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Thomas Grund

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Sociology
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168586


Before coming to Ireland I was Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute for Analytical Sociology at Linköping University, Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute for Futures Studies and Stockholm University and post-doctoral fellow at ETH Zurich and Université de Montréal. I studied computer science and sociology at the University of Trier (Diplom), University of Cambridge (MPhil) and the University of Oxford (DPhil).


Honours and Awards

Year: 2005.
Title: Siemens Student Program Award in Computer Science
Year: 2000.
Title: Franz Schnabel Medal
Year: 2005.
Title: Cambridge European Trust Award
Year: 2006.
Title: Jesus College Scholarship
Year: 2007.
Title: Departmental bursary
Year: 2007.
Title: Nuffield College Scholarship
Year: 2008.
Title: ESRC quota award
Year: 2011.
Title: Global Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship
Year: 2011.
Title: Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellowship
Year: 2012.
Title: CICC Fellowship
Year: 2012.
Title: Marie Curie Fellowship

Conference Contributions

Grund, T. (2016) Network Structure and Selective Influence: A Model of the Age Crime Curve. [Invited Oral Presentation], Institute for Analytical Sociology Workshop 2016, Norrkoping , 13-JUN-16 - 15-JUN-16.
Grund, T. (2016) Social Network Analysis Using Stata. [Keynote Address], German Stata User Meeting 2016, Cologne , 10-JUN-16 - 10-JUN-16.
Grund, T. (2016) Network structure and selective influence: A model of the age-crime curve. [Invited Oral Presentation], International Network of Analytical Sociologists Conference 2016, Utrecht , 03-JUN-16 - 04-JUN-16.
Grund, T. (2015) nwcommands. Social network analysis using Stata. [Poster Presentation], XXXV Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Brighton, UK , 23-JUN-15 - 28-JUN-15.
Grund, T. (2015) Network analysis using Stata. [Keynote Address], Italian Stata User Group Conference, Florence, Italy , 12-NOV-15 - 13-NOV-15.
Grund, T. (2015) Dynamics of denunciation and the limits of scandal. [Invited Lecture], Mitchchell Center Seminar Series, Manchester, UK , 02-DEC-15 - 02-DEC-15.
Grund, T. (2015) Network dynamics and the micro-macro link. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Micro-Macro Link, Stockholm, Sweden , 11-SEP-15 - 12-SEP-15.


Committee : School Executive
Committee : Development and Communication


Employer: Linkoping University, Institute for Analytical Sociology
Position: Assistant Professor and Deputy Director
Employer: Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm
Position: Marie Curie Fellow
Employer: Universite de Montreal, Criminolgie
Position: Postdoctoral researcher
Employer: ETH Zurich, Sociology
Position: Postdoctoral researcher


Year 2005 Institution: University of Trier
Qualification: Diplom Subject: Sociology
Year 2006 Institution: University of Cambridge
Qualification: Master of Philosophy Subject: Modern Society and Global Transformation
Year 2011 Institution: University of Oxford
Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy Subject: Sociology



Outreach Activities

At several occasions my work has been reported in the media/press:

DIE ZEIT, 7 August 2013, Die Altruisten gewonnen
The Wall Street Journal, 29 March 2013, Have We Evolved to Be Nasty or Nice?
The Voice, 26 October 2012, Refs "More Likely" To Punish Black Players
Irish Examiner, 6 October, 2012, One rule for some - another for everyone else
The Guardian, 4 October 2012, 
Premier League referee decisions can be led by player background
The National, 3 October 2012, Footballers teach business how to improve

Journals Edited

Advances In Complex Systems: Co-Editor.
Social Forces: Reviewer.
Sociological Quarterly: Reviewer.
Sociological Focus: Reviewer.
European Journal Of Criminology: Reviewer.
Social Networks: Reviewer.
American Journal Of Sociology: Reviewer.



Book Chapters

Jaeckel, M. and Grund, T. (2005) 'Eine Mediensoziologie aus Sicht der Klassiker' In: Jaeckel, M (eds). Mediensoziologie. Grundfragen und Forschungsfelder. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. , pp.15-32 [Details]
Kron, T. and Grund, T. (2010) 'Einleitung in die Diskussion zur Analytischen Soziologie' In: Kron, T. and Grund, T (eds). Analytische Sociology in der Diskussion. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. , pp.7-27 [Details]
Grund, T. (2014) 'Network size and homophily: Same-sex friendships in 595 Scandinavian schools' In: Manzo, G (eds). Analytical sociology. Actions and norms. Chichester: Wiley. , pp.299-314 Available Online [Details]
Morselli, C., Grund, T. and Boivin R. (2015) 'Network stability issues in a co-offending population' In: Malm, A. E. and Bichler, G (eds). Disrupting criminal networks. Crime prevention studies, Vol. 28. London: FirstForumPress. , pp.47-65 [Details]

Edited Books

Kron, T. and Grund, T (Ed.). (2010) Analytische Soziologie in der Diskussion. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Grund, T. (2013) 'Review of 'Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks' by Barat, Al. et al. (eds.)'. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 37 (2):131-132. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. (2014) 'Review of 'Agent-Based Computational Sociology' by Flaminio Squazzoni'. Acta Sociologica, 57 (4):371-372. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. (2016) 'The Relational Value of Network Experience in Teams Evidence From the English Premier League'. American Behavioral Scientist, 60 (10):1260-1280. [DOI] [Details]
Kron, T. and Grund, T. (2009) 'Society as a Self-Organized Critical System'. Cybernetics and Human Knowing, 16 (1-2):65-83. Available Online [Details]
Yogev, T. and Grund, T. (2012) 'Structural Dynamics and the Market for Contemporary Art: The Case of International Art Fairs'. Sociological Focus, 54 (1):23-40. [DOI] [Details]
Richardson, L. and Grund, T. (2012) 'Modeling the impact of supra-structural network nodes: The case of anonymous syringe sharing and HIV among people who inject drugs'. Social Science Research, 41 (3):624-636. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. and Densley, J. (2012) 'Ethnic heterogeneity in the activity and structure of a Black street gang'. European Journal of Criminology, 9 (3):388-406. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. (2012) 'Network structure and team performance: The case of English Premier League soccer teams'. Social Networks, 34 (4):682-690. [DOI] [Details]
Gallo, E., Grund, T. and Reade, J. J. (2013) 'Punishing the Foreigner. Implicit Discrimination in the Premier League Based on Oppositional Identity'. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 65 (1):136-156. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T., Waloszek, C. and Helbing, D. (2013) 'How Natural Selection Can Create Both Self- and Other-Regarding Preferences, and Networked Minds'. Scientific Reports, 3 (1480):1-4. [DOI] [Details]
Helbing, D. and Grund, T. (2013) 'Topical issue: Agent-based modeling and techno-social systems'. Advances in Complex Systems, 16 (4 & 5). [Details]
Helbing, D. and Grund, T. (2013) 'Editorial: Agent-based modeling and techno-social systems'. Advances in Complex Systems, 16 (4 & 5):1303002-3-1303002-3. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. (2014) 'Why your friends are more important and special than you think'. Sociological Science, 1 (1):128-40. [DOI] [Details]
Block, P and Grund, T (2014) 'Multidimensional homophily in friendship networks'. Network Science, 2 (2):189-212. [DOI] [Details]
Grund, T. U. and Densley, J. (2015) 'Ethnic homophily and triad closure: Mapping internal gang structure using exponential random graph models'. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 31 (3):354-370. [DOI] [Details]

Other Journals

Grund, T. (2004) 'EVSLabels 1.0. Ein Tool zur automatischen Erstellung von SPSS-Setups fuer Scientific Use Files' ZUMA Methodenbericht 5 . [Details]
Papastefanou, G. and Grund, T. (2004) 'EVSLabels 1.0. Ein Tool zur automatischen Erstellung von SPSS-Setups fuer Scientific Use Fules der EVS 2003' ZUMA Nachrichten 55 (4) :97-98. [Details]


Grund, T. (2015) Social network analysis using Stata. XXXV Sunbelt Conference, June 23 ¿ June 28, Brighton, UK: Workshops [Details]
Grund, T. (2015) Network analysis using Stata. Italian Stata User Group Conference, 14 Nov, Florence, Italy: Workshops [Details]

Working Paper

Grund, T., Morselli, C. and Boivin, R. (2013) Overlapping crime. Stability and specialization of co-offending relationships. Working Paper [Details]
Grund, T. (2014) Absorbing and promoting violence. Extreme-right party support in Germany. Working Paper [Details]
Grund, T. (2015) The relational value of experience in teams. Evidence from the English Premier League. Working Paper [Details]
Mueller, T., Grund, T. and Koskinen, J. (2015) Residential segregation and ethnic flight vs. ethnic avoidance in Sweden. Working Paper [Details]
Mueller, T. and Grund, T. (2015) With a little help from my aunts? The role of extended family members for occupational class attainment. Working Paper [Details]
Grund, T. and Densley, J. (2015) Networks and selective influence: A model of the age-crime curve. Working Paper [Details]
Morselli, C., Grund, C. and Charette, Y. (2015) Public denunciation and the limits of scandal. Working Paper [Details]


Research Interests

I am interested in (1) how social structures limit individuals' view of the world; (2) how embeddedment in social networks affects individuals' behavior and relational choices; and (3) how combined relational patterns lead to broader macro-level outcomes (e.g. cooperation, crime, segregation). Lately, I have been developing a new software suite for network analysis in Stata. I am interested in supervising projects around "social networks" and "analytical sociology".

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin Foundation Ltd.
Title : Generation What
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUL-16 / 30-JUN-18
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Don¿t weight for me: obesity clustering among adolescents in England, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-16 / 30-SEP-18

Current Postgraduate Students

Roland Adorjani, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Travis Tatum, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor



Modules Coordinated

201600   SOC20230     Sociology: Analytical Sociology
201600   SOC10070     Sociology: Sociological Analysis
201600   SOC40760     Sociology: Dynamic Social Networks
201600   SOC40770     Sociology: Analytical Sociology & Apps