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Luciana Lolich

Post Doctoral Fellow Level 1

School Of Soc Pol, Soc Wrk & Soc Justice



I have worked in higher education for the past eleven years, teaching consumer behaviour and marketing related subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level. My PhD thesis examined students¿ experiences and (consumer) choices in higher education in Ireland within the socio-political context of neo-liberalism and the organisational context of the enterprise university. The research was undertaken in the context of the Hunt Report published by the Department of Education and Skills, various Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports and EU pronouncements on the need for higher education to be market relevant. The research methodology involved a multistage approach adopting quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.

I am currently working as a Post-doctoral fellow at the Equality Studies Centre at UCD working on the Health Research Board founded project: Social Justice and Palliative Care ( All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care). My work centres in critically examining consumer choice in palliative care and identifying potential inequalities in the access and delivery of care for patients at the end of life.



Conference Contributions

Lolich L. & Lynch K. (2016, March) (2016) Choice and Care in Palliative Care in Ireland. [Oral Presentation], ¿Caring Cultures/Culture of Care¿, Anthropological Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Maynooth University , 21-MAR-16 - 22-MAR-16.
Lolich, L. (2016) Care in Higher Education, Choice and Relationality. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Emerging Researchers¿ Conference (EERA/ECER), Dublin, Ireland , 22-AUG-16 - 26-AUG-16.


Year 2015 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject: PhD in Equality Studies
Year 2003 Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), IRL
Qualification: MSc Subject: Hospitality Management
Year 2001 Institution: Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina
Qualification: BA Subject: Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina BA in Advertising
Year 2006 Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), IRL
Qualification: Other Subject: PGC Third Level Learning & Teaching,



Peer Reviewed Journals

Lolich, L. (2011) '¿and the market created the student to its image and likening. Neo-liberal governmentality and its effects on higher education in Ireland'. Irish Educational Studies, 30 (2):271-284. [Details]
Luciana Lolich & Kathleen Lynch (2015) 'The affective imaginary: students as affective consumers of risk'. Higher Education Research and Development, 35 (1):17-30. [DOI] [Details]
Lolich L. & Lynch K. (2016) 'Aligning the market and affective self: Care and student resistance to entrepreneurial subjectivities'. Gender and Education, . [DOI] [Details]