Research Profiles

Research Profiles


Researcher Profiles (aka RMS Profiles) enables research and academic staff to maintain an up-to-date Researcher Profile to showcase their research expertise on external facing UCD websites.

The system is used to collate the university’s research outputs for the Annual Report of the President, and to create Researcher Profile pages on UCD School and Institutional websites. The publically available profiles are used by academics, industry, and other organisations to identify potential collaborators for research projects, and by potential students to identify supervisors. Some features of the system include:

  • Pre-filled profile for all academics
  • Automatic updates from Web of Science and PubMed
  • Automatic updates from university systems including HR, Student Registration and Financial systems
  • Feeds for researcher profiles on websites -
  • Multiple options for downloading information
  • Seamless integration with the Research Repository UCD - when uploading publications to RMS Profiles researchers can add the final draft version for upload to the Research Repository UCD. Instructions can be found on this PDF.

Updating Your Profile

  • Click here to login.
  • Enter your username (your UCD email address, e.g.
  • Enter your password (the first time you login your password is your UCD Personnel Number).
  • The first time you login you will be prompted to change your password. To do so, re-enter your UCD Personnel Number and then choose a new alpha-numeric password.
  • The system will notify you that the password has been successfully changed. It will also request that you login again using your new password.
  • When you login to the system, you will then be brought to the Edit Profile screen, where you can begin editing and updating your profile.


  • Support is available by selecting the question mark icon on the top right of each page.
  • When copying and pasting text, use the "paste-as-text" icon on the text editor menu in order to remove unwanted formatting.
  • Before entering any peer-reviewed journals, check where applicable, if they are available from the web of knowledge list by clicking the "Add publication from web of knowledge" link.

Publishing Your Profile

Click on the Publish Profile tab in navigation bar to begin publishing.

Step 1: Select Content: Select the content you want to include from each section of your profile using the checkboxes. Don’t forget to hit the ‘save’ button to save your selections.

Step 2: Order and Preview: Rank and Order the content in each section using arrows to move items up or down the list. The “Reset Order” button reorders the lists in reverse chronological order. Don’t forget to hit the ‘save’ button to save your ordering.

Step 3: Publish or Export: Select one of the publishing or export options from the list:

  • Use 'Publish My Profile to Web' to update your profile page on the web.
  • Use 'Review Web Profile' to get a preview of what your webpage will look like.
  • Use 'Export Profile to Word' to generate your profile in MS Word.

Your published profile will be copied to the UCD Research website (and other UCD websites) overnight.


For further information, please check out the following documents (these are accessible by using your Connect username and password to log in to our secure intranet):  


Dr Dimitrios-Stavros Kapetanakis
Research Systems Analyst

Dimitrios-Stavros supports Research Information Systems, RMS, analytics and reporting on research activity.

T: 01 716 4048
E: Email Dimitrios-Stavros