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Sourav Bhattacharjee


School Of Veterinary Medicine



Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee finished his degree in Medicine (MBBS) from Medical College Kolkata in 2004. After a brief period of Resident training in Orthopedic Surgery he joined MSc in Biomolecular Sciences/Cell Biology in the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2006). In the meanwhile he moved to Edinburgh (UK) where he worked for almost 14 months under the supervision of Prof. Vicki Stone in the Napier University. Upon finishing MSc he began his PhD in the Wageningen University (Netherlands) in 2008 which he successfully defended in 2012 with a very good thesis grade and quite few research papers. Following that he worked for almost an year as postdoc in MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology in University of Twente (Netherlands). From March 2014 he joined Prof. David Brayden's group in UCD as postdoc working on EU FP7 funded TRANS-INT consortium trying to develop nanoparticulate drug delivery platforms for oral insulin delivery. From February 2016 Sourav joined UCD School of Veterinary Medicine as Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy while also trying to develop his own niche of research encompassing a broad range of nanobiotechnology and advanced microscopy tools for effective diagnostic and drug delivery platforms.



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Research Interests

My research interests mostly focus on designing smart nanoparticulate systems for advanced diagnostics and therapeutic drug delivery systems. In order to do so, I have developed collaborations with both UCD School of Chemistry and UCD Conway Imaging facility. I am keen in developing advanced imaging tools to track nanoparticles 3D within microfluidic devices in physiologically relevant hydrogels (e.g. mucus) and develop mathematical models.


Internal Collaborators

Prof. Alan Baird (UCD School of Veterinary Medicine)
Prof. Stephen D. Carrington (UCD School of Veterinary Medicine)
Prof. Gareth Redmond (UCD School of Chemistry & Chemical Biology) 
Dr. Dimitri Scholz (UCD Conway Imaging Core facility)
Dr. Vladimir Lobaskin (UCD School of Physics)
Dr. Sabine Harrison (School of Agriculture & Food Science)
Dr. Eugene Mahon (UCD Conway Institute)

External Collaborators

Prof. Antonio Almeida (iMed University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Dr. Manuela Gaspar (iMed University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Prof. Maria-Jose Alonso (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)