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'Market Bargains, Seaweed Starter'. Image by Diane-Sabenacio Nititham.

'Market Bargains, Seaweed Starter'. Image by Diane-Sabenacio Nititham.

UCD School of Economics - Research Publications 2008/09

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Economics in the academic year 2008/09

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Professor Cormac O'Grada
O'Grada, C. (2009) Famine: A Short History. Princeton: Princeton University Press.  
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Book Chapters
Dr Kevin J M Denny
A Chevalier, K Denny & D McMahon (2009) 'Intergenerational Mobility and Education Equality P. Dolton, R. Asplund and E. Barth (Eds), ' In: Education and Inequality across Europe. London: Edward Elgar. Available Online  
Professor David Madden
O'Hagan, J and Newman, C (2008) 'Taxation, Debt and the Public Finances' In: The Economy of Ireland: National and Sectoral Policy Issues. Dublin, Ireland: Gill and McMillan.  
Professor Cormac O'Grada
Cormac Ó Gráda (2008) 'The Irish economy half a century ago' In: Michael Miley (eds). Growing Knowledge: 50 Years of Agriculture and Food Research. Dublin: Teagasc.  
 Professor Colm Harmon
Colm Harmon, Carol Newman (2009) 'Education' In: The Economy of Ireland. Dublin: Gill and MacMillan.
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Peer Reviewed Journals
Dr Olivier Bargain
Bargain, O. (2009) 'Flexible Labour Supply Models'. Economics Letters .  
Bargain, O. and T. Callan (2008) 'Effects of Tax-benefit Changes on Inequality Trends in Europe: A Decomposition Approach'. Journal of Economic Inequality .  
Bargain, O., M. Caliendo, P. Haan and K. Orsini (2008) '`Making Work Pay' in a Rationed Labour Market'. Journal of Population Economics .  
Bargain, O., S. Bhaumik, M. Chakrabarty and Z. Zhao (2008) 'Returns to Education in China and India: Implications for Skill Shortage'. Review of Income and Wealth .  
Professor Ronald Brandon Davies
Davies, R., P. Norback and A. Teykin-Koru (2009) 'The Effects of Tax Treaties on Multinational Firms: New Evidence from Microdata'. World Economy, 32 :77-110.  
Davies, Ronald B. and Annie Voy (2009) 'The Effect of FDI on Child Labor'. Journal of Development Economics .  
Dr Liam Delaney
Wall P, McGloin A, Delaney L, Hudson E, (2009) 'Session 5: Nutrition communication. The challenge of effective food risk communication'. The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2:135-141.
Michael Daly & Liam Delaney & Colm P. Harmon (2009) 'Psychological and Biological Foundations of Time Preference'. Journal of the European Economic Association, 7 (2-3):659-669.

Liam Delaney & Francis O'Toole, (2008) 'Preferences for specific social welfare expenditures in Ireland'. Applied Economic Letters, 15 (12):985-989.

Carol Newman & Liam Delaney & Brian Nolan, (2008) 'A Dynamic Model of the Relationship Between Income and Financial Satisfaction: Evidence from Ireland'. Economic and Social Review, 39 (2):105-130.

Dr Kevin J M Denny
K. Denny, O. Doyle (2009) 'Returns to Basic Skills in Central and Eastern Europe: A Semi-Parametric Approach'. Economics of Transition .  
K. Denny, O. Doyle (2009) 'Does Voting History Matter? Analysing Persistence in Turnout American Journal of Political Science'. American Journal of Political Science, 53 (1):17-35.  
Professor Paul Devereux
Devereux P.J. and G. Tripathi (2009) 'Optimally Combining Censored and Uncensored Datasets'. Journal of Econometrics, 151 (1):17-32. Available Online  
Ackerberg D.A. and P.J. Devereux (2009) 'Improved JIVE Estimators for Overidentified Linear Models with and without Heteroskedasticity'. Review of Economics and Statistics, 91 (2):351-362. Available Online  
Dr Kanika Kapur
Jose Escarce and Kanika Kapur (2009) 'Do Patients Bypass Rural Hospitals? Determinants of Inpatient Hospital Choice in Rural California'. journal of health care for the poor and underserved, 20 (3):625-644.  
Professor James Roell Markusen
James R. Markusen and Bridget Strand (2009) 'Adapting the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise to Trade and Investment in Business Services'. World Economy, 32 :6-29.  
James R. Markusen and Edward Balistreri (2009) 'Sub-national Differentiation and the Role of the Firm in Optimal International Pricing'. Economic Modeling, 26 :47-62.  
James R. Markusen and Natalia Trofimenko (2009) 'Teaching the Locals New Tricks: Foreign Experts as a Source of Productivity Transfer'. Journal of Development Economics, 88 :120-133.  
James R. Markusen and Bridget Strand (2008) 'Offshoring of Business Services in Small, Open Economies: Toward a General-Equilibrium Modeling Approach'. Journal of Industry, Competitiveness and Trade, 8 :231-246.  
Professor Cormac O'Grada
Cormac Ó Gráda (2008) 'Economic status, religion, and demography in an Ulster town in the early twentieth century'. History of the Family: International Quarterly Journal, 13 (4):350-359.  
Dr Sarah A Parlane
Sarah Parlane (2008) 'Auctioning Horizontally Differentiated Items'. Review of Industrial Organization .  
Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
Amaya Vega & Aisling Reynolds-Feighan (2009) 'A methodological framework for the study of residential location and travel-to-work mode choice under central and suburban employment destination patterns'. Transportation Research Part A-Policy and Practice . Available Online  
Professor Colm Harmon
Michael Daly, Liam Delaney, Colm Harmon (2009) 'Psychological and Biological Foundations of Time Preference:Evidence from a Day Reconstruction Study with Biological Tracking'. Journal of the European Economic Association, 7(2-3):659-669.
Colm Harmon, Orla Doyle, James Heckman, Richard Tremblay (2009) 'Early Childhood Intervention: Rationale, Timingand Efficacy'. Economics and Human Biology, 7 (1):1-6.
Dr Frank Walsh
Strobl, E, Walsh, F, (2009) 'Recent trends in Trade Union membership in Ireland'. Economic and Social Review, 40 (1):117-138. Available Online  
Professor Karl Whelan
Whelan, Karl T., (2009) 'Technology shocks and hours worked: Checking for robust conclusions'. Journal of Macroeconomics, 31 (2):231-239.  
Kieran McQuinn & Karl Whelan (2008) 'Prospects for Growth in the Euro Area'. CESifo Economic Studies, Oxford University Press, 54 (4):642-680.  
Antonello D'Agostino & Karl Whelan (2008) 'Federal Reserve Information During the Great Moderation'. Journal of the European Economic Association, 6 (2-3):609-620.  
Whelan, Karl (2008) 'Consumption and expected asset returns without assumptions about unobservables'. Journal of Monetary Economics, 55 (7):1209-1221.  
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Other Journals
Professor Cormac O'Grada
Cormac Ó Gráda (2009) 'Rough Justice' Dublin Review of Books, 9 .Available Online  
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Conference Publications
Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
Aisling Reynolds-Feighan (2008) The Impact of Changes in Global Airline Network Structures on Accessibility 55th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, 2008,  
Aisling Reynolds-Feighan (2008) Comparison of Transportation Network Structure Measures and Their Decomposition European Regional Sicence Association 48th Congress,  
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Published Reports
Dr Kevin J M Denny
K. Denny O.Doyle V.'O Sullivan P.O'Reilly (2009) A profile of Higher Education Access Route Schools. UCD Geary Institute, Dublin.  
Mr Colm McCarthy
Colm McCarthy and Others (2009) Report of the Special group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes, Vols. 1 & 2. Stationery Office, Dublin.  
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