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Paul Stokes is a  Lecturer in the School  of Sociology since 1996 and is a member of the College of Human Sciences in UCD. During the academic year 2000-2001 he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Dr Stokes has a special interest in Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR and has worked as a consultant in this area.

He is a Fellow of the Cybernetics Society of Great Britain and a member of the Metaphorm on the Cybernetics of Governance based at the University of Sunderland. He is a board member of the Collegium Humanun based in Zurich as well as a Research Director of the Foundation for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies based at Columbia University.

Prior to his joining UCD Dr Stokes was a consultant research social scientist in which capacity he carried out a great deal of project related work from research to project management. From 1985 to 1992 he was Managing Director of SUS Research Ltd. From 1992 to 1995 he was senior consultant with Sociomics Ltd.

From 1988 he was also for two years joint project director of the 12 nation REVOLVE consortium under the EU RACE Programme.

He was responsible for the completion of a great deal of policy oriented research and evaluation at both National and European levels in his role as consultant research social scientist.

Since joining UCD in 1996 Dr Stokes has been involved in teaching, research and administration.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: Fellow of the Royal Society of Cybernetics, London

Conference Contributions

Stokes, P.; 'Can Technology Transfer contribute to European Regional Economic Development?'. [N/A], Technology and the Regions, Edinburgh, November 1990. Organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in association with DG-XVI of the European Commission, Edinburgh .
*; (1997) Some Implications for Education and Training of the Information Society. [Oral Presentation], Paper presented to a conference on Ireland, Europe and the Global Info Society: A Conference for Social Scientists, Temple Bar(1997), Dublin , 24-APR-97 - 25-APR-97.
; (1997) The New Hegelians: Affinities and Counterpoint in the work of Norbert Elias and Gregory Bateson. [N/A], Norbert Elias Tagung, Bielefeld , 21-JUN-97 - 22-JUN-97.


Employer: University of California at Santa Barbara
Position: Visiting Scholar
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: College Lecturer
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Assistant Lecturer
Employer: University College Cork
Position: Assistant Lecturer
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Temporary Lecturer
Employer: College of Marketing & Design, Dublin
Position: Temporary Lecturer


Year 2003 Institution:
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1985 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1979 Institution: University Of Dublin, Trinity College
Qualification: BA Subject: Economic and Social Studies
Year 1979 Institution: University College Cork
Qualification: BA (Mod) Subject:

Other Activities

Paul Stokes has served terms in the following administrative capacities in the Department:

  • He was organiser of the weekly Departmental Seminar.
  • He was Director of Postgraduate Studies.
  • He was co-ordinator of the JYA and Erasmus Programmes.
  • From 2003 he has been the Co-ordinator for the First Year Undergraduate Teaching Programme.
  • He has supervised theses from minor MA to major M.Litt as well as doctoral students.



Book Chapters

Stokes, P.; (1990) 'Socio-cybernetics and the Project of Scientificisation of Sociology' In: in Heylighen, F. et al (eds.) Gordon & Breach, New York (eds). Self-Steering and Cognition in Complex Systems: Towards a New Cybernetics. *: *. [Details]
Stokes, Paul A., David Bell, Jane Grimson, and Sean O'Siochru; (1987) 'DELTA Forum Briefing Documentation' In: edited by Bell, David and John Whiting (eds). Tutoring and Monitoring Facilities for European Open Learning. Amsterdam: North Holland. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Paul A. Stokes; (2011) 'Editorial'. Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change, 50 (1):3-5. [Details]
Stokes, P.; (2011) 'Organizational Cybernetics - the next phase'. Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change, 8 (1):7-18. [Details]
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Stokes, PA; (2007) 'From management science to sociology: cybernetics, finalization and the possibility of a social science'. Kybernetes, 36 (3/4):420-436. Available Online [Details]
Stokes, PA; (2006) 'The Troubles in Northern Ireland, 1968-2005: A Case of Mutual Humiliation'. Social Alternatives, 25 (1):17-21. [Details]
Stokes, PA; (2006) 'Some Problems of Liberation'. Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change, 3 (1):5-18. [Details]
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Stokes,PA; (2006) 'Identity: articulating cybernetics and sociology'. Kybernetes, 35 (1/2):124-147. Available Online [Details]

Other Journals

Stokes, P, Bishop K. and Elliott, M; (2004) 'Societal PTSD?: Historic Shock in Northern Ireland' Psychotherapy and Politics International 2 (1) :1-16. [Details]
Stokes, P; (2003) 'Topping the Poppy' Irish Entrepreneur . [Details]
Stokes, P; (2003) 'Why is Service in Ireland so Bad' Irish Entrepreneur . [Details]
Stokes, PA. et al.; (1999) 'The Decommissioning Impasse' International Minds 9 (2) :10-13. [Details]

Conference Publications

Stokes, P.; (1996) Forms of explanation in social science Paper presented to the symposium: Wissenformen: Erkenntnis in Philosophie, Wissenschaft und Kunst Austria, , 21-OCT-96 - 23-OCT-96 [Details]
Stokes, P.; (1996) La Brisure Organization: articulating cybernetics and sociology Paper presented to the 10th World Congress on Cybernetics and Systems, Bucharest Bucharest, , 26-AUG-96 - 20-JUN-96 [Details]
Stokes, P.; (1995) Computational Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis Presentation to the Qualitative Research Network in Primary Care, RCSI, Dublin Dublin, [Details]


Stokes, P.; (2000) Supply & Demand For It Personnel In Ireland 1996 - 2000. Reports [Details]
Stokes, P.; (1996) Implications for Education and Training of the Information Society in Ireland. Reports [Details]


Stokes, P; (2003) What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Workshop conducted for executives of Edelman Ireland PR. Workshops [Details]

Research Papers

Stokes, P. Léan McMahon and Efrat Tseëlon. ; (2003) Corporate Social Responsibility in Ireland. A research report for Edelman Ireland PR. Research Papers [Details]
Stokes, P.; (1998) Damaged Bonds: A Study in the Sociology of Emotions and the Dynamics of Group Identities. Research Papers [Details]

Radio Presentation

Stokes, P.; (2003) Today with Pat Kenny, RTE Radio One. Radio Presentation [Details]
Stokes, P.; (2003) The Power Breakfast with David McWilliams, Dublin Newstalk 106 FM. Radio Presentation [Details]


Research Interests

For some time Paul Stokes has been working at the interface of cybernetics and sociology and specifically on the conceptual articulation between these two disciplines. He has proposed Stafford Beer's model of the viable system (VSM) as the solution to this difficult and long-standing problem. This entails seeing sociology quite literally as the science of social organisation.

Stokes has written extensively on these issues and has recently extended his model of socio-cybernetic governance to the emotions.