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Kieran Allen

Senior Lecturer

School Of Sociology
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168274




Association: Sociology Association of Ireland, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Allen, K.; The Marxist Theory of Racism. [N/A], Sociology Department, TCD, 2003, * .
Allen, K.; Social Partnership in Ireland. [N/A], Employment Studies Research Unit, University of the West of England, 2003, University of the West of England .
Allen, K.; Max Weber: Sociologist of Empire. [N/A], Sociological Association of Ireland, * .
Allen, K.; Who gained from the Celtic TigerCorporatising Public Life. [N/A], Ennis Adult Education CentreSociological Association of Ireland, 2002, * .
Allen, K.; EU and social partnership models. [N/A], Irish Social Policy Association 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Inequality in Celtic Tiger. [N/A], Parnell Summer School 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Social Inclusion . [N/A], Irish Social Policy Conference 1998, * .
Allen, K.; Poverty and Social Exclusion. [N/A], Community Workers Conference 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Social partnership and the unions. [N/A], IMPACT Conference 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Globalisation and labour . [N/A], Frank Edwards Memorial lecture 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Social partnership . [N/A], Development Studies Institute 2001, * .
Allen, K.; Social Inclusion and partnership . [N/A], Sociology of Association of Ireland Conference 2000, * .
Allen, K.; Globalisation . [N/A], Sociology Association of Ireland Conference 1999, * .
Allen, K.; Social Partnership in community. [N/A], Inchicore/Bluebell Partnership Committee 2001, * .


Committee : First Year Co-Ordinator/UCD First year Committee 2000 2002
Committee : Erasmus/JYA Co-ordinator/Erasmus/JYA Committee 1999
Committee : Post Graduate Committee Sociology Department 2000-
Committee : Workloads Co-ordinator 2003-
Committee : School of Sociology Research and Scholarship Committee
Committee : School of Sociology, Executive Committee
Committee : School of Sociology, Postgraduate Committee
Committee : School of Sociology, Undergraduate Studies Committee
Committee : College of Human Sciences Executive



Kieran Allen with Brian o Boyle (2013) Austerity Ireland: The Failure of Irish capitalism. London: Pluto Press. [Details]
K. Allen; (2011) Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism. London: Pluto Press. [Details]
Allen, K.; (2010) Max Weber. Seoul, South Korea: Samin Books. [Details]
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Allen, K.; (2004) Max Weber: A Critical Introduction. : *. [Details]
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Allen, K.; (1997) Fianna Fail and Irish Labour: 1926 to The Present. : Pluto Press. [Details]
Allen, K.; (1990) The Politics of James Connolly. : Pluto Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

Kieran Allen; (2011) 'Social partnership and the Fiscal Crisis in Ireland: Acceptance or Acquiescence' In: Liam Leonard and Iosif Botetzagias (eds). Sustainable Politics and the Crisis on the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece. Dublin: Emerald Group Publishing. [Details]
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Allen, K.; (1999) 'Immigration and the Celtic Tiger: A Land of a Thousand Welcomes' In: in M. Cole and G Dale (eds) ( London, Berg) 1999 (eds). The European Union and Migrant Labour. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Kieran Allen (2012) 'The Model Pupil who Faked the Test: Social Policy in the Irish Crisis'. Critical Social Policy, 32 (No 3):422-439. [Details]
Kieran Allen; (2010) 'After Shock: The Irish Crash and its Aftermath'. I.R.I.C. Internationalist Review of Irish Culture, 2 :19-37. [Details]
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K.Allen; (2004) 'Reading List or Critique: A Reply to Munck'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 13 (1). [Details]
K. Allen; (2003) 'The Celtic Tiger, Inequality and Social Partnership'. Administration, 51 (1):119-142. [Details]
K.Allen; (2002) 'Review of Jupp and Magennis, Crowds in Ireland 1720 1920'. American Historical Review, 107 (1). [Details]
Allen, K.; (2002) 'Globalisation and its Discontents'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 2 (1). [Details]
Allen, K.; (1999) 'The Celtic Tiger, Inequality and Social Partnership'. Administration, Journal of the Ipa, 47 (2). [Details]
Allen, K.; (1991) 'Forging the Links: Fianna Fail, the Trade Unions and the Emergency'. Saothar, 16 :48-56. [Details]

Other Journals

K. Allen; (2005) 'An Appeal to Musicians to rise up against the Neo-Liberal Order' Journal of Music in Ireland . [Details]

Conference Publications

K.Allen; (2007) Fianna Fail and Irish Labour Political Ideology and Irish History [Details]
K. Allen; (2007) The Knowledge Society and the Corporate Takeover Sociology Association of Ireland Annual Conference [Details]

Website article

Kieran Allen (2012) Another Way is Possible. Singapore: Website article Available Online [Details]

Policy Contribution

Kieran Allen (2012) The Fiscal Treaty and the Euro Crisis: Reasons to Vote No. Dublin: Policy Contribution [Details]
K. Allen; (2008) Reasons to Vote No to Lisbon Treaty. Policy Contribution [Details]
K. Allen; (2005) The US Military and Shannon. Policy Contribution [Details]
K. Allen; (2004) Citizenship and racism: The Case against McDowell's Referendum. Policy Contribution [Details]


Research Interests

Contemporary Irish Society; Marxist Theory; Globalisation; Work and Industry; Max Weber