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Anindya Mukhopadhya

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl I

School Of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Science Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 86 0880539


My research interests include studying the underlying molecular mechanisms of bioactive food ingredients that can impact gastrointestinal immune system and subsequently overall health. I was awarded my PhD in Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin in 2014. I was involved in the first phase of FHI and worked on the screening of several milk hydrolysates in in-vitro and ex-vivo models to identify their inflammatory activity. While in FHI-1, I identified one milk hydrolysate, with high anti-inflammatory activity and took it to a commercial anti-inflammatory product in an animal trial. Currently, I am working as a Post-Doctoral fellow within the Infant Nutrition work-package of FHI focusing on the beneficial effects of milk peptides from both maternal and infant nutrition point of view with an aim identify a nutritional supplement with commercial interest.



Book Chapters

Anindya Mukhopadhya and Torres Sweeney (2016) 'Milk Proteins: Processing of Bioactive Fractions and Effects on Gut Health' In: Isabel Gigli (eds). Milk Proteins - From Structure to Biological Properties and Health Aspects. Croatia: InTech Open. Available Online [DOI] [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

MA Bouwhuis, T Sweeney, A Mukhopadhya, K Thornton, PO McAlpine, JV O'Doherty (2016) 'Zinc methionine and laminarin have growth-enhancing properties in newly weaned pigs influencing both intestinal health and diarrhoea occurrence'. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, . Available Online [Details]
A. Mukhopadhya, T. Sweeney, C. O¿Shea and J. V. O¿Doherty (2016) 'A comparative study of alternatives to pharmacological doses of zinc for improving gut health parameters in weaning piglets'. Journal of Animal Science, . Available Online [Details]
MA Bouwhuis, T Sweeney, A Mukhopadhya, MJ McDonnell, JV O¿Doherty (2017) 'Maternal laminarin supplementation decreases Salmonella Typhimurium shedding and improves intestinal health in piglets following an experimental challenge with S. Typhimurium post-weaning'. Animal Feed Science and Technology, . Available Online [Details]
A Mukhopadhya · JV O¿Doherty · A Smith · B. Bahar · T. Sweeney (2012) 'The microbiological and immunomodulatory effects of spray-dried versus wet dietary supplementation of seaweed extract in the pig gastrointestinal tract'. Journal of Animal Science, . [DOI] [Details]
Anindya Mukhopadhya · Nessa Noronha · Bojlul Bahar · Marion T. Ryan · Brian A. Murray · Phil M. Kelly · Ian B. O'Loughlin · John V. O'Doherty · Torres Sweeney (2014) 'Anti-inflammatory effects of a casein hydrolysate and its peptide-enriched fractions on TNFα-challenged Caco-2 cells and LPS-challenged porcine colonic explants'. Food Sciences and Nutrition, . [DOI] [Details]
Anindya Mukhopadhya · Nessa Noronha · Bojlul Bahar · Marion T Ryan · B A Murray · Phil Kelly · Ian O'Loughlin · John V. O'doherty · T Sweeney (2014) 'The anti-inflammatory potential of a moderately hydrolysed casein and its 5 kDa fraction in in vitro and ex vivo models of the gastrointestinal tract'. Food and Function, . [DOI] [Details]
Albin Mostaque Ahmed · Simone Rocco Sebastiano · Torres Sweeney · James Patrick Hanrahan · Assumpta Glynn · Orla Mary Keane · Anindya Mukhopadhya · Kevin Thornton · Barbara Good (2015) 'Breed differences in humoral and cellular responses of lambs to experimental infection with the gastrointestinal nematode Teladorsagia circumcincta'. Veterinary Research, . [DOI] [Details]
Graham J. O'Neill · Jean Christophe Jacquier · Anindya Mukhopadhya · Thelma Egan · Michael O'Sullivan · Torres Sweeney · E. Dolores O'Riordan (2015) 'In vitro and in vivo evaluation of whey protein hydrogels for oral delivery of riboflavin'. Journal of Functional Foods, . [DOI] [Details]

Conference Publications

A Mukhopadhya, JV O¿Doherty, N Noronha, MT Ryan, T Sweeney (2016) 0941 Comparing the effects of zinc oxide, milk hydrolysate, yeast glucan, and combination of milk hydrolysate/yeast glucan on growth, gut microbiota, and cytokine gene expression in weaning piglets ASAS-JAM 2016 Available Online [Details]
A. Mukhopadhya *1, S. Vigors1, J. V. O¿Doherty2, H. Meridith1, K. Thornton1 and T. Sweeney1 (2016) 0943 Extracts of laminarin improve growth rate and small intestinal morphology in newborn chicks but do not influence Campylobacter colonization ASAS-JAM 2016 Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

I am interested in studying the molecular mechanisms involved in gastrointestinal inflammation and its prevention by nutraceuticals.