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Colm Ryan

Research Fellow

Systems Biology Ireland



Colm J. Ryan is a Sir. Henry Wellcome Fellow, funded by the Wellcome Trust.. He is interested in understanding how network context may be used to understand the connection between genotype and phenotype. During his PhD he studied large scale genetic-interaction networks in yeast. Currently he is interested in identifying and interpreting synthetic lethal interactions in cancer.



Book Chapters

Pedro Beltrao, Colm Ryan, Nevan J. Krogan (2012) 'Comparative Interaction Networks: Bridging Genotype to Phenotype' In: Pedro Beltrao, Colm Ryan, Nevan J. Krogan (eds). Evolutionary Systems Biology, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. Springer: Springer. [Details]
Ryan C, Cagney G, Krogan NJ, Cunningham P, Greene D (2011) ''Imputing and predicting quantitative genetic interactions in epistatic MAPs' In: Ryan C, Cagney G, Krogan NJ, Cunningham P, Greene D (eds). Network Biology: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology). USA: Springer Verlag. , pp.353-361 Available Online [DOI] [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Ryan CJ, Krogan NJ, Cunningham P, Cagney G (2013) 'All or Nothing: Protein Complexes Flip Essentiality between Distantly Related Eukaryotes'. Genome Biology and Evolution, 5 (6):1049-1059. [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Haber JE, Braberg H, Wu Q, Alexander R, Haase J, Ryan C, Lipkin-Moore Z, Franks-Skiba KE, Johnson T, Shales M, Lenstra TL, Holstege FC, Johnson JR, Bloom K, Krogan NJ (2013) 'Systematic Triple-Mutant Analysis Uncovers Functional Connectivity between Pathways Involved in Chromosome Regulation'. Cell reports, . [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Ryan, C., Greene, D., Cagney, G., Cunningham, P.; (2010) 'Missing value imputation for epistatic MAPs'. BMC Bioinformatics, 11 . Available Online [DOI] [Details]



Current Postgraduate Students

Venkata Darbha, Master of Science (MSc)   -   Thesis Co-Supervisor