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Graduate Studies

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Honours and Awards

Year: 1994.
Title: Irish Studies Scholarship (Awarded by the Queensland Irish Association)
Year: 1991.
Title: The University of Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarship
Year: 1990.
Title: Irish Studies Prize (Awarded by the Queensland Irish Association)


Association: International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASILS), Function/Role: Member
Association: Australian Women¿s Studies Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS), Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Pelan, R.; (2007) 'Edna O'Brien: Perspectives'. [Chaired Session], IASIL Conference, University College Dublin , 01-JUL-07.
Pelan, R.; (2006) 'Globalization and the Performance of Irish Identity on the World Stage, 1990-2005'. [Chaired Session], Humanities Institute of Ireland Seminar Series, University College Dublin, University College Dublin , 01-NOV-06.
Pelan, R.; (2005) 'Feminisms: Within and Without.'. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], International WS conference, NUI, Galway , 01-JUL-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) WSC, PhD presentations. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], WSC, PhD presentations, * , 01-JAN-05.
Pelan, R.; (2004) Irish Women's Studies Forum. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Irish Women's Studies Forum, * , 01-SEP-04.
Pelan, R.; (2004) 'Out of the Darkness, Into the Light' Project. [Chaired Session], Domestic Violence Response launch of drama, Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI, Galway , 01-SEP-04.
Pelan, R.; (2004) Certificate to participants in 'Out of the Darkness, Into the Light' project. [Chaired Session], Domestic Violence Response, Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology , 01-JUN-04.
Pelan, R.; (2004) Seminar on Iraqi women's writing. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Seminar on Iraqi women's writing, Haifa Zangana (London/Iraq) , 01-JUN-04.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Symposium on 'Women & Islam'. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Symposium on 'Women & Islam', * , 01-FEB-03.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Symposium on 'Women & Disability'. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Symposium on 'Women & Disability', * , 01-NOV-03.
Pelan, R.; (2005) Domestic Violence in Ireland. [Invited Lecture], West Cork Conference on Domestic Violence, Bantry , 01-NOV-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) Women's Studies in Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], WERRC's, University College, Dublin , 01-DEC-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) 'Reflections on a Connemara Dietrich.'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Edna O'Brien Symposium, English Department, Centre for Irish Studies and Women¿s Studies Centre, NUI, Galway , 01-APR-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) Symposium on Cross-Cultural, Intercultural and Postcolonial Theatre. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Symposium on Cross-Cultural, Intercultural and Postcolonial Theatre, Royal Holloway, London , 01-APR-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) 'New Research in Irish Feminism' conference. [Other], 'New Research in Irish Feminism' conference, Trinity College, Dublin , 01-APR-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) Assessment of Student Learning. [Other], Deans & Heads Conference, NUI, Galway , 01-APR-05.
Pelan, R.; (2005) 'Women in the Picture' Symposium. [Plenary Lecture], 'Women in the Picture' Symposium, Huston Film School and Women¿s Studies Centre, NUI, Galway , 01-JAN-05.
Pelan, R.; (2004) 'Abstract or Real? Gender Theory and Women's Writing'. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Australian and Other Feminisms, University of Sydney, Australia , 01-DEC-04.
Pelan, R.; (2002) Women's Studies Annual Lecture. [Chaired Session], Women's Studies Annual Lecture, * , 01-JAN-02.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Launch of Vol. 9 Women's Studies Review. [Chaired Session], Launch of Vol. 9 Women's Studies Review, * , 01-MAY-03.
Pelan, R.; (2002) 'The Art of Rita Duffy.'. [Chaired Session], 'The Art of Rita Duffy.', Millennium Arts Building, NUI, Galway , 01-NOV-02.
Pelan, R.; (2002) 'Gender Matters in Higher Education'. [Chaired Session], 'Gender Matters in Higher Education', * , 01-NOV-02.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Women's Studies Seminar Series. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Women's Studies Seminar Series, * , 01-JAN-03.
Pelan, R.; (2007) 'Ireland, Australia and Europe: Colonies, Federations and Unions'. [Keynote Address], 15th Irish-Australian Conference, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia , 01-SEP-07.
Pelan, R.; (2007) 'Stripping the Author Bare: Nikki Gemmell and the Appropriation of Literary Politics'. [Invited Oral Presentation], School of English & Drama Research Seminars, University College Dublin , 01-APR-07.
Pelan, R.; (2006) Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context. [Invited Oral Presentation], 6th European Gender Research Conference, University of Lódz, Poland , 01-AUG-06.
Pelan, R.; (2006) 'Feminist Futurities'. [Keynote Address], PG Conference, University College, Cork , 01-MAY-06.
Pelan, R.; (2005) Women's 'Literature' or 'Writing'?. [Invited Lecture], Postgraduate Seminar Series, School of English, Media Studies and Art History. University of Queensland, Australia , 01-APR-05.
Pelan, R.; (2003) 'Women's Studies and Institutional Structures.'. [Plenary Lecture], Other Feminisms: Australian Women's Studies Association Conference, Brisbane , 01-JUL-03.
Pelan, R.; (2003) 'Masking the Carnival as Subversion: Derry's Halloween Carnival'. [Invited Lecture], Inscriptions in the Sand Cultural Studies Conference, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus , 01-JUN-03.
Pelan, R.; (2003) 'Citing That Blind Old Poet and Other Uses of the Classical Tradition in Contemporary Irish Women's Poetry.'. [Invited Lecture], From Homer to Heaney: Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Classical Tradition, Sorbonne, Paris , 01-JUN-03.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Conference on Feminism and Globalisation. [Other], Conference on Feminism and Globalisation, University College Dublin , 01-MAR-03.
Pelan, R.; (2002) UK Women's Studies Annual Conference. [Other], UK Women's Studies Annual Conference, Queen¿s University, Belfast , 01-SEP-02.
Pelan, R.; (2002) Performing Reconciliation or Reconciling Performances? Black Australia and Northern Ireland on Stage. [Invited Oral Presentation], 12th Irish-Australian Conference, Galway , 01-JUN-02.
Pelan, R.; (2003) Conference on New Research in Irish Feminism. [Other], Conference on New Research in Irish Feminism, Trinity College, Dublin , 01-MAR-03.
Pelan, R.; (2002) 'Not Revolt, But Revolution: Women's Poetry from Northern Ireland'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Beyond Boundaries: Irish Women's Poetry, Women¿s Education Research & Resource Centre, UCD , 01-APR-02.
Pelan, R.; (2002) Whose Reality? Irish Women's Use of Narrative/History. [Invited Oral Presentation], Women on Ireland Research Network, Liverpool , 01-MAR-02.
Pelan, R.; (2000) 'Dramatic Revis(ion)ing: Women's Drama from Northern Ireland'. [International Refereed Conference], 11th Irish-Australian Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia , 01-APR-00.
Pelan, R.; (1999) 'Contemporary Irish Women Writers: Contexts and (Dis)Contents'. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Central New York Conference on Language and Literature, SUNY, New York , 01-OCT-99.
Pelan, R.; (1998) Contemporary Literature/Language Session. [Chaired Session], The 10th Irish-Australian Conference: Ireland and Australia, 1798-1998, (Melbourne). La Trobe University and the Humanities Research Centre , 01-SEP-98.
*; (1995) The 8th Irish-Australian Conference (Hobart). [Other], The 8th Irish-Australian Conference (Hobart), Hobart , 01-JAN-95.
*; (1992) Council of Australian Postgraduates Conference. [Other], Council of Australian Postgraduates Conference, Brisbane , 01-JAN-92.
*; (1993) The 7th Irish-Australian Conference. [Other], The 7th Irish-Australian Conference, Brisbane , 01-JAN-93.
*; (1992) Postgraduate Supervision for Women Residential Conference. [Other], Postgraduate Supervision for Women Residential Conference, Brisbane , 01-JAN-92.
*; (1990) The 6th Irish-Australian Conference. [Other], The 6th Irish-Australian Conference, Melbourne , 01-JAN-90.

Outreach Activities

• Reader for Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature (Oklahoma), Oct. 2007
• ‘The Eleventh Hour' (Percy Bysche Shelley), RTE Radio (July 2007)
• Steering Committee. Safe Motherhood Project. Centre for Health Promotion, NUI, Galway (2004-2007)
• Reader for European Journal of Women's Studies (May 2007)
• ‘The Eleventh Hour' (Kurt Vonnegut) RTE Radio (May 2007)
• ‘The Eleventh Hour' (Art Begetting Art) RTE Radio (Apr. 2007)
• ‘Morning Show with Declan Meehan' (D H Lawrence) East Coast FM (Mar. 2007)
• ‘The Eleventh Hour' (The Short Story) RTE Radio (Jan. 2007)
• Reader for Gothic Studies (Nov. 2006)
• Interview with Chris Leydon, Public Radio Int. (Boston) on Edna O'Brien (Oct. 2006)
• Interview with Irish Independent (Literary heroes) (Oct. 2006)
• Interview with Irish Independent (Raunch culture in Ireland) (May 2006)
• Interview with Irish Independent (Return of the alpha male) (Feb. 2006)
• East Coast Radio FM (Return of the alpha male) (Feb. 2006)
• West Cork Today (Return of the alpha male) (Feb. 2006)
• Interview with Ireland on Sunday (Marital status for women today) (Aug. 2005)
• Telephone interview with researcher from the Late, Late Show (RTE Television) concerning comments by Michael Burke on the ‘feminisation' of the BBC
• Seminar on ‘Irish Women's Writing and Politics' with visiting students (30) and staff from Mt Mary College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Jan. 2005)
• ‘Newstalk 106' (Dublin) (Youth suicide) (Jan. 2005)
• ‘Focus,' Clare FM (Pressures on working women) (Feb. 2005)
• Highland FM (Donegal) (Contemporary motherhood in Ireland) (Mar. 2005)
• Reader for Women's Studies International Forum (Feb. 2005)
• Interview with Darragh O'Keefe on ‘The Changing Role of Mothers in Ireland.' Irish Farmers Journal. Vol. 58. No. 9 (Mar. 2005): 4-5.
• "Need to Throw Back the Curtain on Issue of Violence Against Women". Printed interview with Michelle McDonough of the Galway City Tribune (Dec. 2005: 6)

Other Activities

1998. External examiner, PhD dissertation, ‘Between Words and Meaning: The Translations of Brian Friel.' (Cassandra Fusco). University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.
2000. External Examiner, PhD dissertation, ‘Upside Down and Inside Out: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Irish Women's Experiences of Migration to Australia in the 1980s/1990s.' (Aine Foran). La Trobe University, Melbourne.
Editorial Boards:
• Irish Feminist Review (formerly Women's Studies Review) (Ireland)
• Hecate (Australia)
• Politics and Culture: An International Review of Books. (USA)
• Australian Journal of Irish Studies (Australia).
English language editor. Teaching with Memories: European Women's Histories in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms. Andrea Pető and Berteke Waaldijk, eds. Socrates/Erasmus Programme for Thematic Network Projects of the European Commission for ATHENA (Advanced Thematic Network in Women's Studies in Europe). Galway: Women's Studies Centre, 2006.
Co-Editor. Women's Studies Review. Women and Creativity. Vol. 8 (2003).
Co-Editor, Women's Studies Review. Women's Activism and Voluntary Activities. Vol. 9 (2004).
General Editor. Irish Feminist Review. Vol. 1 - 3 (2005-2007).
Ed. April O'Connor. I Know a Woman. Poetry collection. Galway: Women's Studies Centre, 2006. 80pp.



Book Chapters

Pelan, R.; (2007) 'All of Their Own Making: Contemporary Women's Poetry from Northern Ireland' In: Patricia Boyle Haberstroh and Christine St Peter (eds). Opening the Field: Irish Women: Texts and Contexts. Cork: Cork UP. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2006) 'Edna O'Brien's 'Love Objects'' In: Lisa Colletta and Maureen O¿Connor (eds). Wild Colonial Girl: Essays on Edna O¿Brien. Wisconsin: U of Wisconsin Press. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2006) 'Loosening the Literary Canon, or Literally Loose Cannon?' In: Helen Thompson (eds). The Current Debate about the Irish Literary Canon: Essays Reassessing the Field Day Anthology of Writing. New York: Mellen Press. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2006) 'Reflections on a Connemara Deitrich' In: Eds. Kathryn Lang, Sinead Mooney and Maureen O¿Connor (eds). Edna O¿Brien: New Critical Perspectives. Dublin: Carysfort Press. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2003) 'Introduction' In: Divas: New Irish Women¿s Writing. Galway: Arlen House. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1999) 'In a Class of Their Own: Women in Theatre in Contemporary Ireland' In: Ed. Helen Gilbert (eds). (Post)Colonial Stages: Critical & Creative Views on Drama, Theatre & Performance. Hebden Bridge: Dangaroo. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1996) 'Writing, Gender and Ideology in Contemporary Ireland' In: Ed. Richard Davis, Jennifer Livett, Anne-Maree Whitaker and Peter Moore (eds). Irish-Australian Studies. Sydney: Crossing Press. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1991) 'Selling Yourself Abroad: Edna O'Brien's 'Stage-Irishness'' In: Ed. Philip Bull, Chris McConville and Noel McLachlan (eds). Irish-Australian Studies. Melbourne: La Trobe University. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Pelan, R.; (2005) 'Identity and Performance in Northern Ireland and Australia: The Belle of the Belfast City and Radiance'. Australasian Drama Studies, 46 :70-79. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2004) 'Women Performing Identity in Northern Ireland and Australia'. Australian Journal of Irish Studies, 4 :66-74. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2003) 'Undisciplined Women: Women's Studies and Institutional Structures in Ireland'. Hecate, 29 (2):23-33. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2001) 'Dramatic Tiers: Contemporary Women's Drama from Northern Ireland'. Australian Journal of Irish Studies, 1 (1):267-275. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2000) 'Interview with Evelyn Conlon'. Hecate, 26 (2):62-73. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2000) 'Antagonisms: Revisionism, Postcolonialism and Feminism in Ireland'. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, Spring :119-137. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1999) 'Undoing That 'Other' Conquest: Women's Writing from the Republic of Ireland'. Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 25 (1 and 2):126-146. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1997) 'Edna O'Brien's World of Nora Barnacle'. Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 23 (2):49-61. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1995) ''It's What Happens After You're Born That Gets It Knocked Out Of You '' Interview with Evelyn Conlon'. Hecate, 21 (1):111-123. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1993) 'Edna O'Brien's 'Irishness': An 'Act' of Resistance'. Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 19 (1):67-78. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1993) 'Irish Women's Writing: Some Thoughts on Its Critical Condition'. Hecate, 19 (2):149-155. [Details]

Other Journals

Pelan, R.; (2005) 'Masking the Carnival as Subversion: Derry's Halloween Carnival' Politics and Culture. (On-line journal) Issue 4 . [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2005) ''Edna O'Brien.' Commissioned feature article' Cois Coiribe :22-23. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2002) 'A Short Note on the Use of 'Sex' and 'Gender' in Ireland' The Making of European Women¿s Studies IV :95-98. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1996) 'Contemporary Irish Women's Literary Work' Takahe (NZ) 26 :46-48. [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1995) 'Women's Writing in Contemporary Ireland' Tirra Lirra 6 (1) :24-31. [Details]

Conference Publications

Pelan, R.; (2006) Feminisms: Within and Without. Papers Presented at the Women's Studies Conference, NUI, Galway, July 2005. 240pp . In: Pelan, R eds. Women's Studies Conference, NUI, Galway, July 2005 Galway, [Details]
Pelan, R.; (2004) Gender Matters in Higher Education. Conference Proceedings . In: Vivienne Batt and Sinéad Ní Fhaoláin eds. Gender Matters in Higher Education. Conference Proceedings. Galway: Women's Studies Centre [Details]
Pelan, R.; (1998) The Point of Change: Marxism/ Australia/ History/ Theory . In: Carole Ferrier eds. Brisbane: Australian Studies Centre Brisbane: Australian Studies Centre, [Details]


Research Interests

External Research Projects
Participation in the European Women's Studies project known as ATHENA, incorporating nineteen different activities related to Women's Studies in a European context. Principal involvement in the activity ‘Memories, Histories, Narratives,' which is devoted to the development of narrative/oral history methodologies as an educational tool in Women's Studies. This area of activity produced a textbook (Teaching with Memories: European Women's Histories in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms) - for which I was the English language editor - and web-based materials designed to meet the needs of students and teachers utilising narrative/oral history methodologies.

2002-2006 External funding for participation in ATHENA - (Women in a European Context) - Socrates/Erasmus Programme for Thematic Network Projects of the European Commission

2003-2004 Internal, NUI, Galway Arts Millennium Grant to produce an on-line Directory of Community- based women's networks (North & South) - NUI, Galway.