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'Channeling the Goddess with Upraised Arms'. Image by Ms Catherine Parnell.

'Channeling the Goddess with Upraised Arms'. Image by Ms Catherine Parnell.

UCD School of Classics - Research Publications 2010/11.

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Classics in the academic year 2010/11

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Dr Aude Doody Doody, A. Pliny’s Encyclopaedia: the Reception of the Natural History, Cambridge University Press, 2010.


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Book Chapters

Dr Aude Doody Doody, A. ‘The Science and Aesthetics of Names in the Natural History,’ in R. Gibson & R. Morello eds., Pliny the Elder. Themes and Contexts (Brill, Leiden 2011), 113-30.

Dr Alexander Gordon Thein Thein, A. ‘Sulla’s veteran settlement policy,’ in F. Daubner, ed., Militärsiedlungen und Territorialherrschaft in der Antike (Walter de Gruyter, Berlin 2010), 79-99.


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Peer Reviewed Journals

Dr Philip De Souza de Souza, P. ‘War, Slavery and Empire in Roman Imperial Iconography,’ Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 54.1 (2011), 31-62.

Dr Helen Dixon Dixon, H. ‘Pomponio Leto's notes on Lucretius in Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, X 2° 82 rariora,’ Aevum, 85.1 (2011), 191-216.Dixon, H. ‘Where was the birthplace of Pomponio Leto?’ Aevum, 84.3 (2010), 641-58.Dixon, H. ‘Pomponio Leto and his teachers Lorenzo Valla and Pietro Odo da Montopoli,’ Italia Medioevale e Umanistica, 51 (2010), 261-319.

Dr Alexander Gordon Thein Thein, A. ‘Revisiting Augustus’ northern Campus Martius,’ Journal of Roman Archaeology (2010), 483-7.

Professor Theresa E Urbainczyk Urbainczyk, T. ‘History as fiction or fiction as history: the case of slave revolts,’ Mnemon (2010).


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Invited Review Papers

Professor Michael Lloyd Lloyd, M., 'Greek Tragedy in Ireland 2010', Classics Ireland 17 (2010), 100-9.