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Mary McAuliffe

Assistant Professor / Gender Studies

School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington Bld
UCD, Belfield,
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168338


Mary McAuliffe is Assistant Professor / Lecturer in Gender Studies at UCD, specialising in Irish women's / gender history.  She completed her BA (Hons) and  PhD at the School of History and Humanities, Trinity College, Dublin (TCD).  She is a member of the Board of the UCD Centre for Gender, Feminisms and Sexualities (CGFS).
She is the co-author on 'We were There; 77 Women of the Easter Rising' (Four Courts, 2016) and co-editor of 'Kerry 1916; Histories and Legacies of the Easter Rising' (IHP, 2016) and has also aspects of  Irish women's history, on gender and war, memory and history, oral history, social and political history, public history.  Other publications include 'Surgeons and Insurgents; RCSI and 1916', and 'Irish Homes and Irish Hearts' (Fanny Taylor, 1867) -edited and introduced (UCD Press Classic series, 2013). She co-edited the 'Palgrave Advances in Irish History' (2010) and she published a biography on 'Senator Kathleen Browne 1876-1943' (2009). 'Richmond Barracks 1916: We were There, 77 Women of the Easter Rising' was chosen by Dublin Public Libraries as its book of the 2016 commemoration of the 1916 Rising. She is currently working on a biography of Margaret Skinnider, 1916 rebel, Cumann na mBan member, trade union and women's rights activist, to be published by UCD Press in 2019. Her ongoing project is on gendered and sexual violence during the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, which will be published in 2020. 

Mary has been involved in a number of public history projects including the 1916 exhibitions and commemorative quilt project at Richmond Barracks and 1916 centenary exhibition at the Royal College of Surgeons.   She coordinated the 2014 commemoration conference of the centenary of the founding of Cumann na mBan (1914) in association with the Dept of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and the WHAI.  She was a member of the National Museum of Ireland Decade of Centenaries Commemoration Advisory Committee.  She continues her work with the Richmond Barracks heritage project, working on 2018 commemorative projects on the gaining of the female franchise in Ireland #Votail100
She was President of the Women's History Association of Ireland (2011-2014) and I continue on as a committee member of the Women's History Association of Ireland (WHAI). She was also a member of the National Archives of Ireland Advisory Council (NAAC) (2012-17).  She is on the Advisory Board of the Irish Association of Professional Historians ( and also on the advisory board of  As well as publications she contributes to history documentaries, radio, tv, news media and have an active online presence at @MaryMcAuliffe4 and @rebel_women_ire  @gender_ucd as well as contributing to @Kerry1916book  and is currently developing ideas for a blog concentrating on various aspects of Irish women and history.
Mary is module leader on  SSJ20110 Gender, Power and Politics, WS40330 Gender, War and Violence and co-teaches on SSJ10070 Exploring Gender and SSJ40010 Feminist and Egalitarian Research. 

She would welcome proposals from potential postgraduate students on topics including; Irish gender/women's history, memory studies, social and political history, war and revolution, feminist activism and politics. 

Professional work: Historical/ Heritage Research. Documentary (Film, TV, Radio) Research.


Honours and Awards

Year: 1986.
Title: Reid Sizarship


Association: Women's History Association of Ireland (WHAI), Function/Role: President
Association: ATHENA; Advanced Thematic Network in European Women¿s Studies , Function/Role: Member
Association: The Irish Women's Studies Network , Function/Role: member
Association: Women on Ireland Research Network , Function/Role: member
Association: The Irish Lesbian and Gay Archive: IQA , Function/Role: Board Member
Association: Women's History Network , Function/Role: member
Association: UK & Ireland Women's Studies Association , Function/Role: member
Association: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Function/Role: member
Association: Irish Association of Professional Historians, Function/Role: Treasurer

Conference Contributions

Mary McAuliffe (2017) Revolutionary Women; Politics and Propaganda, 1917-1918. [Invited Lecture], The death of Political Pluralism? Ireland after the Rising, 1916-1918, Glasnevin Museum , 09-SEP-17 - 09-SEP-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 'Interrogating Markievicz @Richmond Barracks'; Gender, class and activism, 1918-2018, Dublin , 11-MAY-18 - 12-MAY-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) 'Home Safe Home?': War, violence and the disruption of female, domestic and familial spaces during the War of Independence, 1919-1921,. [Invited Lecture], Women and the Irish Revolution 1917-23: Feminism, Violence, Nationalism, Royal Irish Academcy , 01-SEP-17 - 01-SEP-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) 'Having no use at all for men'; same sex relationships among Irish women revolutionary and feminist activists. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Irish Conference of Historians XXXII 'Sex, Sexuality and Reproductions; Historical perspectives', University College Cork , 26-APR-18 - 28-MAY-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) 'Women voted early and in large numbers'; Irish women, the vote and the 1918 General Election. [Oral Presentation], Women's Suffrage and Political Activism, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge , 03-FEB-18 - 03-FEB-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) 'Women voted early and in large numbers'; Irish women, the vote and the 1918 General Election. [Invited Lecture], Celebrating 100 Years of 'Votes for women', King House, Boyle, Roscommon , 25-APR-18 - 25-MAY-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) Women, Politics and Propaganda Post Rising, 1917-1919. [Invited Lecture], Nollaig na mBan Herstoy Fesitval, Wexford Libraries , 06-JAN-18 - 06-JAN-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2018) Women, Politics and Propaganda Post Rising, 1917-1919. [Invited Lecture], UCC FemFest, UCC , 30-JAN-18 - 30-JAN-18.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) Revolutionary women, politics and propaganda, 1916-1918. [Invited Lecture], The Death of Political Pluralism? Ireland after the Rising, 1916-18, Glasnevin Cemetery Museum , 09-SEP-17 - 09-SEP-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) Post Rising Propaganda and Republican Womanhood as the 'heroic subordinate'. [Invited Lecture], Universities Ireland Decade of Centenaries Annual Conference 'Propaganda and Molbilisation', UCD , 18-NOV-17 - 18-NOV-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) [Keynote Address], USI Pink Training 2017, NUIG , 19-NOV-17 - 19-NOV-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) [Keynote Address], Sibéal Annual Conference -The Art of Resistance: Interdependencies and Co-Becoming, UCD , 17-NOV-17 - 17-NOV-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) Commemorating the Revolutionary Women-broadening the narrative or 'PC' gone mad?. [Invited Oral Presentation], Women's Voice in Ireland; From the decade of Revolution to the Decade of Centenaries, UCC , 09-JUN-17 - 10-JUN-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) 'Propagandising the Rising'; women, gender and the post Rising republican narrative. [Invited Lecture], Women on Ireland Annual Conference, WIT , 01-JUN-17 - 02-JUN-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) Beyond 1916; Revolutionary Women, politics and propaganda, 1917-1918. [Invited Oral Presentation], 1917; Centenary Reflections, Roscommon/NUIG , 05-MAY-17 - 06-MAY-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) Cumann na mBan and Revolutionary Propaganda. [Keynote Address], Thomas MacDonagh Weekend, Cloughjordan, Cloughjordan , 28-APR-17 - 01-MAY-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2017) [Roundtable Participant], History Ireland Hedge School, NUIG , 21-APR-17 - 22-APR-17.
Mary McAuliffe (2016) [Conference Organising Committee Member], 1916: Home: 2016, UCD and NUIG , 27-OCT-16 - 28-OCT-16.
Mary McAuliffe (2016) Revolutionary Women. [Oral Presentation], The Theatre of Change Symposium, Abbey theatre Dublin , 21-JAN-16 - 23-JAN-16.
Mary McAuliffe (2016) [Conference Organising Committee Member], Contexualising Feminism; a talk by Nira Yuval Davis, UCD , 22-OCT-16 - 21-OCT-16.
Mary McAuliffe (2016) Cumann na mBan and Revolutionary propaganda. [Keynote Address], 29th Eigse Sliabh Rua, Kilkenny , 11-NOV-16 - 12-NOV-16.
Mary McAuliffe (2015) Cumann na mBan. [Invited Oral Presentation], 'Changed Utterly'; The Transformation of Ireland, 1913-1923, Newcastle, Tipperary , 16-OCT-15 - 18-OCT-15.
Mary McAuliffe (2014) A search for vocation in Ireland in 19th century - Fanny Taylor and Margaret Anna Cusack. [Invited Lecture], Women and Vocation, Lille Catholic University, Lille, France , 05-JUN-14 - 07-JUN-14.
Mary McAuliffe et al (2014) Cumann na mBan 100. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Cumann na mBan 100, NMI, Collins Barracks , 04-APR-14 - 05-APR-14.
Mary McAuliffe (2014) Finding women in the Archives¿. [Invited Lecture], The Twentyx20 Lunch Time Talks, National Library of Ireland , 27-AUG-14 - 27-AUG-14.
Mary McAuliffe (2014) Centenary of Cumann na mBan. [Plenary Lecture], Thomas McDonagh Summer School, Cloughjordan , 17-APR-14 - 20-APR-14.
Mary McAuliffe (2014) Cumann na mBan memorial Lecture. [Plenary Lecture], National Cumann na mBan Commemoration Ceremony, Glasnevin Cemetary , 03-APR-14 - 03-APR-14.
Mary McAuliffe (2014) Gender, 'Respectability' and Institutionalisation in Modern Ireland: The Magdalen Laundries 1922-1996. [Keynote Address], The 3rd Biannual Irish Sexuality Studies Conference, DCU , 13-MAR-14 - 15-MAR-14.
Mary McAuliffe, John Borgonovo, Liz Gillis, Fionula Walsh (2014) Irishwomen and War 1914-1918. [Oral Presentation], Irishwomen and War 1914-1918, History Ireland Hedge School, Dublin Festival of History , 27-SEP-14 - 27-SEP-14.
Mary McAuliffe (2013) Cumann na mBan and local commemorative initiatives. [Oral Presentation], A decade of Commemorations 1913-1923; the role of the Local Authorities, Listowel, Co Kerry , 27-SEP-13 - 27-SEP-13.
Mary McAuliffe (2013) The O¿Connor Kerry: Social memory and folk narrative in north Kerry. [Invited Lecture], UCD Folklore - Graduate Seminars, UCD , 19-NOV-13 - 19-NOV-13.
Mary McAuliffe (2013) What's the Rackett about Rosie Hackett? a bridge for Rosie. [Invited Oral Presentation], Rosie Hackett Bridge Campaign Seminar, Liberty Hall, Dublin , 20-AUG-13 - 20-AUG-13.
Mary McAuliffe (2012) The Senate Sisters; Women, Politics and the Irish Free State Senate 1922-1936. [Invited Lecture], UCC Historical Society, UCC , 19-NOV-12 - 12-NOV-12.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) Justice for Magdalenes: Towards Restorative Justice. [Invited Lecture], VOICES Conference, Belfast, Belfast , 06-JUL-11 - 06-JUL-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) Magdalene Laundry Women's Oral histories, research north and south. [Chaired Session], Hanna's House Alliance Workshop - Truth Recovery Processes: What would a feminist model look like?, Drogheda IT , 18-JUN-11 - 18-JUN-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) Memories of the Magdalene Laundries: Feminist Dialogue, Debate and Action. [Chaired Session], Sibéal Irish Postgraduate Gender and Feminist Studies Network, Univeristy of Limerick , 14-APR-11 - 14-APR-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) Conflicting Interests? Feminism and Nationalism in Ireland, 1900-1922. [Invited Lecture], Inaugural Countess Markievicz Schoo, Dublin , 11-JUN-11 - 11-JUN-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) Restorative Justice: The Irish Magdalenes and Oral History. [Invited Lecture], Transitional Justice Institute Seminar Series, University of Ulster, Jordanstown , 12-OCT-11 - 12-OCT-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) The Justice for Magdalenes Campaign. [Invited Oral Presentation], Creating Change: Feminism, The University and Society, UCD , 19-MAR-11 - 19-MAR-11.
Mary McAuliffe; (2010) 'Mermaids, Sheela-na-gigs, nuns and wives!: female representation in medieval Irish sculpture'. [Invited Lecture], TRIAC Public seminars, Trinity College Dublin , 18-AUG-10 - 18-AUG-10.
Mary McAuliffe; (2009) Gender and Leisure in 19th century Ireland. [Invited Lecture], The Parnell Summer School 2009, Wicklow , 09-JUL-09 - 09-JUL-09.
Mary McAuliffe; (2009) Gender and Memory in Irish History. [Invited Lecture], GEMMA Women¿s Studies Seminar Series at Universidad de Granada, Spain, Granada , 15-DEC-09 - 15-DEC-09.
Mary McAuliffe; (2009) Sisterhood and Support ¿ the Networks of the Women of 1916. [Invited Lecture], Co. Wexford 1916 Trust, The Women of 1916 Conference, Wexford , 18-FEB-09 - 18-FEB-09.
Mary McAuliffe; (2009) ¿Writing Irish Women¿s Lives, 1800-1950 ¿ methods and contexts.¿. [Chaired Session], Familiar but Unknown ¿ Irish Women Artists and Artisans Symposium, TRIARC, (The Irish Art Research Centre), Trinity College Dublin , 11-OCT-09 - 11-OCT-09.
Mary McAuliffe; (2008) 'Many young 'queers' of twenty said goodbye';sexuality, the archive and migration 1970-1990. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Writing the Irish Diaspora, Univeristy of Limerick , 30-SEP-08 - 04-OCT-08.
Mary McAuliffe; (2007) 'Casting an evil eye'; Historians and the Sheela-na-gig ; a re-evaluation. [National Refereed Conference Paper], ESFAIS Conference, Seville, Spain , 01-DEC-07 - 04-DEC-07.


Committee : 1913 Commemoration Committee
Committee : Women's History Association of Ireland Committee
Committee : National Archives Advisory Council
Committee : Irish Association for Professional Historians


Year 1991 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BA (Hons.) Subject: History
Year 1996 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: Ph.D. Subject: Medieval History



Mary Mcauliffe (2018) 'Doing my Bit for Ireland'; Margaret Skinnider, a life. Dublin: UCD Press. [Details]
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Mary McAuliffe (2002) Fifty years a Growing; the History of the Kerry Association in Dublin:. Dublin: Blackwater Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

Mary McAuliffe (2018) 'The Homefront as Battlefront; Women, violence and the domestic space during war in Ireland 1919-1921' In: Linda Connolly (eds). Women of the Irish Revolution 1917-1923. Indiana: Indiana University Press. [Details]
Mary McAuliffe (2018) ''An Idea Has Gone Abroad that All the Women Were Against the Treaty' Cumann na Saoirse and Pro-Treaty Women, 1922¿3' In: Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh and Liam Weeks (eds). The Treaty. Dublin: Irish Academic Press. , pp.160-182 [Details]
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Edited Books

Mary McAuliffe, Bridget McAuliffe, Owen O'Shea (Ed.). (2016) Kerry 1916; Histories and Legacies of the Easter Rising. Kerry: Irish Historical Publications. Available Online [Details]
Mary McAuliffe, Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy (Ed.). (2015) Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland. Dublin: Irish Academic Pres. [Details]
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Mary McAuliffe, Sonja Tiernan (Ed.). (2008) Sapphists and Sexologists: Histories of Sexualities, Vol. II. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press. Available Online [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Mary McAuliffe, Aideen Quilty, Ursula Barry (2016) ''Complex Contexts: Women and Community-Higher-Education in Ireland''. The Adult Learner, . [Details]
Mary McAuliffe (2016) 'From Inghinidhe na hÉireann to the Irish Citizen Army: Women, radical politics and the 1916 Rising''. Saothar, 41 . [Details]
Mary McAuliffe (2014) 'O'Connor Kerry of Carrigafoyle; History and Memory in Iraghticonor'. Bealoideas, 82 :100-115. [Details]
Mary McAuliffe (2012) 'Book Review: Matters of Deceit Breach of promise to marry cases in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Limerick'. Béaloideas, Journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society, 80 :73-75. Available Online [Details]
Mary McAuliffe; (2011) 'The Irish Woman Worker and the Conditions of Employment Act, 1936: Responses from the Women Senators'. Saorstat, Journal of the Irish Society of Labour Histor, 36 :37-48. [Details]
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Other Journals

Mary McAuliffe; (2011) ''An Equal and Just Society? Towards Recovery: The Programme for a National Government (2011-2016)'' The Citizen (4) :21-25. Available Online [Details]
Mary McAuliffe; (1998) 'The Nun  of Kenmare; Historian and Visionary' An Riocht 2 (1) . [Details]
Mary McAuliffe; (1997) 'Exhibitionist Figure / Sheela-na-Gigs in Munster' An Riocht 1 (2) . [Details]
Mary McAuliffe; (1996) 'Women of Medieval Kerry' An Riocht . [Details]

Conference Publications

Mary McAuliffe (2017) The Dublin 7 women A short history of the Colmcille branch of Cumann na mBan Stoneybatter and Smithfied People's History Project annual History festival Dublin, , 01-DEC-17 - 03-DEC-17 , pp.15-19 [Details]

Invited papers

Mary McAuliffe; (2010) Senator Kathleen A Browne 1876-1943. Dublin: Invited papers [Details]

Website article

Mary McAuliffe (2018) Women and Anti Conscription in Ireland, 1918. Dublin: Website article Available Online [Details]

Book Reviews

Mary McAuliffe (2014) Ann Mathews - Renegades; Irish Republican Women, 1900-1922¿ and Dissident's; Irish Republican women, 1923-1941. Dublin: Book Reviews [Details]
Mary McAuliffe; (2009) Review of 'Improving Ireland; Protectors, Prophets and Profiteers, 1641-1786'. The Irish Literary Supplement, 29 (1):8-9. Book Reviews [Details]


Mary McAuliffe (2012) Foreword 'Lislaughtin' in 'Ballylongford, a photographic memoir' Vol II. Kerry: Foreword [Details]
Mary McAuliffe (2011) Introduction to 'Ballylongford; a Photographic memoir'. Vol 1. Co Kerry: Foreword [Details]


Mary McAuliffe; (1996) Famine and Revolution in Iveragh. Caherciveen: Articles [Details]


Research Interests

My first field of interest was in politics, war, settlement and society in late medieval and early modern Ireland. This research opened up an interest in where and how women's contributions fit in these histories, and how these had been forgotten and  / or elided.
More recently I have been engaged with the histories of modern Irish women, in particular first wave feminism, women during the revolutionary decade, 1912-1923, Irish women and nationalist propaganda, 1917-1923.  My current research is on gendered and sexual violence in revolutionary Ireland.  
I remain fascinated by the transmission and impact of memories of war, violence and resistance to colonial power in Ireland, from the early modern to the modern. 

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : International Women's Day Speaker
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-12 / 31-OCT-13

Recent Postgraduates

2013    Ann Butler Delia Larkin; Feminist and Trade Unionist
2013    Theresa B Kearney Alice Milligan - 'Chieftainess of the Gael'
2012    Danielle A Marouf Palestinian Women; Through Struggle and Resistance in the Occupied Territories
2011    Justice A O'Rourke Biddy Early, Beabn Feasa or the 'The Mad Women in the Village'.
2011    Janice O'Donnell The Principle of Co-operation; The Soecity if United Irishwomen and the Co-
            operative Movement in Ireland

2010    Catherine Robinson  Women in Ireland in the 19th century: Prostitution and the Wrens of the Curragh

2010    Colette Doyle  Quaker Women and their contribution to first wave feminism in Ireland
2009    Sile deValera   'Double Jobbing' Women's participation in Irish National Politics
2009    Sheila Kenny   Women and the Aonach Tailteann: Ideals and Reality
2009    Anne Daly  Sara Bartman - The 'Hottentot Venus': Using Feminist Historical methodology to Uncover the Woman behind the Iconic Image.
2008    Blathnaid Nolan  Disposal of Bodies: Transportation as a system of Recycling Irish convict Women to van Diemen's Land. 
2008    Madeline Gray Eliza Wollstonecraft Bishop; A Life Vindicated 
2007    Laura Hale       'Blood on the Walls': Gender, Memory and Republican Women in Armagh Jail. 
2006    Linda Latham Harm Reduction is Not Enough; The case for a feminist Women's Health Project 
2005    Ruth Baldachino     The Women of 1916; Their, Diaries, Journals and Autobiographies. 
2005    Dorothy Nolan Geraldine Cummins; Rebirth, Reinvention and Reconstruction 
2004    Catherine Farrell   History Unveiled; The successful failure of the Nun of Kenmare 1829-1899 
2003    Sheelagh Nugent Jennie Wyse Power 1858-1941; The Woman and Her Politics