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Robert Van Krieken

Visiting Professor

School Of Sociology



Robert van Krieken (1955) received both his BA Honours and PhD in Sociology from the University of New South Wales, and also has a Law degree from the University of Sydney. He has taught and researched for many years at the University of Sydney, where he played a central role in establishing a distinct sociology programme from 1991 onwards, as well as setting up a programme in socio-legal studies in 2006. He has done research on the historical sociology of child welfare in Australia, the Stolen Generations, processes of civilization and decivilization, the question of cultural genocide, and the sociology of recent changes in family law in Australia, the USA, and Europe, as well contributing to the theoretical debates around the work of Elias, Foucault, Luhmann, and Latour. As Professor of Sociology at UCD, he aims to develop the linkages between various centres of sociological research in Ireland, Europe, North America, and Australia.




Association: International Sociological Association, Function/Role: Vice-President, Finance & Membership
Association: Law and Society Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: Sociological Association of Ireland, Function/Role: Member, Executive Committee


Year 1977 Institution: University of New South Wales
Qualification: BA (Hons.) Subject: Sociology
Year 1986 Institution: University of New South Wales
Qualification: PhD Subject: Sociology
Year 2003 Institution: University of Sydney
Qualification: LLB Subject: Law



Journals Edited

Journal Of Sociology: Reviewer.
Childhood: Reviewer.
British Journal Of Sociology: Reviewer.
Theory, Culture And Society: Reviewer.
Law And Social Inquiry: Reviewer.
Current Sociology: Reviewer.



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Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

van Krieken, R; (2011) 'Three faces of civilization: 'In the beginning all the world was Ireland''. Sociological Review, 59 :24-47. [DOI] [Details]
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Research Interests

My research has been on the sociology of childhood and family life, state-formation, organizations, the formation of personality and the self, processes of civilization and decivilization, genocide and cultural genocide, child welfare, legal reasoning, law and social science, legal ideas and institutions, and social theory, especially the work of Elias, Foucault, Weber, Luhmann and Latour