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Pablo Lucas

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Sociology
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716 8492


Dr Pablo Lucas is a Lecturer at the University College Dublin, Ireland,
with research focused on computational social science, particularly
experimental design using agent-based models and data analysis.

His education include reading for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc)
focused on evolutionary networks, a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and a Doctor of Philosophy
(PhD) focused on agent-based (social) simulations using models of social behaviour.




Association: European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), Function/Role: Member
Association: UK Society for AI Simulation of Behaviour (AISB), Function/Role: member
Association: International Network for Social Network Analysis, Function/Role: Member
Association: EU COST action on Peer Review, Function/Role: member
Association: European Association for International Education (EAIE), Function/Role: Member
Association: Brazilian Association for International Education, Function/Role: Member



Lucas, Pablo; Edmonds, Bruce (2019) Agent-Based Models in Computational Social Science. London: SAGE. [Details]

Book Chapters

Edmonds, Bruce; Lucas, Pablo; Rouchier, Juliette; Taylor, Richard (2017) 'Human Societies: Understanding Observed Social Phenomena' In: Bruce Edmonds, Ruth Meyer (eds). Simulating Social Complexity (2017 handbook). Switzerland: Springer. [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2014) 'An Adaptation of the Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling Methodology for Developing Evidence-Driven Agent-Based Models' In: Bogumił Kamiński, Grzegorz Koloch (eds). Advances in Social Simulation, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. US: Springer. [Details]
Edmonds, Bruce; Lucas, Pablo; Rouchier,Juliette; Taylor, Richard (2013) 'Human Societies: Understanding Observed Social Phenomena' In: Edmonds, Bruce, Meyer, Ruth (eds). Simulating Social Complexity (2013 handbook). DE: Springer. [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2012) 'Usefulness of Agent-Based Simulation in Testing Collective Decision-Making Models' In: Diana Francisca Adamatti, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Helder Coelho (eds). Interdisciplinary Applications of Agent-Based Social Simulation and Modeling. US: IGI. [Details]
Marinetti, Claudia; Moore, Penny; Lucas, Pablo; Parkinson, Brian (2011) 'Emotions in Social Interactions: Unfolding Emotional Experience' In: Petta, Paolo; Pelachaud, Catherine; Cowie, Roddy (eds). Emotion-Oriented Systems The Humaine Handbook. US: Springer. [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2010) 'Effects of Adding a Simple Rule to a Reactive Simulation' In: Takadama, Keiki; Cioffi-Revilla, Claudio; Deffuant, Guillaume (eds). Simulating Interacting Agents and Social Phenomena, Agent-Based Social Systems. US: Springer. [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Aylett, Ruth; Cawsey, Alison (2007) 'Affective Adaptation of Synthetic Social Behaviour' In: Paiva, Ana; Prada, Rui; Picard, Rosalind (eds). Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. US: Springer. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Lucas, Pablo; Malki, Issam (2018) 'A note on the Modelling and Interpretation of a Public Goods Game Experiment'. Journal of Applied Statistics, . [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; de Oliveira, Angela C.M.; Banuri, Sheheryar (2014) 'Effects of Group Composition, Group Size, and Beliefs in a Public Goods Game'. Jasss-The Journal Of Artificial Societies And Social Simulation, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2011) 'Usefulness of simulating social phenomena: evidence'. AI & SOCIETY, . [Details]

Conference Publications

Shankar, Kalpana; Ma, Lai; Lucas, Pablo (2018) Studying Peer Review in Grants (SPRING) PEERE International Conference on Peer Review [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Edmonds, Bruce (2018) Agent-Based Modelling of Conventions in Microfinance Groups XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Cott, Cheryl; Ghilcher, Sara; Caimo, Alberto; Ryan, David (2018) Dynamics of Primary Health Care Teams XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology [Details]
Ma, Lai; Shankar, Kalpana; Lucas, Pablo (2018) Document Analysis of Peer Review Criteria in Science Foundation Ireland science technology innovation International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2014) Community-based multi-disciplinary Primary Care Teams in Ireland First European Conference on Social Networks [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2013) Understanding Primary Care Team networks and outlooks Innovation Policy Simulation for the Smart Economy [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2013) Community-based multidisciplinary teams, how they do or do not work Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2013) Integrating Collective Decision-Making Models and Agent-Based Simulation Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2012) Primary Care Teams: Network Data Collection and Decision-Making Health Service Executive, Irish Government [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2012) Integration of the Challenge and Exchange Models of Decision-Making into an Agent-Based Simulation European Conference on Complex Systems, Université Libre de Bruxelles [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2012) Informing Microfinance Policy-Makers through an Agent-Based Modelling Lifecycle Complexity and Social Simulation Seminar [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2012) Integration of Decision Modelling and Agent-Based Modelling COST Action MP0801: Physics of Competition and CoNFLICT Annual Meeting [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2011) Issues pertaining toPolicy Assessment and Simulation Modelling European Conference on Complex Systems, Policy Modelling track [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Payne, Diane (2011) Irish Healthcare System: Primary Care Teams Innovation Policy Simulation for the Smart Economy [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2010) An Evidence-Driven Modelling Methodology 3rd World Congress on Social Simulation. Scientific Understanding of Societal Processes and Dynamics [Details]
Pablo Lucas, Ruth Aylett (2006) Towards Primate-Like Synthetic Sociability International Workshop on Intelligent Virtual Agents [Details]


Lucas, Pablo (2019) Agent Based Modelling for the Social Sciences (Chinese University of Hong Kong). Presentation [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2019) Agent Based Modelling for the Social Sciences (Xian University). Presentation [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2018) Online Internationalisation Practices, University of the Basque Country. Presentation [Details]
Lucas, Pablo (2018) Agent Based Modelling for the Social Sciences (Artic University of Norway). Presentation [Details]

Working Paper

Lucas, Pablo (2015) Structural Analysis of Networks in Indian Schools. Japan: Working Paper [Details]
Moore, Barbara; Lucas, Pablo; Cleary, Anne (2018) How Dads Care; A profile of Contemporary Fatherhood in Ireland. Working Paper [Details]
McMahon, Colman; Lucas, Pablo; Diane Payne (2018) Early dynamics of the emerging crypto-economy. Working Paper [Details]
Yang Zheng; Lucas, Pablo; Rong Du; Cathal Brugha (2018) Blockhchain Technology and Intellectual Property Protection. Working Paper [Details]
Moore, Barbara; Cleary, Anne; Lucas, Pablo (2018) Development of emotional connections between Fathers and Children. Working Paper [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Sena, Vania; Carlos, Juan (2018) Cooperation amongst European Union Seventh Framework (EU FP7) participants. Working Paper [Details]
Ferligoj, Anuska; Lucas, Pablo; Kronegger, Luka; Mali, Franc (2018) Multi-level approach to structure formation of EU FP collaborations. Working Paper [Details]
Moore, Barbara; Cleary, Anne; Lucas, Pablo (2018) Listening to Changes and Transitions in Contemporary Fatherhood. Working Paper [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Malki, Issam (2016) Contribution Divergence and the Role of Punishment in Public Goods Experiments Across Societies. Working Paper [Details]
Dobrzyński, Maciej; Lucas, Pablo; Malki, Issam (2014) Variability of contributions to public good in the presence of punishment. Working Paper [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Edmonds, Bruce (2013) Modelling endorsements amongst microfinance clients using an ethnographic decision tree model. Working Paper [Details]
Lucas, Pablo; Malki, Issam (2013) Revisiting the antisocial punishment across societies experiment. Working Paper Available Online Link to full text [Details]


Research Interests

Dr Lucas is working / has worked in the following research projects :

- Studying Peer Review in Research Grants, Science Foundation Ireland
  Mixed-methods examination of recruitment, assessment and workflow;

- Primary Care Teams in Ontario, University Health Network
  + University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital;

- Student School Achievements : Values affirmation exercise
  + Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization;
    Hitotsubashi University and University of Tokyo and Waseda University; 

- Innovation Policy Simulation for the Smart Economy, Dublin 
  on agent-based modelling for the Where The Rain ,
  United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security;

- European Commission - Research: Seventh Framework Programme 7
  + University of Ljubljana and University of Essex;

- Humaine Network of Excellence, Work Package 3 and 7 in Edinburgh, Scotland
  + Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence;

- Simulating the two way dynamics of norm innovation, Manchester
  + World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, National Autonomous University of Mexico;


Teaching Philosophy

Dr Lucas enjoy leading the constructive development and exchange of multi-disciplinary knowledge.

Modules Coordinated

201700   SOC40640     Sociology: Social Simulation: Methods and
201700   SOC30380     Sociology: Social Dynamics and Networks