ConsultUCD - working with you

ConsultUCD - working with you

Consultancy is a key mechanism by which the university can transfer knowledge. This knowledge is applied by the organisation and put to work for the public good. Providing specialist opinions, advising on technical issues and helping to solve problems contributes to the growth of the economy and improves society generally.

The provision of consultancy is recognised as one of the university’s impact activities and supports UCD’s strategy.

ConsultUCD - working with you

ConsultUCD has been set up specifically to provide a complete support service to UCD staff who wish to work as consultants. We can help you by:

  • Identifying consulting opportunities in your existing relationships
  • Preparing a Schedule of Work, which sets out very clearly what you’re going to deliver to the client and when
  • Setting the appropriate professional fee for your work, at a commercial rate and will work with your School to agree charges for the use of UCD facilities
  • Agreeing a contract for the work or reviewing contracts provided by the client
  • Providing access to UCD’s professional indemnity and public liability insurances
  • Preparing and issuing invoices for the work carried out, collecting fees from clients, and distributing the income according to your direction
  • Providing training and skills development sessions.

This support leaves you free to focus on the most important things: sharing your expertise and building your relationship with the client.
We work with all disciplines and offer support for all projects, regardless of value or duration. If you have questions you may find an answer on our FAQ page or please get in touch with us directly.


Contact Us

We are always happy to discuss how we can help you deliver consultancy for external clients - whether you have a firm opportunity right now or just want to talk about the general principles and the assistance that we can provide. You’ll find more information on our webpages

Elizabeth Nolan
Head of Consultancy Services, ConsultUCD

Elizabeth is responsible for developing a professional and commercial managed consultancy service to facilitate access and support engagement between business, industry and UCD. This includes facilitating and supporting UCD academics and professional staff to engage in consultancy with external clients.

T: 01 716 3714
E: Email Elizabeth