Researchers at UCD

Monica O'Connor

Research Manager In Equality Studies

School of Education




Dr Monica O¿Connor has been an independent researcher, policy analyst and activist on violence against women for the past thirty years, leading the development of emergency and long term services to women subjected to violence; driving a critical research agenda on social justice, gender based violence in Ireland and the EU; and acting as a principal researcher on key projects that have informed important policy and legislative developments on violence against women at both national and regional levels in Ireland. She served as a ministerial appointee on the first Task Force on Violence against Women in Ireland and was the Irish expert on the European Women¿s Lobby Observatory on Violence against Women for many years.

Dr O¿Connor is the author and co-author of numerous publications. Following the first comprehensive study of trafficking and the commercial sex trade in Ireland, Globalisation, sex trafficking and prostitution: The experiences of migrant women in Ireland (Kelleher Associates, O¿Connor, M. and Pillinger, J., 2009), she was awarded a three-year Government of Ireland scholarship by the Irish Research Council to conduct further doctoral research into the experience of prostituted and trafficked women, which was completed in 2014.