Researchers at UCD


Alexander Von Kriegsheim

Research Fellow

Systems Biology Ireland
Conway Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


I studied chemistry in Germany and decided to move into analytical chemistry during my master project, where I first came into contact with mass spectrometry as a tool to identify proteins. After completing my project I wanted to go abroad and started working in a nascent proteomics group in Oxford. This was initially quite daunting as I went from a student working in a mass spec group to the only person able to operate such a machine in a group dependent on mass spec data.  After two years of a steep learning curve I moved to Glasgow to do my PhD. I chose to move into cell signalling and to use mass spectrometry as a tool to identify novel protein complexes. During my post-doc I then extended this and started using quantitative mass spectrometry and imaging techniques. Data generated in this way can then be used to construct mathematical models of signalling cascades.




Research Interests

 I am currently decoding how external cues regulate the behaviour of cells. Deciphering the underlying program will help in understanding what lies at the root of many diseases. A better understanding of the causes will open new and better avenues of treatment.

My current research area:

  • Modelling cell fate decisions
  • Quantitative phospho-proteomic data and live-cell imaging data is used to generate and validate signalling  networks, which regulate multiple cell fates.