Quality Review Report

The UCD Research Performance and Reporting team, in conjunction with UCD Library, can help you prepare for each stage of the quality review process.

Quality Review Process StageDescription of Support Available
1. Preparation of a Self-Assessment Report
  • UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library staff meet with the School Quality Review Chair to discuss required information.
  • UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library staff prepare required information within an agreed timescale.
  • UCD Research provides Research Statements outlining number of proposals, awards, publications etc. for your School / Institute.
  • UCD Library provides a range of metrics using Scival and other tools; metrics include citation counts, collaboration information, benchmarking against peer institutions.
  • Click here for the Self-assessment report template [docx]
2. A site visit by a Review Group that includes internal (UCD) and external experts, both national and international
  • UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library staff meet with Review Group as required.
3. Preparation of a Review Group Report
  • UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library staff provide additional analysis and information for the review group report.
4. Agreement of an action plan to effect improvement
  •  UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library staff work with the School to develop appropriate metrics for monitoring the action plan (if needed).

Contact Us

Send an email to rmssupport@ucd.ie or contact the relevant person below.

Liam Cleere
Senior Manager – Research Reporting & Analytics

Liam is an analytics expert who reports on key research and innovation metrics, providing insights to the organisation. He oversees development of the research systems operated by UCD Research such as RMS grants and researcher profiles.

T: 01 716 4058
E: Email Liam

Michelle Dalton
Scholarly Communications Librarian

Michelle provides support and advice on bibliometrics, measuring research impact, and publication strategy.

T: 01 716 7530
E: Email Michelle