Grant Registration

Grant Registration

If you have been awarded a grant, congratulations! Here’s how to register your award and make sure the contract for your grant is in place. The grant registration team is here to assist you through this process and will help you get some important things in order, namely:

  • A legal agreement or contract covering the research project, funding to be provided and the expected deliverables (in conjunction with UCD Corporate & Legal).
  • A research account, allowing you access to your funding and the recording of all financial transactions associated with your research project (in conjunction with the UCD Research Finance Office).

When you receive notification of your award, send an email (including your award documentation) to and the relevant team member will be in touch with you to make sure all is in order and get you set up on the online system, RMS Grants.

EU Horizon 2020 Grants

If you have been awarded an EU Horizon 2020 grant, there is an extra process that you are required to complete called ‘grant preparation’ in advance of your grant being fully signed-off.  This stage is handled by the European Commission / Research Executive Agency, and you can find more information here. If you need any help on this, give us a call.

Project Start-up

Once you’ve completed all of your grant registration steps and you have your research account, your project can begin and you move into the post-award phase. You may need to recruit staff or students, procure goods and equipment, or conduct other post-award activities. This Post-Award FAQ provides contact information for those who can help you with your post-award queries.

Grant Registration Team

Fanchea Rooney
Team Lead and Research Administrator

Fanchea takes care of all grant registration for the College of Engineering & Architecture, the School of Agriculture & Food Science and the School of Veterinary Medicine.

T: 01 716 4018
E: Email Fanchea

Emma Golding
Research Administrator

Emma supports grant registration for the College of Engineering and Architecture.

T: (01) 716 4017
E: Email Emma

Dr Paul Huddie
Research Administrator

Paul is responsible for the registration of successful research funding grants and agreements.

T: 01 716 4010
E: Email Paul

Tanja Junghenn
Research Administrator

Tanja looks after grant registration for the College of Social Sciences & Law, the College of Science and the Research Institutes.

T: 01 716 4007
E: Email Tanja

Maciek Szydlowski
Research Administrator

Maciek is responsible for the registration of successful research funding grants and agreements. 

T: 01 716 4016
E: Email Maciek

Ann Mooney
Research Administrator

Ann handles all grant registration for the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, and the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science.

T: 01 716 4020
E: Email Ann