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'Illegal Advertising'. Image by by Mr. Connell Vaughan.

'Illegal Advertising'. Image by by Mr. Connell Vaughan.

UCD School of Economics - Research Publications 2010/11

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Economics in the academic year 2010/11

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Professor Cormac Ó Gráda Cormac Ó Gráda‘Storia delle carestie’ Il mulino, 2011, 250 pages

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Book Chapters
Professor Paul Devereux

Orley Ashenfelter and David Card (2010) 'Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility' In: Handbook of Labor Economics. New York: North Holland.

Professor Cormac Ó Gráda

Ó Gráda, C. ‘The Tortoise and the Hare: Economic Growth in Britain and the Netherlands c. 1500-1800’, IN Reynald Abad, ed. Les passions d’un historien: mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Pierre Poussou.  Paris: PUPS, 2010. Ó Gráda, C. ‘Yardsticks for workhouse management during the Great Famine’, in Victoria Crossman and Peter Gray, eds.  Poverty and Welfare in Ireland 1838–1948, Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2011, pp. 69-96. Ó

Gráda, C.  ‘O passado e o futuro da fome’, in Instituto Portugués de Apoio e Desenvolvimento, Matar a Fome de Saúde e Bem-Estar (Lisbon, 2011), pp. 100-111.

Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan

Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. & R.W. Vickerman (2011) 'Transportation Economics for Planners in the 21st Twenty-First Century' In: Nancy Brooks, Kieran Donaghy and Gerrit-Jan Knaap (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. (2011) 'Comparative Analysis of Air Freight Networks in Regional Markets around the world' In: James H. Bookbinder (eds). Global Logistics. Philadelphia: Springer-verlag Gmbh.

Professor Karl Whelan
Karl Whelan (2011) 'Ireland's Sovereign Debt Crisis' In: Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Giancarlo Corsetti (eds). Life in the Eurozone: With or Without Sovereign Default?. Philadelphia, PA, USA: FIC Press, Wharton Financial Institutions Center. Available Online  
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Dr Olivier Bargain

Olivier Bargain & Prudence Kwenda, 2011. "Earnings Structures, Informal Employment, And Self-Employment: New Evidence From Brazil, Mexico, And South Africa," Review of Income and Wealth, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 57, pages S100-S122, 05

Dr Matthew Cole

Cole, M.T. and Davies, R.B. (2011) 'Strategic Tariffs, Tariff jumping, and Heterogeneous Firms'. European Economic Review, 55 (4):480-496.  
Professor Ronald Davies
Cole, M.T. and Davies, R.B. (2011) 'Strategic Tariffs, Tariff jumping, and Heterogeneous Firms'. European Economic Review, 55 (4):480-496. Davies, Ronald B. (2010) “Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, Drug Purity, and a Test of Rational Drug Use,” Economic and Social Review, 41(4), 429-457. Dr Liam Delaney Delaney, Liam & McGovern, Mark & Smith, James P., 2011. "From Angela's ashes to the Celtic tiger: Early life conditions and adult health in Ireland," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 30(1), pages 1-10 Arthur van Soest & Liam Delaney & Colm Harmon & Arie Kapteyn & James P. Smith, 2011. "Validating the use of anchoring vignettes for the correction of response scale differences in subjective questions," Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series A, Royal Statistical Society, vol. 174(3), pages 575-595, 07 Dr Kevin Denny Kevin  J. Denny (2011) ‘Handedness and drinking behaviour’British Journal of Health Psychology 16(2), May 2011,  386-395  
Professor Paul Devereux
Devereux, Paul J. and Robert A. Hart (2011) 'A Good Time to Stay Out? Strikes and the Business Cycle'. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 49 (s1):s70-s92.  
Black, Sandra E., Devereux, Paul J., and Kjell G. Salvanes (2011) 'Too Young to Leave the Nest? The Effects of School Starting Age'. Review of Economics and Statistics, 93 (2):455-467.  
Black, Sandra E., Devereux, Paul j., and Kjell G. Salvanes (2011) 'Older and Wiser? Birth Order and IQ of Young Men'. CESifo Economic Studies, Oxford University Press, 57 (1):103-120.  
Devereux, Paul J. and Robert A. Hart (2010) 'Forced to be Rich? Returns to Compulsory Schooling in Britain'. Economic Journal, 120 (549):1345-1364.  
Dr Kanika Kapur
Kanika Kapur and Jeannette Rogowski (2011) 'How Does Health Insurance Affect the Retirement Behavior of Women?'. Inquiry, 48 (1):51-67.  
Robert W.Fairlie, Kanika Kapur, Susan Gates (2011) 'Is employer-based health insurance a barrier to entrepreneurship?'. Journal of Health Economics, 20 (1):146-162.  
Professor David Madden
David Madden (2011) 'Health and income poverty in Ireland, 2003-2006'. Journal of Economic Inequality, 9 (1):23-33. Professor Cormac Ó Gráda Ó Gráda, C. (with Diarmaid Ó Muirithe) ‘The Irish Famine of 1740-41 in poetry’.  Éire-Ireland, 45[3-4] Fall/Winter 2010: 41-62. Ó Gráda, C. (with Morgan Kelly, UCD), ‘The poor law of old England: resource constraints and demographic regimes’, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, XLI:3 (2010): 339-366. Ó Gráda, C. ‘Did Ireland under-industrialize?’ Irish Economic & Social History, 36 (2010) 117-123. Ó Gráda, C. ‘Famines Past, Famine’s Future’, Development & Change, 42:1 (2011). Ó Gráda, C. ‘Great leap into famine’. Population and Development Review, 43(1): 191-202.  
Dr Ivan Pastine

Pastine, I. and T. Pastine (2011) 'Coordination in Markets with Consumption Externalities: Advertising and Product Quality'. The Manchester School, 79 (1):45-62.

Professor Brendan Walsh (Emeritus)

Brendan Walsh and Dermot Walsh (2011) ‘Suicide in Ireland: The Influence of Alcoholand Unemployment’ The Economic and Social Review, Vol. 42, No. 1, Spring, 2011, pp. 27–47

Dr Frank Walsh

Strobl, Eric & Walsh, Frank, (2011) "The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on hours," Labour Economics, Elsevier, vol. 18(2), pages 218-228, April.

Dr Ciara Whelan
Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan (2011) 'Mr Whitaker and Industry: Setting the Record Straight - A Reply to Barry and Daly'. Economic and Social Review, 42 (2):169-175. Available Online  
Walsh, P.P. and Whelan C. (2010) 'Hirschman and Irish Industrial Policy'. Economic and Social Review, 41 (3):283-300. Available Online  
Mariuzzo, F., Walsh, P. P., and Whelan C (2010) 'Coverage of Retail Stores and Discrete Choice Models of Demand: Estimating Price Elasticities and Welfare Effects'. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 28 (5):555-578. Available Online  
Professor Karl Whelan
Martina Lawless and Karl Whelan (2011) 'Understanding the Dynamics of Labor Shares and Inflation'. Journal of Macroeconomics, 33 (2):121-136. Available Online  
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Other Journals
Professor David Madden
Madden, David (2011) 'The Impact of an Economic Boom on the Level and Distribution of Subjective Well-Being: Ireland, 1994-2001' Journal of Happiness Studies, 12 :667-679.  
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Published Reports
Dr Orla Doyle
Doyle, O & PFL Evaluation Team (2011) Report on Children's Profile at School Entry 2008-2011: Evaluation of the 'Preparing For Life' Early Childhood Intervention Programme. UCD, Dublin.  
Dr Frank Walsh  
‘Report of Independent Review of Employment Regulation Orders and Registered Employment Agreement Wage Setting Mechanisms’ by Kevin Duffy and Frank Walsh, Department of Jobs, Trade and Innovation, April 2011  
Other Publications
Dr Orla Doyle
Cheevers, C., Doyle, O., & McNamara, K.A. (2010) Child Externalising and Internalising Behaviour in the First Year of School: The Role of Parenting in a Low SES Population. Dublin, Ireland: Working Paper. Available Online  
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Conference Publications
Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. (2011) “Multi-market Contact in European and North American Airline Networks”, 52nd Annual Transportation Research Forum, Long Beach, CA, USA, March 10-12, 2011.  
Feighan, K.J. & A.J. Reynolds-Feighan (2010) “The Irish Road Network as a Delivery Mechanism for Health, Education and Employment Opportunities”, Paper presented at the First Annual Conference of the Irish Transport Research Network, UCD, August 31st-September 1st 2010.  
Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. (2010) “Airport Hinterland Overlap in European and North American Air Transport Systems”, 39th Annual Conference of Regional Science Association International – British & Irish Section, Glasgow, UK, August 25-28th, 2010. Also presented at the First Annual Conference of the Irish Transport Research Network, UCD, August 31st-September 1st 2010.