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Ronnie Moore


School of Sociology
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 (0)1 716 8638


BSc., (Soc. Anth and Soc., Joint Hons)
D. Phil., PGCE., MILT., FRAI.

I grew up and was educated in Northern Ireland but have since lived in the South of Germany, Australia and England before joining UCD in 2003. Aside from my academic interests I enjoy travel, I play the saxophone (badly), have an eclectic taste in music and have (in the distant past) been involved in sport to senior level. My short term goals are to, spend more time with my newborn baby girl, learn to scuba dive (the only real way to escape administrative duties), and to take up painting.



Conference Contributions

R. G. Moore; 'Post Post-modernism', Invited Speaker,. [Invited Lecture], University of Bristol Regional Medical Sociology Group 2002, University of Bristol .
R. G. Moore; 'Culture and Identity in Northern Ireland', Invited Speaker. [Invited Lecture], Medical Sociology Theory Group, University College London .
R. G. Moore; (2003) Microscope and Stethoscope, Wands and Charms: Informal Healing in Northern Ireland. [Invited Lecture], St Georges Medical School - Guest Lecture, St Georges Medical School, University of London , 01-JAN-03 - 01-JAN-03.
R. G. Moore; (2003) Health Capital, Religion and Identity. [Oral Presentation], 24th Annual Medical Sociology Conference, University of York , 26-SEP-03 - 28-SEP-03.
M Tourette, R.G. Moore and G. Feder ; (2002) Constructing clinical guidelines: an ethnographic case study. [Invited Lecture], 23 Annual Medical Sociology Conference, University of York , 27-SEP-02 - 29-SEP-02.
(K. McNulty. R.G. Moore [research team leader], K. Gerrish & M. McManus; (2000) Socio-cultural Status and Health Chances: The Irish In Britain. [Poster Presentation], European Society of Health and Medical Sociology Joint Conference: Health in Transition: European Perspectives, University of York , 14-SEP-00 - 17-SEP-00.


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Lecturer in Medical Anthropology and Sociology in the Depts of Sociology and Medical Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology.

Other Activities

Professional advisory / Consultative Work

  • I am currently external examiner for St. Georges Medical School, University of London. (MSc in Health Sciences).
  • Currently a member of the commissioning panel for the ESRC (UK) New Security Challenges Programme.
  • I referee for Leverhulme Trust and the journal 'Ethnicity and Health'. I am on the editorial board for the Journal 'Social Theory and health'. I have acted as consultant / advisor to research institutes, the WHO, and various Australian media agencies



Book Chapters

R. G. Moore; (2008) 'Inequalities & Health Disadvantage' In: H. Cooke, S. Philpin (eds). Sociology of Health Care. UK: Elsevier Health Sciences. Available Online [Details]
R.G. Moore; (2008) 'Social Class, Poverty and Health' In: H. Cooke, S. Philpin (eds). Sociology of Health and Health Care. UK: Elsevier Health Sciences. Available Online [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

McGorrian,C.,Frazer,K.,Daly,L.,Moore,R.G.,Turner, J.,Sweeney,MR.,Staines,A.,Fitzpatrick, P.,Kelleher C.K.for the All-Ireland Traveller Health Study Research Team. (2012) 'The health care experiences of Travellers compared to the general population: the All-Ireland Traveller Health Study'. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 10.1258/jhsrp.2011.011079 . [DOI] [Details]
McClean, S,Moore, R (2013) 'Money, commodification and complementary health care: Theorising personalised medicine within depersonalised systems of exchange'. Social Theory & Health, 11 :194-214. [DOI] [Details]
R. G. Moore ; (2002) 'Formations of Culture: Nationalism and Conspiracy Ideology in Ulster Loyalism'. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 18 (6). [Details]

Other Journals

McGorrian C.M., S. Abdalla, L. Daly, P. Fitzpatrick, C. Kelly, R.G. Moore, R. Nic Cárthaigh, B. Quirke, J. Turner, C.C. Kelleher, ; (2010) 'Adverse cardiovascular risk profile in a disadvantaged minority community consistent with the thrifty phenotype hypothesis.¿ Findings from the All-Ireland Traveller Health Study' European Heart Journal . [Details]

Conference Publications

R. G. Moore; (2004) Lambegs and Bódhrans: Religion, Identity & Health Capital in Northern Ireland Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association San Francisco, CA, Available Online [Details]

Published Reports

Fanning B, Moore R. and Ryan D. ; (2007) Anti-Racism and Intercultural Health: A Guide to Best Practice. Health Services Executive, Dublin. [Details]


R.G. Moore, S. Harrisson, J. Orr and C. Mason ; (1997) Health Professionals perspectives on service delivery in Two Northern Ireland Communities. Report for Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Northern Ireland (NI). Reports [Details]
R.G. Moore, S. Harrisson, J. Orr and C. Mason; (1997) Inequalities in health and assessment of related health needs in two Northern Ireland communities. Report for DHSS, NI. Reports [Details]
D. Hawton, R.G. Moore, R. Booy, et al; (2002) Infant Feeding Study Report of the Bangladeshi Community in East London. Paediatric and Child Health. Royal London Hospital / Queen Mary College, University of London: Reports [Details]

Book Reviews

Moore, R (2011) The Taste for Knowledge: Medical Anthropology Facing Medical Realities. Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]