"Ireland's Great Famine: Interdisciplinary Essays". Image by Mr. Cormac O'Grada.

"Ireland's Great Famine: Interdisciplinary Essays". Image by Mr. Cormac O'Grada.

UCD School of Economics

UCD School of Economics - Research Publications 2011/12

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Economics in the academic year 2011/12

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Dr Ivan Pastine
Mcdowell, M., Thom, R., Pastine, I., Frank, R., and Bernanke, B.; (2012) Principles of Economics, Third European Edition. UK: McGraw-Hill. Available Online  

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Book Chapters

Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. ; (2011) 'Comparative Analysis of Air Freight Networks in Regional Markets around the world' In: James H. Bookbinder (eds). Global Logistics. Philadelphia: Springer-verlag Gmbh.  
Reynolds-Feighan, A.J. & R.W. Vickerman; (2011) 'Transportation Economics for Planners in the 21st Twenty-First Century' In: Nancy Brooks, Kieran Donaghy and Gerrit-Jan Knaap (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.  

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Professor Ronald Davies
Svetlana Batrakova and Ronald B. Davies (2012) 'Is there an environmental benefit to being an exporter? Evidence from firm-level data'. Review of World Economy (Weltwirtschaftliches Arkiv) .  
Davies, R. B. and Lourenco, P. S.; (2011) 'Tariffs versus VAT in the presence of heterogeneous firms and an informal sector'. International Tax and Public Finance .  
Professor Paul Devereux
Devereux, PJ; Fan W. (2011) 'Earnings Returns to the British Education Expansion'. Economics of Education Review, 30 (6):1153-1166.  
Dr Orla Doyle
Doyle O, McEntee L, McNamara K; (2012) 'Skills, Capabilities and Inequality at School Entry in a Disadvantaged Community'. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 27 :133-154.  
Delaney L. & Doyle O; (2012) 'Early Childhood Determinants of Time Preferences'. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33 :237-247.  
Doyle, O (2012) 'Breaking the Cycle of Deprivation: An Experimental Evaluation of an Early Childhood Intervention'. Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland .  
Doyle O, Finnegan S, McNamara K; (2012) 'Differential Teacher and Parent Ratings of School Readiness in a Disadvantaged Community'. .  
Dr Stefanie Haller
Haller, S.A.; Murphy, Liam (2012) 'Corporate expenditure on environmental protection'. Environmental and Resource Economics, 51 (2):277-296.  
Dr Christopher Jepsen
Jepsen, C; Montgomery, M (2012) 'Back to School: An Application of Human Capital Theory for Mature Workers'. Economics of Education Review, 31 (1):168-178.  
Dr Kanika Kapur
?C?leachair A, Costello L, Finn C, Timmons A, Staines A, Fitzpatrick P, Kapur K, Sharp L. (2012) 'Inter-relationships between the economic and emotional consequences of colorectal cancer for patients and their families: a qualitative study'. Gastroenterology, 12 .  
Dr Ivan Pastine
Pastine, I., Pastine, T. (2012) 'Incumbency Advantage and Political Campaign Spending Limits'. Journal of Public Economics, 96 :20-32.  
Pastine, I. and Pastine, T.; (2012) 'Student Incentives and Preferential Treatment in College Admisssions'. Economics of Education Review, 31 :123-130.  
Dr Frank Walsh
Frank Walsh; (2012) 'Efficiency Wages and Bargaining'. Oxford Economic Papers .  
Professor Karl Whelan
Antonello D'Agostino, Kieran McQuinn and Karl Whelan (2012) 'Are Some Forecasters Really Better Than Others?'. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 44 (4):715-732. Available Online  

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Published Reports

Dr Orla Doyle
Doyle, O & UCD Geary Institute PFL Evaluation Team (2012) Preparing for Life Early Childhood Intervention Assessing the Early Impact of Preparing for Life at Six Months. UCD Geary Institute, UCD Geary Institute.  

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