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Stephan Koeppe

Lecturer/Assistant Professor In Social Policy

School Of Soc Pol, Soc Wrk & Soc Justice
Sheehy-Skeffington Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168275


Office Hours: Sep-Dec 2017: Wed 13-14, Thu 11-12

I have joined UCD after having worked in the UK (Universities of Edinburgh, St Andrews, Dundee) and Germany (University of Bremen, Centre for Social Policy Research) as well as research visits in Sweden (University of Stockholm, Linnaeus University/Växjö).

My research interest lies in the area of comparative social policy with in-depth knowledge of German and Swedish welfare states. A particular focus of my research and teaching is in the privatisation of social policy and welfare markets which ranges from private pensions to housing wealth, asset-based welfare and private school choices. Generally, I am interested in current affairs and as a political animal would watch election nights in Ireland and Germany.

In my PhD I have compared the governance, politics and regulation of welfare markets in Germany, Sweden and the United States (graduate of BIGSSS). In my post-doctoral career I have moved towards studying the individual and household behaviour in markets and responses to the demands of choice, such as choosing between private schools,  managing private pension portfolios, planning for long term care or considering occupational welfare. Recently, I have finished a project on the relation of poverty and asset-based welfare for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Currently, I am still involved in the The Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap (University of Dundee) project and responsible for the network administration of INTEGRATE (International Network of Generational Transfers).

My book "Welfare Markets. Privatising Education and Pensions in Germany, Sweden and the US" has been published in 2015 by Campus (in German).

You can find more about my publications at
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Scopus ID 57016591200 and my Google Scholar profile can be accessed here.

Deutsch / German
Seit 2015 forsche und lehre ich als Assistenzprofessor für Sozialpolitik am Fachbereich für Sozialpolitik, Sozialarbeit und Soziale Gerechtigkeit. Dort lehre ich vergleichende Wohlfahrtstaatsforschung unter anderem mit Modulen in Sozialer Sicherung und Sozialen Diensten. In meiner Forschung beschäftige ich mich mit Wohlfahrtsmärkten und der Privatisierung von Wohlfahrtsprogrammen. Dabei untersuche ich sowohl politikwissenschaftliche als auch soziologische Fragestellungen. Einerseits interessieren mich Marktreformen und wie Wohlfahrtsmärkte reguliert werden, anderseits untersuche ich die Verteilungseffekte von privaten Wohlfahrtsprogrammen. Beispielsweise behandelt meine Promotion die Einführung der privater Renten (u.a. Riester-Rente) und die Regulierung von Privatschulen in Deutschland, Schweden und den Vereinigten Staaten. Meine sozialpolitische Expertise erstreckt sich über mehrere Politikfelder (Rente, Bildung, Schulen, Wohnungswesen), Länder (Irland, Großbritannien, Schottland) und Methoden (qualitativ und quantitativ, Sequenzanalyse, Diskursanalyse, Netzwerkanalyse).
Doktoranden die an obigen Themengebieten arbeiten sind bei uns immer herzlich willkommen, sowohl zum kompletten Studium als auch für Gastaufenthalte.

Svensk / Swedish
Min forskning handlar om privata socialpolitiken, till exempel privata pensioner, premiepension, friskolor o.m.m.




Association: German Research Network on Pensions (FNA - Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung), Function/Role: member
Association: Irish Social Policy Association, Function/Role: member
Association: INTEGRATE - International Network of Generational Research, Function/Role: Network Administrator
Association: European Network of Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet), Function/Role: member
Association: European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), Function/Role: member
Association: European Network of Housing Research (ENHR), Function/Role: member
Association: Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), Function/Role: member
Association: RC43: Research Committee on Housing and the Built Environment (within ISA), Function/Role: member

Conference Contributions

Köppe, S (2018) Changing Welfare Market Structures and Politics of Re-Regulation. [International Refereed Conference], XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, Canada , 15-JUL-18 - 21-JUL-18.
Köppe, S; Izuhara, M (2018) Post-Individualisation and Family Conflicts in Contemporary Societies. [Chaired Session], XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, Canada , 15-JUL-18 - 21-JUL-18.
Köppe, S; O'Connell (2017) Change Management, Redeployment and Designing an Integrated Labour Market Activation Service during the Irish Crisis. [International Refereed Conference], 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PUBLIC POLICY, ICPP3, Singapore , 28-JUN-17 - 30-JUN-17.
Köppe, S (2016) Welfare Markets. Politics of Privatisation and Embedding Institutions. [International Refereed Conference], 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria , 10-JUL-16 - 14-JUL-16.
Köppe, S; Izuhara, M (2016) Investigating Family Relations through Court Cases: Qualitative Endeavours and Pitfalls. [International Refereed Conference], 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria , 10-JUL-16 - 14-JUL-16.
Köppe, S (2016) The Politics of Regulating Welfare Markets. Institutional Inertia and Political Struggle for Welfare Ends in Germany, Sweden and the United States. [International Refereed Conference], Sixth Biennial Conference, ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance, Tilburg, The Netherlands , 06-JUL-16 - 08-JUL-16.
Köppe, S; Andow, C; Meyer, T (2016) Resilience in times of crisis. Upper middle class households coping strategies in England and Scotland. [National Refereed Conference Paper], IPSA conference 2016: Social Policy in Recession and Recovery, Dublin, Ireland , 01-JUL-16 - 01-JUL-16.
Köppe, S (2016) Private Schools in the United States. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Privatization and Marketization in Compulsory Education. Global Change and National Challenges, Berlin, Germany , 17-JUN-16 - 18-JUN-16.
Köppe, S (2016) Self-Responsibility and Choice in Germany, Sweden and the US. [Unrefereed Article], Self-Responsibility in European Welfare Institutions - Concepts, methods and trends, Hamburg, Germany , 19-MAY-16 - 21-MAY-16.
Köppe, S (2015) Sweden ¿ What crisis? Welfare state expansion during the oil crisis. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Symposium: The Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom, 1965 to 1980, Sweden: What crisis? Welfare state expansion during the oil crisis , 14-APR-16 - 15-APR-16.
Köppe, S (2015) Wohlfahrtsmärkte. Die Privatisierung von Bildung und Rente in Deutschland, Schweden und den USA. [International Refereed Conference], DVPW Kongress, Duisburgh, Germany , 19-SEP-15 - 25-SEP-15.
Embedding Pension Markets and Choice Politics (2015) Embedding Pension Markets and Choice Politics. [International Refereed Conference], ESPAnet Conference, Odense, Denmark , 02-SEP-15 - 04-SEP-15.
Searle, BA; Köppe, S (2015) Geography of Assets and Debt. [International Refereed Conference], RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, University of Exeter, United Kingdom , 01-SEP-15 - 04-SEP-15.
Izuhara, M; Köppe, S; Rowlingson, K (2015) The 'dark side' of intergenerational transfers in shaping family relations. [International Refereed Conference], 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Prague, Czech Republic , 25-AUG-15 - 28-AUG-15.
Searle, B; Köppe, S (2015) Towards Asset-building Welfare - Ideology versus Evidence. [International Refereed Conference], Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Belfast, United Kingdom , 05-JUL-15 - 07-JUL-15.
Köppe, S (2015) Assets, Welfare markets and user behaviour. Evidence from OECD countries. [Oral Presentation], Geary Seminar Series, Dublin , 14-APR-15 - 14-APR-15.
Köppe, S (2015) Citizen, Consumer or Co-Producer? User roles, choice and inequalities at German private schools. [Oral Presentation], UCD School of Social Justice Lunchtime Seminar, Dublin , 04-MAR-15 - 04-MAR-15.
Köppe, S (2014) Mortgage Managers at the Edges of Homeownership: Longitudinal Evidence from the United Kingdom (1991-2008). [Invited Oral Presentation], Edges of Homeownership, Urban Studies Seminar, TU Delft, Netherlands , 30-SEP-14 - 01-OCT-14.


Committee : Director of the Master in Public Policy
Committee : MPP Programme Board
Committee : HDip Social Policy Coordinator
Committee : Doctoral Committee
Committee : BSocSc Programme Board
Committee : DPER case study editorial board
Committee : School Launch Committee


Employer: University of Dundee
Position: Research Fellow
Employer: University of St Andrews
Position: Research Fellow
Employer: University of Edinburgh
Position: Visiting Fellow
Employer: University of Edinburgh
Position: Research Fellow
Employer: University of Bremen
Position: Research Assistant


Year 2014 Institution: University of Bremen, Germany
Qualification: Dr Rer Pol Subject:
Year 2006 Institution: University of Bremen, Germany
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Outreach Activities

My Poor Irish

Academic Stand-up Comedy Show at Dublin Bright Club, 8 March 2016

Interview with The Irish Times: Generation Rent

The Irish Times: Generation Rent: 'It's totally out of your control', 16 November 2015, p.11

Assets, Welfare markets and user behaviour. Evidence from OECD countries

Podcast of my presentation as part of the UCD Geary Seminar Series 14th April 2015. The following downloads are available:
Podcast (Köppe Geary)
(102MB) 00:44:57
Slides with audio

Abstract: This talk will give an overview of the scale of private and market-based welfare in the OECD with a particular focus on Germany, Sweden, the UK and United States. It will draw the landscape of welfare markets and asset-based welfare in these countries, their history and recent foundations of private welfare schemes. Based on compartive in-depth case studies of pensions, schools and housing, the talk will reveal the institutional driving forces and politics around welfare market regulation. The main argument brought forward is that welfare markets vary considerably and are embedded in the existing welfare regime. Powerful actors such as political parties, companies, churches and user groups can shape this markets and their distributive effects.

From Sausages to Sandwiches

My comedy show at the Dundee Bright Club #16 on my life in academia, poverty and inequality.

Promoting Financial Resilience Among Poor Households

25 June 2014, Stakeholder Workshop, JRF London (together with Yvette Hartfree, Sharon Collard, Beverley Searle)

Radio interview on school choice

5 January 2014, Privat oder Staat, Deutschlandfunk, Germany

My co-author Benjamin Ewert presents Welfare User Roles in a Conservative Welfare Regime?

Conference: The governance of welfare markets. How to cope with mobility and diversity?
25/26 April 2013, Gießen, Germany

Excellent Elderly Care: How does Sweden do it?

16 March 2013, co-organised panel discussion with Marta Szebehely (Stockholm University) at the Scottish Parliament.

Professor Marta Szebehely's presentation in audio.

Welfare Markets and Risk Management

6 February 2012, Seminar at the Scottish Government, Edinburgh

Welfare Markets and Household Income Protection

24 November 2011, Seminar at The Royal Society of Arts, London


Presentation of the Nordic Model

23 August 2011, the Scottish Government, Edinburgh

Interview for ESRC Rethinking Retirement Seminar Series

25 February 2011, video published at

TV interview for BBC1 Scotland about Swedish school system

14 March 2010, The Politics Show Scotland, together with Ingela Naumann I had been interviewed, though only Ingela had been on the final edit.

Journals Edited

Public Management Review: Reviewer.
Journal Of Social Policy: Reviewer.
Scandinavian Political Studies: Reviewer.
Journal Of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research And Practice: Reviewer.
Urban Studies: Reviewer.
Journal Of Housing And The Built Environment: Reviewer.
International Journal Of Housing Policy: Reviewer.
Wsi-Mitteilungen: Co-Editor.
Zeitschrift Für Sozialreform: Reviewer.



Köppe, Stephan (2015) Wohlfahrtsmärkte. Die Privatisierung von Bildung und Rente in Deutschland, Schweden und den USA. Frankfurt/M: Campus. Available Online [Details]

Book Chapters

Köppe, S (2018) 'Sweden: What Crisis? Welfare State Expansion during the Oil Crisis' In: Eklund, E; Oppenheimer, M; Scott, J (eds). The State of Welfare. Comparative Studies of the Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom, 1965-1980. Oxford: Peter Lang. , pp.177-198 Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Köppe, S; Starke, P; Leibfried, S (2018) 'Sozialpolitik' In: Otto, H-U; Thiersch, H; Treptow, R; Ziegler, H (eds). Handbuch Soziale Arbeit. Grundlagen der Sozialarbeit und Sozialpädagogik. 6. überarbeitete Auflage. München: Ernst Reinhard. , pp.1572-1585 [Details]
Köppe, Stephan; Searle, Beverley (2017) 'Housing wealth and welfare over the life course' In: Dewilde, Caroline; Ronald, Richard (eds). Housing Wealth and Welfare. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. , pp.85-107 Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Köppe, S (2017) 'A bicycle built for three. Private school governance and politics in the United States' In: Koinzer, T; Nikolai, R; Waldow, F (eds). Private Schools and School Choice in Compulsory Education. Global Change and National Challenge. Wiesbaden: Springer. , pp.9-29 Available Online [DOI] [Details]
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Köppe, Stephan (2015) 'Bürger, Konsumenten und Koproduzenten. Schüler- und Elternverhalten an Privatschulen in Deutschland, Schweden und den USA' In: Kraul, Margret (eds). Private Schulen. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. , pp.231-249 Available Online [Details]
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Köppe, Stephan; Leibfried, Stephan; Starke, Peter (2011) 'Sozialpolitik' In: Otto, Hans-Uwe; Thiersch, Hans (eds). Handbuch Soziale Arbeit. Grundlagen der Sozialarbeit und Sozialpädagogik. München: Ernst Reinhard. , pp.1485-1497 [Details]
Köppe, Stephan (2009) 'Herausforderungen der Rentenpolitik' In: Gawrich, Andrea; Knelagen, Wilhelm; Windwehr, Jana (eds). Sozialer Staat - soziale Gesellschaft? Stand und Perspektiven deutscher und europäischer Wohlfahrtsstaatlichkeit. Opladen: Barbara Budrich. , pp.117-136 Available Online Link to full text [Details]
Nullmeier, Frank; Köppe, Stephan; Friedrich, Jonas (2009) 'Legitimationen der Sozialpolitik' In: Obinger, Herbert; Rieger, Elmar (eds). Wohlfahrtsstaatlichkeit in entwickelten Demokratien. Herausforderungen, Reformen und Perspektiven. Frankfurt/M: Campus. , pp.151-189 Available Online Link to full text [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Izuhara, M; Köppe, S (2018) 'Inheritance and family conflicts: Exploring asset transfers shaping intergenerational relations'. Families, Relationships & Societies, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Köppe, S (2018) 'Passing it on: Inheritance, Coresidence and the Influence of Parental Support on Homeownership and Housing Pathways'. Housing Studies, :1-23. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Köppe, S (2017) 'Britain's New Housing Precariat: Housing Wealth Pathways out of Homeownership'. International Journal of Housing Policy, 17 (2):177-200. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Köppe, Stephan; Ewert, Benjamin; Blank, Florian (2016) 'Welfare User Roles in a Conservative Welfare State. Are Germans Citizens, Consumers or Co-producers?'. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 32 (1):1-16. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Köppe, Stephan (2015) 'Housing Wealth and Asset-Based Welfare as Risk'. Critical Housing Analysis, 2 (1):42-51. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
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Köppe, Stephan; Nullmeier, Frank; Wiesner, Achim (2007) 'Legitimationswandel des bundesdeutschen Sozialstaats'. Sozialer Fortschritt, 56 (9-10):227-236. Available Online Link to full text [Details]

Other Journals

Köppe, Stephan (2008) 'Pioniere und Nachzügler der Sozialpolitik: Die komplementäre Entstehung von Wohlfahrtsstaat und Wohlfahrtsmarkt' ZeS report 13 (1) :13-16. Available Online Link to full text [Details]

Published Reports

Köppe, S; O'Connell, P (2017) Case Study on Intreo: The one-stop-shop for job seekers in Ireland. Case Studies on Innovation and Reform in the Irish Public Sector. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Dublin. Available Online [Details]
Searle, Beverley; Köppe, Stephan (2014) Savings, Assets and Wealth, and Poverty: A Review of Evidence. Final report to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Personal Finance Research Centre, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Bristol. Available Online Link to full text [Details]
Köppe, Stephan; Hinrichs, Karl (2009) Sweden. European Commission, Brussels. [Details]


Blank, F; Ewert, B; Köppe, S (2012) Editorial: Leistungsempfänger, Bürger oder Konsumenten? Nutzer in der Sozialpolitik. Editorial Available Online [Details]

Website article

Köppe, Stephan (2014) Don't joke about poverty, unless someone is poorer than you: Myths, poverty and asset-based welfare after the referendum. Website article Available Online [Details]


Köppe, Stephan (2012) Book Review: Making Markets in the Welfare State. The Politics of Varying Market Reforms. Reviews Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Köppe, Stephan (2009) Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin (Hrsg.). Welfare State Transformations. Comparative Perspectives. Houndsmills, Palgrave Macmillan 2008. Reviews [Details]
Köppe, Stephan (2007) Review - Martin Powell (ed.), Understanding the Mixed Economy of Welfare, Bristol, Policy Press, 2007. Reviews [Details]

Working Paper

Köppe, Stephan; Starke, Peter; Leibfried, Stephan (2008) Sozialpolitik - Konzepte, Theorien und Wirkungen. Bremen: Working Paper Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests span the areas of welfare markets, private social policy, mixed economy of welfare. Within these topics I am doing research in and would also be interested to take on PhD students. From a policy perspective this includes private pensions, housing wealth, private schools and intergenerational transfers (bequests/inter-vivo gifts). In particular I am interested in three research questions. First, what are the politics of welfare markets? Which actors, social factors and institutions create and form private welfare arrangements? Second, what are the welfare effects on individual behaviour, preceptions and attitudes? Who is affected by new market mechanisms, who benefits and loses as well as which user roles are performed? Third, what are the public discourses around privatisation?
As a mixed-methods researcher I have used expert interviews, qualitative household interviews, standard quantitative methods (regression), longitudinal sequence analysis and network analysis.

PhD students interested in these areas are welcome to apply and I support applications to the IRC Postgraduate Scholarship Programme or other doctoral scholarship opportunities. Moreover, applications to Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships are also welcome. My current PhD students work on poverty among large families in the US, Ireland and Britain (M. Curran) and Food poverty in Ireland (M. Drew). Get in touch with them, should you be interested in their research.

Research Projects involved in:

What parents want Dublin South City: A Needs Analysis (PI)

time: May 2017 - May 2018
funder: TUSLA, Irish Child and Family Agency
collaborators: Eileen Oak, Nessa Winston, Valerie O'Brien (all UCD)

Intreo Case Study (PI)

Collaboration with Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (Jan 2016 - Jul 2017)
collaborator: Philip O'Connell (UCD)
The final report Case Study on Intreo: The one-stop-shop for job seekers in Ireland. Case Studies on Innovation and Reform in the Irish Public Sector can be accessed here. Further background on Irish public sector reform and other case studies can be found here.

Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap: Intergenerational Justice and Family Welfare

funder: Leverhulme, UK (2012-2015)
University of Dundee with partners at the Universities of Birmingham, St Andrews and Essex
collaborators: Beverley Searle (PI), Prof Duncan Maclennan

Welfare Markets and Personal Risk Management in England and Scotland

funder: ESRC, UK (2009-2011)
University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton

collaborators: Prof Jochen Clasen (PI), Alison Koslowski (CI), Traute Meyer (CI), Caroline Andow

Received Research Grants and Awards:




Funding Period and Grant Amount

Promoting Financial Resilience Among Poor Households Workshop (CI)

Dissemination Challenge Fund, JRF

2014, £2,614

Poverty Review: Savings, Wealth and Assets (CI)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

2014, £10,000

Re-Thinking Social Inequality

Volkswagen Foundation Travel Grant

2014, Euro600

Conference: How do education systems shape educational inequalities?

University of Luxemburg Travel Grant

2014, Euro400 (declined)

ECPR Graduate Conference

ECPR Mobility Fund Grant Award

2008, Euro200

ESPAnet Conference

DFG Travel Grant

2007, Euro500

Växjö University

Erasmus Mobility Grant

2005, Euro475



Research Projects

Sponsor : One Family
Title : What parents want in Dublin South City: A Needs Analysis
Start Date / End Date : 21-APR-17 / 30-JUN-18
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : OBRSS Research Support Scheme
Start Date / End Date : 01-NOV-16 / 31-OCT-19
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Investigating Private Welfare through Intergenerational Transfers and Markets
Start Date / End Date : 01-APR-16 / 30-SEP-17

Current Postgraduate Students

Megan Curran, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Secondary Supervisor
Michael Drew, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Secondary Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

Engaging critically with the students and literature, but not to forget the joy and humor in studying and learning.

Modules Coordinated

201700   SPOL10030     Social Policy: Understand Soc Prob & Policies
201700   SPOL20210     Social Policy: Investigating Social Services
201700   SPOL20260     Social Policy: Social Protection: Sec Wrk&Pov
201700   SPOL30010     Social Policy: Policy-making, implementa
201700   SPOL30280     Social Policy: Social Policy Capstone Essay

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Project Champion for BSocSc Programme, Curriculum Review and Enhancement (2015-2017)

Developing as a Teacher

previous modules taught: winter term 2014, Quantitative Methods in Social Research, MA, University of Dundee (with Beverley Searle) spring term 2011, Governing the Social, BA Hons, University of Edinburgh (with Ingela Naumann) winter term 08/09, Convenor of Social Policy and Markets, BA, University of Bremen winter term 07/08, Convenor of Welfare Markets and Regulatory Social Policy, BA, University of Bremen 2005-2009, Policy Analysis in an Accelerating Society (session in Introduction to Policy Analysis), University of Bremen


Internal Collaborators

Prof Tony Fahey (joint funding applications)

Dr Michelle Norris (joint funding applications)

Prof Philip O'Connell (DPER Intreo case study)'connell/

Dr Eileen Oak (TUSLA Needs Assessment of Parents in Dublin South), with support from Dr Nessa Winston and Dr Valerie O'Brien'brien/

External Collaborators

Dr Beverley Searle, University of Dundee, UK (co-author, joint projects)

Prof Misa Izuhara, University of Bristol, UK (co-author, joint projects)

Dr Florian Blank, Head of research unit Social Policy, Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI), Dusseldorf, Germany (co-author)

Dr Benjamin Ewert, Research Fellow, Department of Palliative Medicine, University Hospital Bonn, Germany (co-author)

Dr Caroline Dewilde, University of Tilburg, Netherlands (joint funding applications)

Prof Richard Ronald, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (joint funding applications)

Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh, Queen's University Belfast, UK (Intreo Case Study)

Dr Avishai Benish, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (joint publication)

Dr Hanan Haber, London School of Economics, UK (joint publication)

Dr Clémence Ledoux, University of Nantes, France (publication, funding application)