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'Makes you think!'. Image by Dr Ian Reid.

'Makes you think!'. Image by Dr Ian Reid.

UCD School of Mathematical Sciences - Research Publications 2010/11

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Mathematical Sciences in the academic year 2010/11

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Professor Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch (2010) Rambling Round Ireland: A Commodius Vicus of Recirculation. Dublin: Liffey Press.  
Dr Thomas Unger
Knebusch, M. (Author) and Unger, T. (Translator) (2010) Specialization of Quadratic and Symmetric Bilinear Forms. London: Springer.  

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Book Chapters
Professor Peter Lynch
Rodrigo Caballero and Peter Lynch (2011) 'Climate modelling and deep-time climate change' In: Trevor Hodkinson, Mike Jones, John Parnell and Steve Waldren (eds). Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  
Peter Lynch (2011) 'From Richardson to Early Numerical Weather Prediction' In: Leo Donner, Wayne Schubert, Richard Somerville (eds). The Development of Atmospheric General Circulation Models: Complexity, Synthesis and Computation. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press (ISBN-13: 9780521190060).  
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Peer Reviewed Journals
Dr Vincent Astier
Astier, V. and Mariano, H. (2011) 'Realizing profinite reduced special groups'. Pacific Journal of Mathematics .  
Dr Miguel Bustamante
Miguel D. Bustamante (2011) '3D Euler equations and ideal MHD mapped to regular systems: Probing the finite-time blowup hypothesis'. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 240 (13):1092-1099.  
E. Kartashova and M. D. Bustamante (2011) 'Commun. Comput. Phys. 10, 1211-1240, Resonance clustering in wave turbulent regimes: Integrable dynamics'. .  
Professor Frederic Dias
Dias, F,Vanden-Broeck, JM (2011) 'Potential-flow studies of steady two-dimensional jets, waterfalls, weirs and sprays'. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 70 :165-174.  
Chardard, F,Dias, F,Nguyen, HY,Vanden-Broeck, JM (2011) 'Stability of some stationary solutions to the forced KdV equation with one or two bumps'. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 70 :175-189.  
Chardard, F,Dias, F,Bridges, TJ (2011) 'Computing the Maslov index of solitary waves, Part 2: Phase space with dimension greater than four'. Physica D, 240 :1334-1344.  
Stefanakis, TS,Dias, F,Dutykh, D (2011) 'Local Run-Up Amplification by ResonantWave Interactions'. Physical Review Letters, 107 .  
Dutykh, D., Poncet, R. and Dias, F. (2011) 'The VOLNA code for the numerical modeling of tsunami waves: Generation, propagation and inundation'. European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 30 :598-615.  
Kuznetsov, E.A. and Dias, F. (2011) 'Bifurcations of solitons and their stability'. Physics Reports, 507 :43-105.  
Papadimitrakis, I.A. and Dias, F. (2011) 'Occurrence and breaking of extreme waves in deep water. A stochastic approach revisit'. The Open Ocean Engineering Journal, 4 :15-23.  
Dudley, J.M. et al., (2010) 'Extreme events in optics: Challenges of the MANUREVA project'. The European Physical Journal - Special Topics, 185 :125-133.  
Professor Nial Friel
N. Friel, A.N. Pettitt (2011) 'Classification using distance nearest neighbours'. Statistics and Computing, 21 (3):431-437. Available Online  
M. Hall, N. Friel (2011) 'Mortality Projections using Generalized Additive Models with applications to annuity values for the Irish population'. Annals of Actuarial Science, 5 :19-32.  
H. Wang, N. Friel, F. Gosselin and P. Schyns (2011) 'Efficient bubbles for visual categorization tasks'. Vision Research, 51 :1318-1323.  
A. Caimo and N. Friel (2011) 'Bayesian inference for exponential random graph models'. Social Networks, 33 :41-55. Available Online  
Professor Stephen Gardiner
Gardiner, Stephen J. (2011) 'Coincidence of harmonic and finely harmonic functions'. Potential Analysis, 34 (1):81-88.  
Gardiner, Stephen J. (2010) 'Sets of determination for the Nevanlinna class'. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 42 (6):1115-1120.  
Gardiner, Stephen J. (2010) 'Finely continuously differentiable functions'. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 266 (4):851-861.  
Stephen J. Gardiner (2010) 'Potential theory in the exterior of a cylindrical set'. Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 59 (5):1777-1792.  
Dr Marius Ghergu
Ghergu, M., Moradifam, A. and Taliaferro, S.D. (2011) 'Isolated singularities of polyharmonic inequalities'. JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS, 261 (3):660-680. Available Online  
Ghergu, M. (2011) 'A Lane-Emden system with singular data'. Proceedings of Royal Society Edinburgh, Section A, 141 (6):1279-1294. Available Online  
Ghergu, M. and Radulescu, V. (2010) 'Turing patterns in a general Brusselator system'. Communications in Contemporary Mathematics, 12 (5):661-679.  
Dr Claire Gormley
Nyamundanda, G., Brennan, L and Gormley, I.C. (2010) 'Probabilistic principal component analysis for metabolomic data'. BMC Bioinformatics, 11 (571).  
Morine MJ, McMonagle J, Toomey S, Reynolds CM, Moloney AP, Gormley IC, O Gaora P, Roche HM (2010) 'Bi-directional gene set enrichment and canonical correlation analysis identify key diet-sensitive pathways and biomarkers of metabolic syndrome'. BMC Bioinformatics, 11 (1).  
Dr Gabrielle E Kelly
Kelly, G.E. and More, S.J. (2011) 'Spatial clustering of TB-infected cattle herds prior to and following proactive badger removal'. Epidemiology & Infection, 139 (8):1220-1229.  
Professor Peter Lynch
Nolan, P., P. Lynch and C. Sweeney (2011) 'Simulating Climate Change and its Effects on the Wind Energy Resource of Ireland'. Wind Energy .  
Colm Clancy & Peter Lynch (2011) 'Laplace transform integration of the shallow water equations. Part 2: Lagrangian formulation and orographic resonance'. Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society, 137 :800-809.  
Colm Clancy & Peter Lynch (2011) 'Laplace transform integration of the shallow water equations. Part 1: Eulerian formulation and Kelvin waves'. Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society, 137 :792-799.  
Dr Michael Mackey
Hoffmann, Philipp and Mackey, Michael and Ó Searcóid, Mícheál (2011) 'On the second parameter of an $(m,p)$-isometry'. Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 71 :389-405.  
Professor Gary McGuire
O'Connor, LH,McGuire, G,Naehrig, M,Streng, M (2011) 'A CM construction for curves of genus 2 with p-rank 1'. Journal of Number Theory, 131 :920-935.  
Gologlu, F,McGuire, G,Moloney, R (2011) 'Binary Kloosterman sums using Stickelberger's theorem and the Gross-Koblitz formula'. Acta Arithmetica, 148 :269-279.  
Hernando, F,McGuire, G (2011) 'Proof of a conjecture on the sequence of exceptional numbers, classifying cyclic codes and APN functions'. Journal of Algebra, 343 :78-92.  
Dr Patrick Murphy
Burke, O,Murphy, P (2011) 'The use of volunteer radon measurements for radon mapping purposes: an examination of sampling bias issues'. Journal of Radiological Protection, 31 :319-328.  
Professor Thomas Murphy
Stokes, EK, O'Connell, C and Murphy, B (2011) 'An investigation into fatigue post stroke and its multidimensional nature'. Advances in Physiotherapy, 13 (1):2-10.  
Fan, Y., Murphy, T.B., Byrne, J., Brennan, L., Fitzpatrick, J. and Watson, R.W.G. (2011) 'Applying Random Forests to identify biomarker panels in serum 2D-DIGE data for the detection and staging of prostate cancer'. Journal of Proteome Research, 10 (3):1361-1373.  
Arnold, J.A., Saldova, R., Galligan, M.C., Murphy, T.B., Mimura-Kimura, Y., Telford, J.E., Godwin, A.K., Rudd, P. M. (2011) 'Novel Glycan Biomarkers for the Detection of Lung Cancer'. Journal of Proteome Research, 10 (4):1755-1764.  
Galvin, R., Cusack, T., O'Grady, E., Murphy, T.B., Stokes, E. (2011) 'Family mediated exercise intervention [FAME]: evaluation of a novel form of exercise delivery after stroke'. Stroke, 42 :681-686. Available Online  
Toher, D., Downey, G. and Murphy, T.B. (2011) 'Semi-Supervised Linear Discriminant Analysis'. Journal of Chemometrics .  
Rowan, F., Docherty, N.G., Murphy, M., Murphy, T.B., Coffey, J.C. and O'Connell, P.R. (2010) 'Bacterial colonisation of colonic crypts correlates with disease activity in ulcerative colitis'. Annals of Surgery, 252 (5):869-875.  
Rowan, F., Docherty, N.G., Murphy, M., Murphy, T.B., Coffey, J.C. and O'Connell, P.R. (2010) 'Desulfovibrio bacterial species are increased in ulcerative colitis'. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, 53 (11):1530-1536.  
McNicholas, P.D. and Murphy, T.B. (2010) 'Model-Based Clustering of Microarray Expression Data via Latent Gaussian Mixture Models'. Bioinformatics, 26 (21):2705-2712.  
Dr Zoltan Neufeld
Cerone, L. and Munoz-Garcia, J. and Neufeld, Z. (2011) 'Integrating Multiple Signals into Cell Decisions by Networks of Protein Modification Cycles'. Biophysical Journal, 101 (7).  
Bruning U, Cerone L, Neufeld Z, Fitzpatrick SF, Cheong A, Scholz CC, Simpson DA, Leonard MO, Tambuwala MM, Cummins EP, Taylor CT (2011) 'MicroRNA-155 Promotes Resolution of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1{alpha} Activity During Prolonged Hypoxia''. Molecular Cell Biology, 31 .  
W McKiver and Z Neufeld (2011) 'Resonant plankton patchiness induced by large scale turbulent flow'. Physical Review E, 83 .  
Dr James O'Shea
O'Shea, J (2011) 'Sums of squares in certain quaternion and octonion algebras'. Comptes Rendus Mathématique. Académie des Sciences. Paris, 349 :239-242.  
Dr Robert Osburn
Osburn, R,Sahu, B (2011) 'Congruences via modular forms'. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 139 :2375-2381.  
Osburn, R,Sahu, B (2011) 'Supercongruences for Apery-like numbers'. Advances in Applied Mathematics, 47 :631-638.  
D. Brink, P. Moree and R. Osburn (2011) 'Principal forms X^2 + nY^2 representing many integers'. 81 (2):129-139.  
Jeremy Lovejoy and Robert Osburn (2011) 'Quadratic forms and four partition functions modulo 3'. 11 (A4):47-53.  
Professor Adrian Ottewill
Adrian C. Ottewill and Peter Taylor (2011) 'Renormalized Vacuum Polarization and Stress Tensor on the Horizon of a Schwarzschild Black Hole Threaded by a Cosmic String'. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 28 .  
Dr Andrew Parnell
Andrew L Jackson, Richard Inger, Andrew C Parnell, Stuart Bearhop (2011) 'Comparing isotopic niche widths among and within communities: Siber - stable isotope bayesian ellipses in R'. Journal of Animal Ecology, 80 :595-602.  
Dr Hermann Render
E. Lundberg, H. Render (2011) 'The Khavinson-Shapiro Conjecture and Polynomial Decompositions'. J. Math. Analysis Appl, 376 :506-513.  
Dr Helena Smigoc
Laffey, Thomas J. and \vSmigoc, Helena (2011) 'Simultaneous reduction of matrices in the presence of a nonderogatory matrix'. Submitted for publication .  
Dr Richard Smith
Smith, R.J. and Troyanski, S. (2010) 'Renormings of C(K) spaces'. Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, 104 (2):375-412. Available Online  
Dr Thomas Unger
Pumplün, S. and Unger, T. (2011) 'Space-time block codes from nonassociative division algebras'. Advances in Mathematics of Communications, 5 (3):449-471.  
Dr Lennon Ó'Náraigh
Lennon Ó Naraigh, Peter Spelt, Tamer Zaki (2011) 'Turbulent flow over a liquid layer rvisited: multi-equation turbulent modelling'. Journal of Fluid Mechanics .  
Lennon Ó Náraigh, Peter Spelt, Omar Matar, Tamer Zaki (2011) 'Interfacial instability in turbulent flow over a liquid film in a channel'. .  
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Other Journals
Professor Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch (2011) 'The Two-Child Paradox: Dichotomy and Ambiguity' Bulletin of the Irish Mathematical Society, 67 :67-73.  
Dr Maria Meehan
Maria Meehan (2011) 'Real Numbers - engineering undergrads bring maths to life in the classroom' The Engineers Journal, 65 (3):179-181.  
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Conference Publications
Dr Eimear Byrne
Eimear Byrne, Akiko Manada, Stevan Marinkovic, Emanuele Popovici (2011) A Graph Theoretical Approach for Network Coding in Wireless Body Area Networks Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT2011), St Petersburg, 469 - 463  
Eimear Byrne, Marcus Greferath, Jaume Pernas, Jens Zumbraegel (2011) Algebraic Decoding of Negacyclic Codes over Z4 . In: Daniel Augot and Anne Canteaut eds. Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC2011), 101 - 111  
Eimear Byrne and Alison Sneyd (2011) On the Parameters of Codes with Two Homogeneous Weights . In: Daniel Augot and Anne Canteaut eds. Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC2011), Paris, 81 - 91  
Dr Marius Ghergu
Ghergu, M. (2011) Steady-state systems for a general Brusselator model . In: Ruzhansky, M. and Wirth, J eds. Modern Aspects of the Theory of Partial Differential Equations, 153 - 166  
Dr Gabrielle E Kelly
Gabrielle E. Kelly (2011) The change-point problem in regression with correlated data and change in variance . In: David Conesa, anabel Forte, Antonio Lopez-Quilez, Facundo Munoz eds. 26th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Valencia, Spain, 326 - 329  
Gabrielle E. Kelly (2011) Anisotropic spatial clustering of TB in cattle - the implications for control policy . In: Alfred Stein, Edzer Pebesma, Gerard Heuvelink eds. Procedia Environmental Sciences, Enschede, The Netherlands, 111 - 116 Available Online  
Professor Thomas Murphy
Galligan, M., Campbell, M.C., Saldova, R., Rudd, P.M. and Murphy, T.B. (2011) Application of Compositional Models for Glycan HILIC Data . In: Egozcue, J.J., Tolosana-Delgado, R. and Ortego, M.I eds. 4th International Workshop on Compositional Data Analysis, Available Online  
Ali, A., Murphy, T.B., Carr, H. and Meila (2010) Preferences in college applications - a nonparametric Bayesian analysis of top-10 rankings NIPS Workshop on Computational Social Science and the Wisdom of Crowds, Available Online  
Dr Jens Zumbragel
Bryne, E., Greferath, M., Pernas, J., and Zumbragel, J. (2011) Algebraic decoding of negacyclic codes over Z4 . In: Augot, D. and Canteaut, A eds. Seventh International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC 2011), Paris, France, 101 - 110  
Mc Fadden, C., Greferath, M., and Zumbragel, J. (2011) Characteristics of invariant weights related to code equivalence over rings . In: Augot, D. and Canteaut, A eds. Seventh International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC 2011), Paris, France, 91 - 99  
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