its aftermath by investigating policy decisions and elite mobilisation in relation to financial sector regulation, the Greek debt crisis, the Financial Transaction Tax Initiative, among others. I approached this topic from a thoroughly interdisciplinary perspective drawing on the conceptual and methodological tools provided by Political Science, Sociology and International/Comparative Political Economy.

Besides this ongoing work, I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Equality Studies Centre working on the EU funded Horizon 2020 project SOLIDUS: Solidarity in European Societies: Empowerment, Social Justice and Citizenship. Working in collaboration with eleven other research teams across Europe, this project is examining acts of solidarity that are being developed in response to the economic downturn and ongoing fiscal retrenchment within the EU, focusing specifically on five social areas: housing, education, employment, civil society engagement and health. It explores the extent to which the state and civil society organisations are responding to the crisis by promoting inclusive processes in policy development and civil and political actions. The project aims to identify and comparatively assess common solidarity actions and programmes across Europe in order to examine their transferability to different contexts.

I was also formerly a postdoctoral researcher on a short-term project funded by the National Forum for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Ireland, where I carried a systematic literature review of the entire output of Irish higher education Teaching & Learning research from 1990-2015.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2009.
Title: Best MA dissertation in DCU School of Law and Government
Year: 2013.
Title: ISA International Laboratory award
Year: 2015.
Title: College of Human Sciences Research Scheme (CHS)



Book Chapters

Kalaitzake, Manolis (2015) 'Political capture by the financial industry¿' In: Transnational Institute (eds). State of Power Annual Report 2015. Amsterdam: Transnational Institute. Available Online [Details]

Published Reports

Kalaitzake, M., O¿ Sullivan, S., Gibney, A., Guerin, S., Staunton, M. (2015) Mapping Existing Research Output focused on Higher Education Teaching & Learning in Ireland. National Forum for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Ireland, Dublin. Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : The UCD College of Human Sciences Research Funding Scheme
Start Date / End Date : 19-MAY-15 / 30-JUN-16



Enhancement of Teaching

2012-2014 Lecturer, University College Dublin, Ireland Lectured undergraduates and postgraduates in: -European Political Economy (MA Geography Dept.) -Globalisation (MA Sociology Dept.); -Research Methodology (BA Sociology Dept.) 2010-2015 Undergraduate Tutor, University College Dublin, Ireland School of Sociology, -Tutored undergraduates on a wide range of courses including: -Introduction to Sociology; -Foundations of Sociology; -Irish Culture and Social Change; -Research Design; -Sociological Theory 2